Try to be the ace, but the king is back…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Two days off from blogging, so I am officially not on the clock, although it would be nice to wrap up this rant before too long into the football and basketball games…with the other flip being the debate I suppose.

1)  I don’t know who is in charge of scheduling these debates, but during Game 7 of the NLCS and Monday Night Football??  You want me to follow politics during THOSE things? I think not.

2)  Lance Armstrong officially loses his titles.  The Tour de France happened over the summer.  So, does this finally mean we can go two weeks without a cycling headline?  Or does this mean Brett Favre is going to whisper to someone in the media that he is considering another comeback so we can replace over excessive headlines of one sport with another sport?  Go quietly into the night, Lance.  I am over it.

3)  The Steelers won against the Bengals, but no one, fan or not, is sold on them making a run.  The defense lacks start power, needs lucky breaks it seems, and does not produce the patented sacks and interceptions fans like me are used to over the years.  But, they won.  I will take it.

3a)  The Steelers winning also keeps a good streak going for coach Mike Tomlin.  The man has never been two games under .500 for the Steelers since taking over 6 years ago.  That is solid stuff.  There is NO reloading with the Steelers…only consistency.  Ironically, it is the consistency that causes people like me pain.  I love a team that is USUALLY in the mix, therefore sometimes I get teased because they are not the last team standing.

4)  Game 7 is on between the Giants and Cardinals.  Game 7’s are the best, and amp up baseball ten times of any other game.  I think the Cards won’t go away, but I can’t see them getting too many runs if Matt Cain…is Matt Cain.  He matches up well with the Giants’ lineup.

5)  Packers Charles Woodson broke his collarbone and will miss 6 weeks.  It is one thing to have a good on paper team have mixed personalities (kind of like the NFC version of the Steelers).  It is another thing to lose the heart and soul of your defense during a very important time of the year.

6)  I have said it a million times, and expect me to say it a million more.  I HATE people who have a “second team.”  Lindsey and I sat next to a Panthers fan the other day, who said the Broncos are her second team…”always.”  Pick a side, girl.

7)  In a survey with NBA GM’s, they predict that the Heat will win it all and LeBron will get his second MVP.  I concur about the second thing, believe the Thunder or Lakers will have something to say about it, and the only reason I would not go against the Heat pick is because of the weak East they will be trying to come out of.

8)  The Chargers got busted for possibly using Stick-em in the Broncos game last week.  Lindsey’s input.  This is what Rivers looked like when he was told about getting his hands stuck in the sticky jar.

View 522919_10100210314759752_1238961548_n.jpg in slide show

9)  It is one thing to get beat during the season.  It is a whole other thing to get destroyed  by another team and think you have what it takes for the long haul.  The Ravens got WORKED by the Texans.  The only reason they went to sleep fine last night is because they have a dysfunctional Browns team, a team not quite there in the Bengals, and a not very dominant Steelers team in their division.

10)  The Chiefs will bench Matt Cassel and start Brady Quinn.  I personally like the move, as I continue to believe that Brady Quinn has the tools to be a solid QB in the league.  That being said, this must be the poor man’s version of Jeff George, because I waited a good 10-12 years for that guy to get over the hump.  Here is what Brady Quinn had to say the other day, coming from my writing hero’s blog site.

11)  FSU lost one of its marquee RB’s yesterday for the season.  Perhaps he might not be the only reason they don’t make it “back to the old days” prominence, but anyone who averages over seven yards per rush is not helping any team with his absence.

12)  Rex Ryan defended his conservative plays at the end of the Pats game today.  Rex, it doesn’t matter how you spin this.  There are three people int he league today that you absolutely CAN’T give time to at the end of the game.  Eli, Peyton, and Tom.  You can be conservative and smart, but still keep either time running OR a TD in play.  It happens to a lot of teams over the years, but it just SEEMS funnier when this stuff happens to you, I have to say.

12a)  Yes.  Drew Brees would be in the conversation, but the other three have proven it more to me personally.

12b)  Hey, Redskins, read hook #12 again.  You wasted a great performance by RGIII.

13)  Ohio State’s QB Braxton Miller seems to be ok to practice now.  Root for or don’t root for Ohio State (they can’t play in any bowl games anyway).  He sure makes the Heisman race more interesting.  There are TWO defensive players in the top 6 or 7 these days.  No real offensive threat outside of KSU’s Klein or WVA’s Smith to speak of.

14)  The Panthers fired their GM today.  Your GM?  Midseason?  There HAS to be more to this story than is being told.  A GM’s performance is gauged on overall consistency and ability to pick up the right players.  COACHES are more right NOW.  He must have slept with the wrong person’s wife, because I see no reason to get rid of a guy six games into the season in this case.

15)  Hey, Ahmad Bradshaw.  Be QUIET.  You can disguise it as “intensity” and “passion” when asked about your arguments with Tom Coughlin on the sideline, but we don’t care.  Tom has been on the hot seat more than you have had carries over 5 yards.  The guy has 2 rings, and it is common knowledge that he is a discipline guy.  Follow directions, and go sit down after a possession.

15a)  …unless you want me to start comparing you to Jay Cutler…and who wants THAT?

16)  Is there a scarier team in the nation outside of Bama besides Kansas State.  With what Oklahoma is doing to people besides that loss, you HAVE to be toying with the idea of getting on THAT bandwagon.  I know I am partially on.  Oregon suddenly looks boring to me.  KSU has two very impressive road wins (WVA this past weekend), they don’t beat themselves because they play for 150 year old Bill Snyder, and if the Heisman race is close, I hope the voters checked out that box score.

17)  Well, I guess if you don’t like baseball pitching duels, 1-0 hockey games, or Ice Bowls, I guess you enjoyed the hell out of the Texas Tech-TCU football game.  Shootout city, and that does not impress me when we are discussing possibly handling SEC teams down the road in bowl games.

18)  Ha.  I am reading my legal pad list and going one by one as I always do, and it has this as the next one (people seem to like entertaining themselves by writing on my blog list).  “Don’t forget the gravy.”  I always seem to order my breakfast burrito at the Pub on Penn before I see him, and then he tells me how he cooked his “special” with gravy.  Next week, bro.

19)  I would be more embarrassed about this if the two people on my right and left ALSO just did this.  I have seen that Volkswagen commercial with the sick bulldog a million times.  I like it.  I like it MORE now that I know that the catch is that the dog ate the keys.  Don’t ask how I was explaining the commercial to myself before I knew this, and thanks to Lindsey for splitting that atom for us.  Ugghhh.

20)  Anyone else notice that if you want to be guaranteed to be drafted in the first round, and you are a high school wide receiver, that you should go to the absolute OPPOSITE place that you would think to get noticed.  Georgia Tech has about 3 WR’s in the NFL right now that have been drafted early, and they run the freaking triple option.  Weird.

21)  I wasn’t doubting that Adrian Peterson would make it back.  I wasn’t even doubting the speed of his recovery.  But ALREADY being this badass.  The last two weeks have made a lot of second guessing fantasy owners (seeing him available in the 4th round still) (and ME included)…pretty sad.  I was going to take him, but will admit I got each of the skill positions first before looking at him.

22)  Speaking of fantasy owners…those who rejoiced at Maurice Jones-Drew signing late, are now depressed again because of his injury.  Go give those people a hug.  THAT bandwagon I didn’t even THINK about.  I am NOT signing someone who is officially not on a team in this day and age of hard headed players controlling their contract situations and sometimes sitting out.

22a)  After losing our first five games, and having easily the most amount of points scored AGAINST us this year, Lindsey and I might win 2 straight, assuming the player who we payed $55 in a $200 league actually can get us a point.  Brees got us 40, Calvin.  I like your commercials.  Saddle up.

22b)  It wasn’t enough, and you have been on my team like 6 times with limited production,

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