Today’s Tom Sawyier…mean mean pride.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Denver Broncos CB Champ Bailey has been extremely successful over the years.  The fact that he has done it with 11 different defensive coordinators is amazing.  The change every year must be very frustrating.  The fact that a good amount of them get job offers shows something else successful.

2)  VERY cool that Xavier wore jerseys with “Sandy Hook” instead of “Xavier” in BIG lettering.

3)  Derek Fisher has always been a solid basketball player, but more so of a person in general, which is one reason why he headed up the players union for years.  He gets what is important.  He has asked for his release from the Mavs.  Not because of his present injury though, which had him sidelined for another couple weeks.He asked for it because he wants to be with his family.  Good luck, Derek.  You are all class, man.  You are leaving millions on the table to go to the ones that you love.

4)  Watching UVA’s basketball team is like watching paint dry as they extend possessions, clog the middle, and like to be boring and low scoring.  Watching them when they are winning is tough enough, but watching them try to play the same way and catch UP to a team when losing is near impossible.  ODU knocked them off tonight. Ugghhh.

5)  Yay.  Things were quiet for a month on the DeMarcus Cousins front, and today the Kings announced he is suspended indefinitely.  That dude is without a doubt NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer.  So much physical talent, and so little between the ears.

6)  That Ohio State/ Kansas basketball game was interesting to watch today.  On OSU’s side, you have a team with really only two offensive weapons.  On KU’s side, you have some incredible potential that you can literally see game to game maturing and coming into their own.  I didn’t think KU had the talent to win it all this year, but after watching two complete games, I think I will reevaluate my stance.  As I have said a million times, Bill Self doesn’t rebuild, he reloads.  That guy can truly coach, and gets the proper kids in there for his system.

7)  Against my will, I was forced to watch the movie I Love You, Man.  Once again, a Paul Rudd film now as I am realizing I am becoming a fan of his.  Although the character was rolling solo for somewhat different reasons, we both definitely have the lack of friends thing going.  I think I still could put together a wedding party, but it would be people I haven’t talked to in weeks, months or years.

8)  In the list of unbeaten teams in the nation in college basketball, one team literally sticks out like a sore thumb.  Wyoming.  Wyoming is 11-0??????  Maybe they are losing while I am writing this.  That is just weird, unless they are sneaking a younger Theo Ratliff on the court somehow.  Someone go and check the DeLorean.  There?  Ok.  Thanks.  Then, I’m confused.

9)  Lindsey and I went to Denver Zoo’s holiday lights last night.  Pretty cool, actually.  In freezing weather, not many animals were out.  The wolf didn’t come out, even though I thought we were kind of linked internally.  Oddly, one of the few animals out were the camels.  Yes, camels.  Those big animals who hang out in deserts.  I don’t know which is more weird-Wyoming bball being undefeated or the camels being out in the freezing cold.

10)  The Arizona Diamondbacks picked up Cody Ross yesterday.  Solid outfield pickup, and that simply solidifies that Justin Upton will be shipped very soon, unless the DBacks have figured out a loophole in the baseball rules where they can play 4 outfielders.

11)  LeBron says he could lead the league in scoring, but that is not his job.  His words seem more meaningful now that he has a ring, I will tell you.  Interesting stats.  He hasn’t been called for one foul in 5 straight games.  He is just getting smarter as he matures.  He also has had 23 straight games with more than 20 points, even though he is barely in the top 5 in scoring.  That is some SERIOUS consistency.

12)  Ray Lewis will sit the final two games for Baltimore.  That is probably smart.  A linebacker, especially your leader, is not hard to plug in without ruining chemistry, and you might as well sit on that trump card until you really need him.  Just typing that has made me itch for a quality spades game, the greatest game ever invented outside of poker.  Damn.  That would mean I would need to call three friends.

13)  About 6 months ago, Lindsey didn’t know who Rush was.  Now, between my favorite commercial with the guy air drumming in his car, and I Love You Man, which is a huge part of the movie, she knows them very well.

15)  Syracuse went down to Temple today in hoops at MSG.  They say it is fun to win by a lot all the time, but you NEED the close games to find out your team’s character.  Well, coincidentally, this was the FIRST time this year that Syracuse was down at ALL in the second half.

16)  Doug Gottlieb.  I respect the HELL out of you.  But, stop saying on the air that Jim Boeheim is NOT a great coach.  Sure, you can point at number of Final Fours with the talent, but you don’t win the whole damn thing OR win 900 games without being a little special.

17)  The Denver Nuggets started out 0-22 from 3 point land to start a game the other night, the worst in NBA history.  It was funny when the reporter was talking about it.  He was trying to show all of the misses, but ran out of things to say and then shut it down.

18)  I never want to mature enough where I don’t think there are fun events/ places to stash a flask for.

19)  I fought off a cold over the last few days.  Not sure why, but the right nostril was getting ALL of the cold’s “love.”  Weird.

20)  Eric Lindros had a career cut short because of concussions, and actually got into it with the brass in Philly about how he wouldn’t lace up with effects from concussions.  Funny that after all of this NFL limelight (Rush reference) about concussions, he is the one who looks right after all.  I bet you he gets into the Hall of Fame now, with backing from experts that he did the right thing by exiting stage left.

21)  Michael Vick says he wants to start, and that he is not a “backup.”  Thanks for sharing, Michael.  Unless you are Dave Krieg or David Carr, you guys ALL feel like that.

22)  Here is a good bet.  Which will happen first?  The BCS Championship Game or the Red Sox and Napoli actually making it official.

23)  Something about the NHLPA disbanding…something about games cancelled through January…something about…ugghhh.  Whatever.

24)  Boise State is still considering staying in the MWC.  I got an idea.  Why don’t you guys just call us when you are done pontificating?  Stop using wire space.

25)  The Jets are so all over the board, that since they are starting their #3 instead of their #2 this week, they found it useful to tell us that the #1 would back up the #3.  I guess that means that the #2 is now #3.  Someone get me a freaking flowchart before I fly to New York and slide tackle Rex Ryan.  While I am there, I plan on telling Tim Tebow that I am excited to meet him, and also very excited to get back to Denver.

26)  Texas PG Myck Kabongo’s suspension has been lifted a little.  He will be able to come back midway through conference play.  Not that we have to worry about Texas winning a championship or anything, but what it DOES do is probably get them in the tournament at a bad seed because they were without him so long, and then they are a HORRIBLE first round opponent for some decent team.  I am thinking they end up a 11 seed, and a 6 seed like Carolina will be PISSED.

27)  I have the blessing of looking very young for being 40.  I love the little daily things that remind me of that.  Today, I went Christmas shopping for Lindsey (yes, I am always last minute).  I asked the woman (about 45 years old) next to me for her opinion.  She went and got her 22 year old daughter for her more hip opinion.  Little did the woman know that this actually WAS a better opinion since Lindsey is 13 years and some change younger than me.

28)  That is it.  Off to go enjoy my night.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

29)  Just a tagline.  I am off tomorrow.  Steelers, and all that jazz.

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