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In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Lots to get to.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I will pick and choose my poisons, as my list after a day off is always too long.

2)      I am ok with April 1st being April Fool’s Day.  That is fine.  I would now like to claim April 2nd as “Once again, the Spurs are better than we thought” Day or OATSABTWT Day.  Maybe I will work on shortening it, or cleaning up the acronym, but seriously this happens every year.  Duncan and Ponce de Leon are boys, and they just obliterated possible eventual Finals foe Indiana by about 20 points.

3)      Damn.  Has it been since Sunday since I blogged?  Wow.  TWO days.  UCONN neutralized Michigan State inside and then went with the old adage that wins you tourney games…guard play, guard play, guard play.  Don’t worry.  I won’t tell you how Napier is pulling a Kemba Walker-you have probably heard it enough already.  But he is.  And with him and Boatright, if they get a lead, they are impossible to catch.  With UK-Michigan, and what will be troublesome for Wisconsin also, UK is a team that can throw all 6’6” GUARDS at you while having depth in the frontcourt also.  Damn kids are good.

4)      By the way, check out my co-blogger’s Tuesday stuff.  GREAT stuff if you like basketball at ALL.

5)      I am still thinking about it, but I do like UCONN in that Florida game.  Book it.  And then whoever comes out of the other game will most likely beat UCONN to end the great Napier story.  I am rooting for Wisconsin in the other game, but think UK will take it because of talent.

6)      And let’s take a step back, and this is fact.  It is a fact that new coaches to the Final Four do NOT win it all on their first try.  So, if I am right about the UCONN game, and UK wins the other game, I guess UK will then win it all to keep THAT stat fresh and accurate.

7)      And UK is the only type of team that could lose a pro prospect like Cauley-Stein and STILL be the second best odds to win the title of the four teams.

7a)  Cheaterpari does it again.

8)      Having Anchorman on the flipper on Sunday was nice though.

9)      Andrew Wiggins declared for the draft, and I will continue to say this.  He reminds me of Harrison Barnes in the way he carries himself.  Off the charts athleticism and NO consistent fire in his eyes.  MJ wanted to win every game and every loose ball.  Wiggins and Barnes seem to want to win when they feel like it.

10)   Just when we all learned how to pronounce Cuonzo Martin’s first name, he bowed out of the Marquette job sweepstakes.

11)   And got the job for Wojo.  Look at Coach K spreading his oats all over the place.

12)   Speaking of Duke, the patent of them pounding on the floor on defense should be lifted.  They own it.  We get it.  It was POWERFUL (no sarcasm).  Now, can we just give them rights to it and then tell everyone THEY can now do it?  I want to see other teams do it.  Bobby Hurley is a genius.  Let’s spread the wealth.

13)   I have decided Mike Montgomery’s legacy will be almost having done a lot of stuff with a lot of almost really good teams.

14)   I wonder if Knicks coach Mike Woodson toasts his family and friends each night to each NEW next rumored head coach.  The media still knows he is presently the coach, right?

15)   Welcome back, baseball/ the thing I watch when football and basketball aren’t on.  Two walk-offs on the opening day.  Badass.

16)   Actually, I made a joke about my love of baseball, but I do love going to games, I probably know more baseball stats than 95% of the population, and when the playoffs come around, I am all in.  It is just the 162 game season that leads me to taking hikes in the mountains when a day game is on.

17)   In this world of Twitter, I am glad a tweet told us Doug Martin is cleared to play before the media.  It is literally like athletes get good news and stop in the doctor’s bathroom before seeing family and friends and make sure they tweet before talking to anyone.

18)   I think Grady Sizemore might have already won the comeback player of the year in MLB.  Just so you know.

19)   Roy Hibbert calls his teammates selfish dudes in front of the media in light of bad recent play.  I personally think YOU are selfish if you are talking smack in front of a mic instead of to your boys’ faces in the locker room.

20)   After their ass kicking, the more quiet story was that the Heat took over #1 in the East.  Bottom line, Pacers.  If you don’t get home court advantage, you are done.  Book it.

21)   Adding to the legend.  Mike Trout belts a HR on his first AB of the year.  The game’s AB’s by him also showed he might be more aggressive on first pitches. The entire pitching population is saying together “DAMMIT.  That is the ONE pitch I could relax on.”

22)   Don Baylor breaking his leg on the ceremonial first pitch was crazy weird, and made me very scared of getting older.  I drank a big glass of milk after watching the replay.

23)   The Bengals would like to thank Orson Charles for not letting the Bengals’ off field stuff get TOO much forgotten to the media.  Road rage.  Class.  Ee.

23a)  I am aware that Class Ee. is not cool, but am not stopping myself from doing it evidently.

24)   Tiger is out of The Masters.  Sad for ticket sales and for fans such as myself.  I will watch.  I will enjoy.  But, hater or not, everyone know this.  Golf is MUCH more interesting with him playing.

25)   The Skins snagged DeSean Jackson.  Nice pull for them, and statistically (feel free to check me out if you have the time), he might be the best WR to switch teams WITHIN a division of all time mid contract (semi-Bill Walton statement).  That is suddenly an exciting offense, although I would play against ALL of them in pickup basketball.

26)   Because of their height.  They are all short.

27)   RGIII says he is “excited” to team up with Jackson.  It might not be Tim Tebow “excited,” maybe he just wants gang members to leave him alone in DC, but he IS excited in SOME way.

28)   Danny Manning is deciding between staying at Tulsa and going to Wake.  (Go to Wake, Danny.  It is the freaking ACC.).  The ONLY devil’s advocate you could pull on me would be to say that competing with Duke and UNC in recruiting wouldn’t be fun, and that he could rake wins at Tulsa.  HE can do it in the ACC.  He has a ring.  He was part of the team with The Miracles.  DO it.

29)   I would like to thank the Michigan State family’s parents for finally allowing their son to attend Michigan State.  You guys are some good ‘rents.

30)   I could mention Barcelona’s 14 month ban, but I won’t.

31)   I could mention the women’s Final Four, but I won’t.

32)   I could try to formulate a joke about the Red Sox visiting the White House, but I won’t.

33)   I could mention the Bills and Donald Trump, but I won’t.

34)   I could mention Blacklist and The Following updates, but I won’t.  I am still recovering from True Detective ending.

35)   I am still in the knockout pool, and therefore am temporarily the biggest UCONN fan this side of the Mississippi.

36)   You can feel how you want and make Tupac Shakur jokes about dead albums, I am excited to hear the 8 songs previously unreleased by Michael Jackson…well, as long as they sound like his older shit.  The Way You Make Me Feel?  Not so good.  Wanna be Startin’ Something.  Gangsta.

37)   I had my first workout last night in Candyland/ the YMCA’s boxing heaven.  It was magnificent.  It took me about 10 minutes to get back to full movie footage speed bag tempo.

38)   Lindsey and I are doing a different activity a night to make sure we always spend time together on run of the mill nights.  I love the idea (actually maybe I had the idea).  Anyway, we have to drop everything (mainly I have to put away my laptop and she puts away Sugar mash/ Candy Crush) and do something together undistracted, even if it is for 30 minutes.  Good plan.

39)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

40)   OOOOHHHHH.    ONE last thing.  My ex-boss wrote me in response to Gabe’s blog yesterday.  Hilarious exchange.  Check it out, and know that Gabe and I will always be receptive to feedback.

*******************MY QUICK FEEDBACK?  James Worthy is not a center in any realm, but that is neither here nor there.

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 12:18 PM, mark filler <mark_filler@hotmail.com> wrote:

thought you might enjoy this funny back and forth between my ex-boss, who is an avid reader of the blog and the most diehard UNC fan i know.


[10:09:14 AM] vince: OK. GOOOOO UCONN!!

[10:09:34 AM] vince: By the way… your guest blogger can really have Raymond Felton over Ty Lawson!!

[10:09:41 AM] vince: can’t

[10:10:52 AM] vince: or Kenny Smith for Chrissakes!!!

[10:11:57 AM] Mark Filler: i will let him know-lol

[10:13:06 AM] vince: and for the record… I might take the all UNC team over his all HS team.

[10:13:32 AM] vince: There are so many good pro’s that aren’t included on his UNC list.

[10:13:34 AM] vince: Lame.

[10:14:45 AM] vince: Brad Daugherty, Sam Perkins, Walter Davis…. Ugh…

[10:15:16 AM] Mark Filler: He DOES do it off the cuff during a military watch, so i can’t really fault him

[10:15:46 AM] vince: tell him to text me next time he wants to rank UNC players.

[10:16:04 AM] vince: this is going out to fillerbuster nation.

[10:16:55 AM] vince: his list is like saying Jake Plummer is the best Bronco QB of all time.



Glad I got this on my lunch break. LOVE feedback. Good stuff. But if I may…

Kenny Smith. I will admit to a swing and a miss there. I honestly forgot about that guy and didn’t catch it when I scrolled through UNC guys who made it into the NBA. Having said that, looking at per game splits comparing Felton and Kenny Smith by year, there’s not an egregious difference between the two players. It’s not Jake Plummer vs. John Elway. So, lets calm down with thatcomparison.

Ty Lawson. Let’s not fall victim to living so much in the moment and remember that Ty Lawson is having his best year and Felton is having his worst. Also, Lawson plays for the Nuggets playing 36 MPG and I could probably average 10 PPG and a couple dimes a game for them right now. His FG% has steadily declined every year he’s been in the league, which tells me he’s jacking up more and more shots for a team that’s getting worse and worse. Plummer vs. Elway? Please.

Brad Daugherty over my James Worthy? Woof.

Sam Perkins over Sheed? Fine, whatever. Look at the stats. Not egregious. We forget about Sheed in Detroit.

Walter Davis, absolutely another miss on my part. I’d take him over Sheed, but not Vince in his prime.


And the point I was making was that the All-Star team of any college in their NBA primes (which includes 5 guys and maybe a 6th man type) doesn’t beat my high school starting 5 in their NBA primes.

So, UNC’s revised squad, giving your boss the benefit of the doubt:

PG: Ty Lawson/Kenny Smith

SG: Jordan

SF: Vince Carter

PF: Walter Davis

C: James Worthy


Kobe, Lebron, Garnett, Chandler, and Howard in their primes?!

Come on… Come on. Lebron sticks Jordan and the biggest battle ensues, but split the other four matchups as you wish and the high school squad wins a 7-game series in 5.

Admittedly it’s a fun debate, and no one comes closer than UNC.

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