TOO easy.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, but have no intentions of spending my entire afternoon blogging while watching football.  Daytime rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  It is 20-3 in my Steelers game, so I think we can multitask a little.  Well, it is not really multitasking as much as it is blogging during commercials and timeouts.  I allow no flippers DURING the game, so that works out well.

2)      The Browns really like calling the “Green 80” play.  I have heard it more during this game than whatever that QB was saying the other day that I was blogging about.

3)      I had my Steelers pullover and hat on last night during my birthday night.  I had an amazing amount of people talk trash to me because of it, and an even more amazing lack of responses by me to anyone.  I didn’t care last night.  I probably might have gotten into the face of the guy who talked about me touching kids inappropriately, but I apparently didn’t hear him.

4)      I never saw the Baylor-Oklahoma State going down like that.  A win?  Sure.  An absolute BEATDOWN?  No.  Considering OSU has had pretty much ONE bad quarter ALL year, I think we might have our best one loss team finalized.

5)      Yes, I know about Auburn, but that will end next week vs. Bama.

6)      And yes, I know about Missouri, but they will also lose to Bama.

7)      And yes, I know about Clemson, but you obviously didn’t see that FSU demolition.  Not bad they LOST.  But bad HOW they lost.

8)      Geez.  And yes, I am aware of Michigan State, but they will lose to Ohio State in the Big Ten title game.

9)      These announcers are HORRIBLE who are doing the Steelers game.  “Presented vs. Prevented”  “That is a LOAD.”  It goes on and on and on.

10)   I am on the fringe of the playoffs for fantasy, but Tavon Austin is going to save me.

11)   I am just going through my list on a birthday weekend.  I will admit that I am no sure what “caged donkey” means, but at least it got noted in the blog for whatever I was thinking at the time.

12)   My home digital sign is about 80% finished.  Just linked to our Google Doc and am finishing up sign before Turkey Day.  Photos to come next week most liikely.  It is going to be dope.

13)   If FSU basketball is as good as the team that beat VCU and barely lost to Michigan State, than I think the ACC is pretty much booked as the best conference in the nation.  Add Louisville next year.  Boom goes the dynamite.

14)   I don’t think “he squirts through” should be allowed I football announcing.  You suck, announcers.

15)   Thanks to Lindsey for a wonderful birthday night.  Altitude, Nuggets, Sports Column for the end of the night, and then going to my favorite adjective-animal bar in the world…Giggling Grizzly.  Crazy, but her sister ended up there randomly too.  Thanks, Lindsey.  You are the bomb.

16)   Another NBA season and Derrick Rose needs surgery…to the other knee.  I make jokes, but he is turning into the PG version of Tracy McGrady.  Shame.

17)   Between now and March, I plan on figuring out how to get the Nuggets mascot and Lindsey to meet.  She LOVES Rocky.  Props to him for draining that halfcourt shot last night on the second group of attempts.

18)   That was the worse planned play EVER for a play that you KNEW was going to Dirk with 7 seconds left.  It is like Vince Carter got confused and thought HE was the go to guy still from 10 years ago.

19)   Lindsey hung his picture by our front door, which is fantastic, but have I mentioned how much of a stud Troy Polamalu is?  I haven’t?  Well, two forced fumbles today, and on a VERY select list of jerseys I would actually WEAR for the Steelers.  Rocky Bleier, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene, Donnie Shell, and Troy Polamalu.  No, Terry didn’t even make my cut.

20)   If you saw Arizona spanking Oregon, raise your hand.  Yeah.  Didn’t think so.  You can talk shit about a lot of coaches, but Rodriguez sure knows how to rebuild a program.

21)   Lindsey gave me a perfect bday card.  Front.  Something about being able to act immature for you birthday.  Inside.  ‘Good job so far.”

22)   I TOLD Lindsey we should never go to the grocery store hungry.  She didn’t listen.  We made it out somewhat ok, but she bought the WORST tasting Gatorade EVER, and I of course walked out with two containers of Easy Cheese.  One is out, the other is hidden…because killing TWO of those things in one day is probably not a good idea.


23)   The flavor was Lime Cucumber by the way.

24)   Word to the wise.  Even though the bacon flavored one LOOKS delicious (and IS), the classic nacho and American ones are better.

25)   Oh, and add Lynn Swann for the jersey thing.

26)   One note about our karaoke night.  For those in attendance, you know.  For you Littleton folks, you know.  You can like or hate the song, but watching Kyle doing Informer is the sickest karaoke experience…like ever.  Perfect.

27)   This actually happened (check Lindsey’s FB).  I walked down the hallway at our condo, and said to myself Saturday morning “Wow.  SOMEONE had a tough night.  Lost a sock.”  Then, I said, “Wait.  That is MY sock.”  It was indeed my sock.  Oddly, I can’t find the other one still.

28)   Lindsey just agreed to bring the crackers and Easy Cheese over to the couch.  I guess that means we might need to bust out the other bottle later.  Whoops.

29)   As President of the Respectful, But Hateful Manziel Club, the only thing that sucked about them losing was Mariota losing also.  He CAN’T win the Hesiman again.  So, I guess I am rooting for McCarron, Miller, and that Fresno State cat from here out.

30)   Cerk was coming over Friday after taking his dog, Dude, out.  This was a confusing text exchange.  CERK:  Dude the Fox is killing it right now!  ME:  Dude, I have no idea if u r talking about your dog, an actual fox, or calling the TV station “the.”

31)   The Nuggets game was fun, and I acknowledge we need sponsors, but saying “Built Ford Tough” after dunks was just dumb.

32)   And they need to work on their scoreboard skills.


33)   And they need to stop letting the drunk guy with two kids yelling “go” into the game.  And he DID yell out “go Broncos” randomly.

34)   Since Oklahoma State beat Baylor, then it is time to revisit one of the best post game conferences of all time.  I am also a man, Mike Gundy, and still quote this daily.

35)   We stayed at the Curtis, which has a theme for each floor.  I was happy to be greeted on the elevator for the “Champions Floor” with Rocky Balboa.  “Hey, yo.  Tenth Floor.  The floor of champions.”

36)   Did anyone else notice the guy with 1982 HUGE sunglasses behind Manny Pacquiao post fight?

37)   When we were at the Nuggets game, we DID see Kennth Faried TOTALLY fake getting hit in the junk.  Oscars, my brother.

38)   Very nice world we live in.  After losing WAY too many family members in the Philippines typhoon, Jason Day won the latest golfing event.  Good stuff.

39)   I still have it.  At the game last night, I knew where everyone played ball in college.  When Nate Robinson and Foye are playing together, does Randy think he is still playing at Nova?

39a)  Because they played three guard/ VERY short lineups, people.

40)   Fly on the wall.  A-Rod and Selig BOTH attended the funeral for the late MLBPA guy.

41)   Lindsey asked me if the Browns have ever been good.  I said “ a long, long time ago.”  Late 40’s, early 50’s and 1964 (eight total) if you care.

42)   Someone tied a record in F1 today.  Feel free to Google it.  I don’t have the time.

43)   Even though we spent the night at a nice hotel, it is nice to know I am excited about OUR shower later because it is SO gangsta.

44)   I have a tapeworm, and can fill up and be hungry again 60 minutes later.  I have been at two buffets in the last 24 hours, where I am totally useless.  I eat a LOT, just not a lot at any one sitting.

45)   I think this is going to be the best Iron Bowl in the last 20 years or so.  SO excited.

46)   Not a good time (before the draft) to tear your ACL, Mr. Murray.  You never won an expected Heisman, and now lose money due to an injury.  Bad week all around.

47)   The Steelers no huddle crap is really throwing me off.  I just do NOT like you, Todd Haley.

48)   Since I may subconsciously be rooting for my man crush, Tom Brady, and since I was SO wrong on the Baylor prediction, I will go on record and say the Broncos will win 34-28.

49)   Basically, I either don’t think that will happen or don’t want that to happen.

49a)  I could flow chart this if you would like.

50)   At least with the Steelers winning again and being in line to possibly win their division, I know I have a chance to see them locally again this January.

51)   I love meeting new people.  Check out this email from a couple French guys I had a drink with last week.  Dear Mark

I am one of the 2 french guys that chatted with you at the burger restaurant on 17th avenue.

I am writing to you about your proposal to join you to a karaoke party from a few days ago.

I am sorry that we decline your kind invitation, because we are going tonight to a funk concert at Herb’s (2057 Larimer St). If for any reason your party has been canceled or if you want to join, we would be glad to see you again there, we’ll be there till midnite I guess.

It was nice talking to you.

Take care


Pierre and Renaud.

52)   A guy from Australia was our bartender last night.  I wish SO much I could just naturally acquire an accent.  Especially an Australian one.

53)   I have said it a million times.  Do ANY refs have northern accents?  Ever?

54)   Three of us last night tried to do a cursive capital “f.”  We all failed.  In case you care:


55)   I made Lindsey take away the Easy Cheese.  See?  I am maturing at a tortoise pace.  Whenever I talk about Easy Cheese, I flash to that White Men Can’t Jump scene I love so much.

55a)  Which of course begs me to show THIS scene (just skip the part you just watched).

56)   That is it.  Going to go watch some more football, lock and load for work, and get off this laptop.  Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for checking me out.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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