This looks familiar. This reminds me of something. I can do this.

Just a little window of time in a very busy month for me…

  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. I finished up Ballers last night.  Considering I was against bringing in the whole Raiders move thing anyway the whole season, I would say the meet in the middle, wholesome ending was good, but far from great.  Still love the show though.  The cameos are enough to keep you going alone.
  3. Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week.  You come home to football, both NCAA and NFL, and it is the one night where it is Seinfeld on instead of Big Bang Theory.  Damn that show, Big Bang Theory.
  4. For those who are sad the regular season is almost done for MLB, I found this a fun, quality rule.
  5. Sometimes you just need one of these stories to have a little hope that big time athletes haven’t lost touch.  Pretty cool.
  6. ALSO pretty cool that the Rockies are going to clinch the wildcard, and MORE cool that a pitcher who survived two bouts of cancer is the one who is pretty much going to seal it for them.
  7. I went to the game Tuesday night.  Kind of refreshing to see fans scoreboard watching when it means something.
  8. LOL.  Puddy just busted out the “feels like an Arby’s night.”  LOVE that.
  9. Seahawks.  Tunnel.  Packers.  Fans interlocked arms.  Broncos.  Standing.  No, I won’t run through the whole list, but kind of entertaining how teams are announcing their Anthem Plan days before a game.  In a couple more weeks, we are going to be confused if whether they are messaging us about the anthem, the country, the racial problems, or Trump.  But, I love the movement regardless.
  10. A Lions player says his dad got denied a job because the kid was protesting during the anthem.  That sounds off.  We might ASSUME the company did that, but I doubt they put that in the reasons.  Or did they?  Anyway, here comes the Slippery Slope, people.
  11. Bill Russell kneeled with his medal for HIS protest.  I don’t care.  He is not the nicest man.  Those 11 rings are WAY into his head.  I met him at a Final Four years ago.
  12. IF you want really funny and GREAT anthem stuff, I got your back.  If you think YOU have been through some hardships, wait until you hear about the hardships Lou Holtz has been through.  You can just send him your pick me up emails directly.
  13. I think I still want a job in sports because of two things.  A) Skip Bayless has a sports show.  B) They allow Lou Holtz to still TALK on air, meaning they must be hurting for talent.
  14. I still don’t have an intern, and not editing this tonight.  Forgive the grammatical errors and other inconsistencies.
  15. Plus, I am watching the tractor story Seinfeld, so somewhat distracted while typing briskly.
  16. The NBA lottery reforms are being passed.  So, bad NBA teams will have to find another way.  Everyone is sure glad that the Sixers Process” is done so they can get out of the mix.
  17. My birthday present will be a right shoulder tattoo to balance out the left shoulder one.  Once Halloween is out of the way, I need to make sure I want the ship’s helm.  I think I do.  I think that would go over better than Aquaman or a dolphin.  I just want something with water in it.
  18. With the Packers-Bears playing tonight, I would LOVE for Ty Montgomery to go off and make it an easier week for me in fantasy.  I need an easy one.
  19. During this workout renaissance, I am still really having a problem with cookies.
  20. I will do the elimination game for the top 25 after this week.  I travel next week so I should have time.
  21. I assumed the Raiders would be a semi-machine this year.  No matter what they do against the Broncos, what the Skins did to them will be noted by every team on their schedule.  That was a whipping.
  22. Interesting games this week in Baltimore and Denver.  You basically have FOUR Super Bowl contending teams coming off confusing losses all playing each other in rivalry games.
  23. Wade goes to the Cavs.  At least THIS super team involves players playing different positions so I am ok with it.  If he holds up, it could make it interesting, but I feel like the Cavs need to make one more major move to be in the title mix.  East mix?  Sure, they can take the Celtics possibly in a series, but still don’t feel the love against the Warriors.
  24. By the way, with Melo, he says he is ready to play PF full time.  Did the interviewer ask if he was ready to pass the ball too?
  25. I am so relieved for at least one fan base this weekend.  The Bengals and Browns have been finding VERY inventive methods of losing thus far.  They play each other, so supposedly SOMEONE has to win.  I think the Browns continue the Bengals misery this season.
  26. Some people in fantasy football have injury problems.  I do not.  I just have players that would ALL be picked up on the waiver wire who all seem to underperform on a teamwork based plan.
  27. Darren Sproles broke his leg and tore his ACL all in one play.  As John McEnroe said, if you are going to miss a shot, don’t just miss the line-hit it in the stands.  I did my quad tendon, ACL, and MCL all in one blocked shot, so I understand.  Sucks.
  28. I am not sure if John McEnroe ever said that, but as I have said before, I am going to continue to ride that horse.
  29. Every once in while, Vegas rakes and it helps them forget about the bad weekends.  Last weekend, TEN underdogs covered or won, meaning the rich got richer.
  30. If you just are wondering about people moving to beach paradises, then this is an interesting read.  If you are like me and just plan on moving to that paradise, then you REALLY read it.  I did the latter.
  31. I feel like the Arizona Cardinals are like a late 70’s car you still have love for.  Sometimes you just can’t get it started, but when it IS going, it is beautiful.  They couldn’t start it up the other night.
  32. I am still a little confused about how WIll & Grace could be off the air for SO long and then just come back as the same show.
  33. Villanueva might have said there was miscommunication between him and the Steelers on why he came out of the tunnel, but leaping to #1 in NFL jersey sales I guess is worth it.  Andy Warhol would be proud.
  34. Horford blown away by Kyrie in practice, LeBron was ready to give him the keys, blah blah blah… I think my NBA superstar hate list is presently KD, Kyrie, and then Melo.
  35. Remember when Pop was original in stating his case against Trump?  Now he is in the majority and stories about what he says are boring.  We all hate Trump pretty much, so he is just a singer in the choir.
  36. I have a question.  Are you all who voted for Trump feeling a LITTLE bad at being duped so obviously?  Just a LITTLE??  I mean, the writing couldn’t have been written more brightly on the wall, right?
  37. I am not looking for reasons to hate the Pats.  I like the Evil Empire except for when they play my Steelers.  But, IF you are looking for another reason, I got one for you.  When they ran out of bottled water last week, they charged people for tap water.  That is funny.
  38. One of the funnier things I watched this week.  I get not knowing sports enough to guess the CORRECT teams.  But not even having a GUESS?  It is like a reality version of Rosie Perez in White Men Can’t Jump.
  39. These are probably the same people who took advantage of the DirectTV refund policy for those who are offended by this anthem stuff.  Seriously, who doesn’t have a guess of ANY NFL football team in Jeopardy and WHO would order DirectTV’s Sunday ticket and then ask for a refund based on a couple of protests?  I don’t know these people.
  40. Having one HR record go down for rookies is one thing.  But both?  Pretty special season in MLB.  Judge surpassed Steroid Mark.
  41. Special season, but REALLY a letdown on the wildcard races considering how close everyone was a month ago before they all sunk QUICKLY back to mediocrity.
  42. Pretty decent week for free food thus far at work.  I spent the last 10 minutes of work today sending subliminal messages about ordering a community pizza tomorrow afternoon.  I hope it happens.  I am optimistic.
  43. I don’t like people who don’t like Mark Cuban.  I think he is what is right about sports for the most part.  This week?  He lent the team plane to Barea for taking supplies to Puerto Rico to take care of his family and others.  Pretty darn cool.
  44. YES.  The Frogger episode.  LOVE that game and this episode.
  45. Frogger is one of those games where I feel like I have lost a step I can never get back.  I used to be GREAT as a kid.  I have not found that magic in my last few times playing down the street.  But I have to tell you, IF I had the high score 30 years ago on a machine and found out the score was still on the machine, I would buy the damn thing too.  That would be very important to me.  I feel you, George.
  46. I love The Voice (good compromise show with Lindsey).  This season already we have an ex-NFL player who has a winnable voice, a black country singer, and a 26 year old, balding white R&B singer who was dirty good.  And Jennifer Hudson is very…feisty, so that is fun.
  47. A FAN got busted for tipping pitches?  Wow.  This is getting out of hand.  Stop it technology.
  48. I think, but am not sure, that the WNBA Finals are on.  Not sure, and not trying to find out.
  49. Sad.  I have always said “what are THOSE kind of Raiders fans going to do???”
  50. I don’t care if we covered this before.  It is still funny.  Michael Beasley still thinks he has it.
  51. I was wondering why I was so happy these last few days.  I figured it out.  College basketball players are practicing.
  52. I am having a very patriotic month for the theaters.  I just saw American Assassin and these good reviews are sucking me into American Made now.  Plus, I am a Top Gun guy.  I can write off items such as Vanilla Sky as long as I get an occasional good one from Tommy Boy.
  53. I don’t understand how I never go below 520 but never above 560 followers on Twitter.
  54. JT for the Super Bowl.  Sweet.  Now I guess I will have to watch halftime.  Dammit.
  55. I find it very ironic that the most highly trained fitness specimen we have ever seen play golf at a high level has to retire because of his body.  Sad possible end, as Tiger is starting to come to grips he might never play again.
  56. I love this time of year in Colorado, because I slowly become the only person wearing shorts and sandals all the time.
  57. Just when we thought we couldn’t like Deshaun Watson ANY more with his background, class, skills, and college title, he donates his first check to the hurricane cause.  Wow.
  58.  I mean, with all of the crap the east coast fans talk, then laughing at this is just EASY.
  59. In passing on TV, I found out there was a Sharknado 4.  So, my Sharknado jokes go well past the FIRST one?  Who made these movies?  Where does this money come from?  Am I missing out?  What is going on?
  60. The Twins are in the playoffs, and are the first team to ever lose 100 games and go to the playoffs the next year.  Now, true, it is easier to make the playoffs than back in the day, but still awesome and impressive for a fan base that was probably feeling like us Phillies fans feel right about NOW.
  61. So, there is hope.  Got it.
  62. Pitino:  I will comment on this more Sunday perhaps.  Enough has been written or said already by people who get paid anyway.  Sad, because he was my favorite coach out there pretty much.  I feel like a cycling fan post Lance Armstrong saga.  And Rick probably built that 1996 UK team with cash too, sad to say.  But, it is what it is, and let’s move on.  Plenty of schools are NOT cheating, and it will not diminish my love for college hoops.
  63. Two top 100 recruits have already exited stage left on the program.
  64. Hefner:  One of the few people we can say we DON’T feel sorry for about dying.  The dude lived an ok life to say the least.  I guess the question people ask (doing it on the radio shows this morning) was when did you stumble on your first Playboy.  I came in contact with a solo issue here and there before, but my real story was one day in the upstairs bathroom dropping the kids at the pool.  I for some reason opened the closet, which was right by the toilet.  There, in the closet, was the largest stash of Playboy magazines I had ever even HEARD of.  Needless to say, my mom thinks I had some tummy problems for the next year or two as I would just go through them one by one.  Took 3-4 of my favorites when I headed off to college for keepsakes (still have them downstairs in storage).
  65. I am kind of sad that the USC-Washington State game is on a Friday night.  I didn’t check the schedule and tomorrow is Melting Pot, Octoberfest, Silent Disco date night with the lady.
  66. VA Tech-Clemson will be a stellar game this weekend.  You should change your schedule and watch it.  Probably as close to a college football QF as we will get.
  67. I have Texas and GB tonight in a parlay-so far, so good.
  68. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  69. I will talk to you Sunday while packing for Vegas and watching football.
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