This is not about pulling a John Elway. You are not an athlete. You are a TV show. How can you be on top and walk away? Not fair.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Too much to do at work today to blog.  Need to bust out a short one tonight to attempt to get back on schedule during an incredibly even more drowning work week than usual.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      Well, at least with the Steelers playing the Vikings in London this week, I know we might actually catch a glimpse of the real Big Ben.

2)      I would look for people for really dumb people to get frustrated and toss Colin Kaepernick on the waiver wire after having a couple drinks.  Pick him up if that dream happens.  The Niners are just too good.  HE is too good.

3)      I am blogging while watching the recording of the final Dexter episode.  I would prefer to watch it while NOT blogging, but Lindsey is jonesing to see it.  AND the Raiders really just suck.  Cut the deal that I didn’t need to watch the second half if there were indications of a blowout.  There were obvious indications.

4)      Find room for the Carolina Panthers defense on your fantasy squad, people.  I know I am tomorrow morning even though I believe they have a bye week.  I have enough crappy players to carry two defenses for a week.  I got WORKED this week in fantasy.

5)      GREAT article in ESPN Mag about analytics coming to the NFL slowly.  Obviously, with 22 players interacting as opposed to two baseball players facing off directly at once IS different, but teams are bringing it along.  One team was noted as NOT coming aboard.  The Steelers are staying old school.  They obviously aren’t watching game film and seeing the horror I am.  Last night was painful.  Ninety minutes of misery, 30 minutes of hope, and then one hour of more misery.  I don’t think they should be put on national TV for a while.  Ironically, I think they are next week again.

6)      Andrew Luck is really, really loud when barking out signals.  Which will come first?  A referee with a northern accent or a really quiet professional QB.

7)      I don’t care if she is hot.  I find Carrie Underwood extremely irritating.

8)      In case you care, the Steelers were last 0-3 in 2000.

9)      At least the Redskins and Giants are keeping us company on the East Coast at that record.

10)   Logan, thanks for the heads up.  Rant Squad star Pacman Jones got arrested again.  You know you are a repeat offender when you only make seventh on the wire.  Pacman, we are bored with you.  I am personally not, as I own the Rant Squad, which means I have a plan to get you back up on the list.  You need to get out of jail on bail, apologize, and then do something epic.  I have Marcus Vick dropping off guns and drugs at your crib as we speak.  Don’t tell anyone.

11)   My irritation of Cris Collinsworth is only amplified when he is commenting on my pitiful Steelers on TV.

12)   The Jets beat the Bills and are now 2-1.  Without going into their scheduled teams, I will still run outside and see if there is a meteor shower.

13)   Click on this.  See???? Tom Brady even bitches at HIMSELF.

14)   Not NEAR the coolness level of the old Ronnie Lott story, but pretty cool how Cardinals Rashaad Johnson handled losing part of his finger during a game.  He didn’t even realize it until he took off his playing gloves.

15)   Hello, hockey.  I think it might have been planned to catch my eye and write about it, but nice that they have ALREADY had a goalie fight.

16)   Ironic that the rest of the Steelers are falling apart when Troy Polamalu is actually looking kind of ok.

17)   I had a bunch of other Steelers notes, but they were more fun to mention after a WIN.  You are spared.

18)   To add insult to injury, I was playing the Bears D in fantasy.

19)   Not my strongest rant effort, but I need to go watch the end of Dexter.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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