Ugghhh. Stop appearing on my Comcast guide.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       And boom goes the dynamite.  The Spurs took down the Heat last night.  I am happy about this, but this was expected, people.  We are still on serve with the favored Heat supposedly getting their last two wins at their crib.  They are now in my club of absolutely hating the 2-3-2 format that is ONLY used in the Finals.  Says here they don’t do it.  The Spurs win this thing in the next game.

2)      I bet you the Heat’s video file of Danny Green has grown in the last week.  Dude already has the three point Finals record with another game or two left.

3)      Manu Ginobli actually STARTED last night with Pop matching up the move of Spoelstra starting Miller.  Manu found his offensive groove again.  He might eventually make the Hall of Fame someday, with the majority of his time coming off the bench.  Amazing.

4)      My colleague, Bob, brought me in the bacon jerky he let me try last week.  Stuff is incredible.  Someone needs to hide this bag otherwise it is NOT making it to the end of today.

5)      Greg Biffle won the NASCAR race and gave Ford its 1000 victory all time.  There you go.  Updated on racing.

6)      I am still wrapping my head around how this is an actual headline.  “Russian President denies stealing Kraft’s Super Bowl ring.”

7)      I just took the bacon jerky to the other side of the room to someone else’s cubicle.  Problem of finishing entire bag is temporarily averted.  Don’t eat those, Kaytie.

8)      Terrell Owens visited Chad Johnson in jail.  THAT is like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters if I have ever seen it.  You’ll end there soon, T.O.  Maybe you were just picking out your bed sheet color.

9)      Kissing other girls.  Photos of holding thousands of dollars.  UT tats while attending A&M.  And now Johnny Manziel is tweeting about how much it sucks in College Station.  I am waiting for it.  I feel it coming.  This is all warm up for something much bigger.  These are the appetizers while his bad streak conjures up the master plan.

10)   Roger Federer won his first title this year as we enter grass season.  Now his primary focus shifts from Nadal to Djokovic, and Nadal is thinking what his next injury should be so he can sit around and not care until next year’s French Open.

11)   I got stuck on Karate Kid Part II last night.  Yes.  It is true.  I am a sucker for the first two movies of that brand.  Not buying that the final secret move would work that well or that not person could jump across that mini moat in the second one, but I still find the movie fun.

12)   Quick.  Who is leading the majors in HR’s?  Chris Davis.  Tell your friends.  Changing times.

13)   I am on my 5th total hat since age 18.  The one I am presently wearing is a youngster at 1 year plus or so.  It might get an early retirement.  I just found out I fly into Pittsburgh in mid July.  I might have to swing by a local store while there.

14)   I admit it.  Being the diehard Coke Zero fan I am, I have to admit that I am slowly noticing myself sneaking over to the cherry version of it.

15)   The Bruins and Blackhawks drop the puck tonight.  They have spoiled us so far and anything less than an overtime game will somehow feel like a letdown.  They are back in Boston, but with a couple days to prepare, I like the Hawks tonight before Boston evens it up in the next game with less prep time but with the home crowd.

16)  Lindsey and I had a fun weekend celebrating gay pride.  Those people sure don’t mess around.  No needed shout outs since I am pretty sure none of them read my blog.

17)  Finally, Justin Rose won the US Open.  Phil got 2nd for a record sixth time.  Billy Horschel continued his rise up the rankings.  Dude was ranked #312 coming into this year.  He has risen 278 spots since then.  Back to Rose, he is not flashy, and simply does everything pretty well.  23rd in driving, 12th in driving accuracy, and a surprising 119th in putting.  But he plays cool and knows when he needs a big shot.  For people outside of the golfing circle, they may have had to Google the guy.  For us fans, we always have known he has what it takes to take a Major.

18)   Gotta go.  That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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