We will still be hearing them in 2050…oddly enough because of SPORTS.


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Airplane rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Blind airplane rant.  Long list in front of me since I missed yesterday.  Let’s do this.

2)      Matt Schaub will start this week for the Texans.  Yes, that just happened to be at the top of my list and not really important to anyone reading (or writing) this.  I will say that if Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t come out this year, they have a huge decision to make with that #1 pick they are destined for.  I think illegal texts are probably already being sent to poor Teddy.

3)      What is scary is this.  I watched the Florida/ Memphis basketball game the other night.  Two teams that could make a run in March.  Florida is still getting people back from various things and Memphis still looks like a lot of talent but are disjointed.  I will say this about the teams.  Memphis HAS to start showing results in those high recruiting classes at SOME point, and Florida might get the best player on their entire ALREADY RANKED TEAM back soon.  Remember the name Chris Walker.  He is lethal and might give them the final piece of a Final Four puzzle (not mine, but maybe after my bracket is wrecked).  Mine is Michigan State, Arizona, Syracuse, Wichita State.

4)      Not sure when the time is available for me, but I HAVE to read Lone Survivor before I watch that movie with Marky Mark.

5)      I am flying flight #2 today on Southwest.  Don’t think I have ever been that low of number.  Craziness.  Kind of jealous of flight #1.

6)      I don’t touch politics on this blog.  I leave that for other serious blogs to cover.  So I guess I can’t comment on whether picking two gay athletes to go to Russia is a calculated insult or not.  It is something though.

7)      Pacers-Heat.  What I learned.  We are not used to seeing LeBron play hurt, and if that was playing hurt, it is scary.  Whoever gets home advantage will win the playoff series, but I think Miami would have the better chance of taking them out in Indy.  We don’t know whether Miami can just mozy through the season as they usually do and then just turn it on when they want, but it sure looks that way.  Paul George is a superstar and will be household at SOME point.  Roy Hibbert getting that 5th foul really slowed the momentum they had.  Dwayne Wade still has it.  For Allen, what does a shooter do when they are off in a night?  KEEP SHOOTING.

8)      You don’t know the name Masahiro Tanaka yet, but you will in 2014…or 2015  He is making his move to the MLB then so he says…soon.  Make a mental note I told you so.

9)      You haven’t heard much about Ed O’Bannon’s college class action, but you will in 2014.  If you don’t recognize the name, Google “basketball 1995 UCLA.”

10)   I don’t have the All American team in front of me and I am squished in my seat.  So, I guess I am not commented on it this round.

11)   Mike Shanahan says he knows the source of all of this media circus stuff.  Does his source also tell him we the people need a break from him for a month or so?

12)   Google “deadspin spurrier hump reps.”  Seriously funny, and his wife must be proud…or will be.

13)   Google “deadspin flying man superman.”  Not sure the logistics on this, but it looks fun.

14)   To Matt and other gamers out there, google “deadspin video game review scores.”

15)   Sick soccer goal.  Google “deadspin remember Ronaldinho.”  “Bend it like Ronaldinho” didn’t have the catchy consonants.

16)   Yay.  Ronda Rousey is fighting again.  December 28th.  Boom goes the dynamite.  This is an official airplane rant, so no pics.  Damn.  You can picture her ESPN body mag photo here though.

17)   In case you people out East haven’t heard about how good Damian Lillard is, he thought he would get your attention by hitting two straight last second game winners in a row.

18)   Oh, and have I ever mentioned the Blazers are good?  I have?  Sorry.  Well, there it is again for you newbies.

19)   Southwest gives me mixed emotions.  I mean, a $40 upgrade gets my pick of seats.  I like window seats.  But, when I picked one at the front of the plane, I then became a target for the late middle seat people.  I need to rethink this.  Upgrade and then pick a window in the very back of the plane.  Luckily, my middle person is extremely cool.  All good.  And can’t they make a few seats up front a LITTLE bigger.  It wouldn’t hurt them.  My company doesn’t pay me back the $40, but it IS a THREE plus hour flight.

20)   It is funny that Southwest is kind of a popularity contest in the way that someone can be skipped should they not look endearing.  I personally throw all of my newspapers all over to look like I am disheveled in the first place.  It never works.   Maybe I should have drool coming from my mouth also.

21)   Sorry.  Lots of Deadspin links to share.  Google “deadspin andre iguadola almost coolest.”

22)   Google “deadspin tiny basketball player gigantic.”

23)   I hope you all had a chance to check out Gronk on a motor scooter at the children’s hostpital.  Very cool.

24)   The Broncos adding Mincey wasn’t flashy, but showed they are making sure they have ALL of the needed parts for a true championship run.  It will be ironic if they get stuck with Baltimore again at their crib.

25)   I officially announce this is the first thing I have ever said positive about Rex Ryan.  Brace yourself.  It has been a season with the usual drama and wisecracks, but anyone who can take that bad team with a QB tossing about 2 INT’s a game to six wins thus far has to be doing a great job.  There is no sarcasm in that one.  I just paid a compliment to Rex Ryan.  And now we are done until years from now.

26)   Deadspin will be offering HOURLY updates on who is tanking the best in the NBA for one of the best drafts in about 8-10 years.  That is a true statement.

27)   This guy Rob Ford is all over the place.  Deadspin picked him up dancing with a reggae band in what looked like office headquarters.  That guy is funny.  Rob, I need guest bloggers.  Hit me up.

28)   Vince, you are more than welcome to fill in my off days if you would like.  Logan, you too.

29)   Once again, a very moving and successful Jimmy V Week.  I could watch that speech all day.  Still really awesome to me…AND with that hilariously told Lombardi part.

30)   I was in the dentist office, which is painful enough for people, when they left me unattended waiting for the doctor, who was drilling someone up next to me.  Anyway, Hotel California came on the radio.  That was ten times more painful than anything the dentist did.  I hate the freaking Eagles so much.  HATE them.  Not even sure if I respect them musically.

31)   But for some reason, the solo career of Don Henley doesn’t bother me at all.  I love Dirty Laundry and Boys of Summer.  I don’t even think I knew what a Deadhead was when that song came out, but I still sang along.

32)   Wichita State won close, yes.  They beat a lower tier power conference Bama, yes.  But, it was a true road game.  They are classically mature down the stretch, and everyone will be having close games here and there.  Put my boys in the top 10, dammit.

33)   I obviously have just adopted Wichita State as my own.

34)   Does Europe get royalties every time they play The Final Countdown at sporting events?  What a brilliant song.  Not quality of course, but a brilliant song IDEA.  There will ALWAYS on a DAILY basis be a sporting event that needs that song in the waning seconds.

35)   Kind of like Prince writing that 1999 song.  Smart.

36)   Texas coincidentally got announced as the richest program just weeks before they need to hire a coach.  If I am firing back as a prospect when discussing my salary, I would say  “You HAVE the money, oil people.”

37)   I saw the Godzilla teaser trailer.  As someone who watched the old school ones growing up, and as someone who was NOT impressed by the last remake, I am HOOKED and will be there in the theater.  It looked pretty tight and much more serious.

38)   Someday, the Bills will be in a situation with the playoffs that we actually care if their starting QB is starting or not.  In case you care, Manuel is out for them this week.

39)   Hey, Lakers, just tell us about Gasol being traded or not traded when it is definitive.   You think we care about you because you are a traditional power.  We don’t though.  You suck.

40)   Leave it to Scott Boras to represent a good but not incredible player and still turn down 7 years and $140 million from the richest team in the league.  (Soo Choo-Yankees)

41)   Some MMA group in Brazil is going to do the first woman-man MMA fight.  I am all for equality, but I don’t know if this is the most excellent idea in the long run.  This is not Billie Jean King playing Bobby Riggs.  This is a fight.

42)   Kind of crazy that San Fran is #2 in certain NFL power rankings and MIGHT still miss the playoffs.  Crazy year in the NFL.

43)   Bears Brandon Marshall cracks me up.  He said he almost pulled a Dez Bryant in his game too.  Considering before “pulling a Dez Bryant” would be having a hooker mom or not pulling up your pants at the mall as an adult, I guess this is advancement.

44)   So, please watch the SIU coach’s tirade, but if you don’t at least get the jokes.  He mentions snipers about his falling on the floor players, he calls his defense Christmas spirit, he compares coaching his team to potty training a dog, and he says his wife could go 2-11 from the floor using…PUMP FAKES.

45)   The 49ers billboard in Seattle is funny.  I see billboards wrecked all over the place.  I see the same happening with that good money spent too.  It is cool talking about your SB’s, but I don’t know about talking smack to what is obviously the class of the league right now.  Waking the sleeping dog or whatever that cliché is…

46)   Rockets Asik might go the Sixers or the Celtics, so basically he will get his dream of having THE starting role with NO chance at winning anything.  He should have just kept backing up Snowball.  He might get a ring in the next few years.

47)   Richie Incognito told the media he is “pulling for the Dolphins.”  Dude must be really lonely these days not being able to play dirty on the field or off…and people caring.

48)   The Saints MAJOR changes are a new LT, and a new kicker.  Wow.  That should solve just about everything.

49)   Justin Tucker is now the rock star Baltimore Raven.  And I learned on Twitter that “Legatron” has already been taken.

50)   I LOVE that Kevin Garnett Beats commercial when he is getting heckled by opposing fans.  I might be late to the party saying this.

51)   One thing about LeBron.  After tearing apart Mario Chalmers after a play, the camera caught him mouthing “my fault, Rio.”  That is standup.

52)   Cool nickname, Mario.  Rio.

53)   Someone just tell me when Rodgers is cleared and stop plugging up the wire.

54)   Joey Browner apparently wants to sue the NFL AND is saying goodbye to Seattle on Twitter.  Whatever we take from this, the Seahawks lose someone from their secondary.  It won’t hurt them now, but what about later facing Peyton in the SB?

55)   Did I just say the Broncos will be in the Super Bowl?

56)   I guess I just did.  Lack of other options I guess.

57)   The Redskins London Fletcher will retire after the season.  Class act, always been undersized, and we bid him a fond farewell.

58)   UNC continued their trend this season, losing to an unranked team a game or two after beating a top 15 team.

59)   That is a little unfair, as Texas was 10-1 and traditionally decent.  Still.  Anyway, the Tar Heels are happy that Leslie McDonald is back for them, meaning they have TWO guys who can shoot it from long.

60)   Sagarin basketball ratings crack me up.  He has listed today Iowa and Iowa State as the #4 and #5 teams in the country using his aloof system.  They are decent teams, but not top 5.  And Duke shouldn’t be like#35, which is where he has them.

61)   Washington football is being investigated for recruiting violations by an assistant coach of the program?  Maybe that is why Sarkisian snuck out of there so fast.

62)   UCONN lost to Stanford the other night.  First loss.  Don’t elevate this.  Kevin Olliie has done a fantastic job thus far and looks to be leading that program back to glory.

63)   Their backcourt is SICK, and also standup those two played through last year with nothing to win.

64)   Reggie Bush says the Lions have lacked discipline.  Outside of Calvin Johnson, I would say you all lack any element of a bunch of potential superstars getting to that next level.  Actually, how ARE you losing?

65)   LeSean McCoy has said he wants the O on his back in the Eagles game this week.  That is great, but says here that it is the other side of the ball that wins or loses it for them.

66)   Odd.  The Miami Heat have lost to Leastern Conference teams yet have a 17 game winning streak against the stronger West.  Talk about focus problems when you are really, really good.

67)   Every time I see Chandler Parsons play, I am glad that I said he should have gone first round WHEN he was in the draft.  He went second. And many teams missed out.

68)   The Bullls are amazing.  With Rose, they are one of the best teams in the NBA.  Without him, they are…crap.

69)   Defensive minded crap, but still crap.

70)   That is it.  Want to peruse my work stuff for the rest of the flight.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

71)   Return flight-duh.

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