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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Night rant.  Work to do still.  Speed version.  Read the previous ones if you want true “ranting.”  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  You really should be watching Game 5 of the National League divisional round, but I still appreciate your company.  Do I have work to do?  Yes.  You know you work a lot when you get excited to work at night when a baseball game is on in the background, I am in very at home attire, and I know my chances of getting OTHER people respond to my emails at this time are minimal.

2)      Boston advances.  Tampa was up 1-0, but amazing how a few pitches change the momentum of an entire SERIES.  Postseason baseball is absolutely fantastic.  What do we have?  The better team advances in this case.  Fun to root for underdogs, and some are great stories.  Give me the A’s losing and the Pirates losing and I say we have the best 4 teams left, making a great SECOND round (or third round depending on what you believe).

3)      “Let’s go Red Sox” I would still rank WAY second to the Braves chant…but it is still very irritating.

4)      Lindsey’s mom raises pure bred Goldendoodles by the dozens that are adorable.  Most are bought by people with a good amount of money who want a pure bred dog.  Some get to do cooler stuff than they even know outside of their doggie brains.  This is solid.  Pictured below is the kid the Goldendoodle will be a service dog for.  This is one of Lindsey’s mom’s babies in action.  Lindsey’s mom is just cool as hell in general, so understandable that her pups wind up cool also.



5)      Sandusky’s son was arrested for a DUI.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree evidently as far as trouble, except that the kid’s addiction is booze as opposed to little kids.  I hear that Jon also refused the DUI test.  I had a great breathalyzer joke involving the Sandusky men and blowing into the breathalyzer/ blood test, but I feel uncomfortable actually typing it.  It was good though.  Abrasive as hell…but good.

6)      I forgot to tell you.  That $7.00 I was debating for plane internet?  That was for THIRTY minutes.  That is absurd.

7)      Kobe returns and evidently it was some harmless knee operation.  Thanks for making us curious, you weird guy, you.

8)      The grass is green, the sky is blue, the NBA season is upon us, and Amare Stoudemire is STILL somehow injured with something.  He is the bigger, taller, more idiotic version of Tracy McGrady.

9)      I hear La Quinta commercials on Mike and Mike on my ride to work.  La Quinta really must be a efficient company.  In this day and age of people trying to claim easy to recognize website addresses, them snagging “” was pretty dope.

10)   A Texans fan showed up at Matt Schaub’s house to complain.  That is awesome.  I am surprised more fans don’t do this.  I would like to hear more about the election process they used for this random act by ONE person if anyone has any information.  Schaub deserves it.  His job security has been WAY too easy over the last few years.  Yates either needs a better look, or they need to bring in someone to push him.  No, not Matt Leinart again.  I think that the latter Matt has now proven to us he is a perennial backup in this league.  Go home and hold your Heisman Trophy.

11)   Rajon Rondo has said that he is cool with being on a rebuilding Celtics team.  Nice.  Something is weird here.  Sure, maybe he suddenly recognized that Boston is one of the best sports towns in the world.  Or, maybe Brad Stevens really IS that good of guy.  I think he looked at his salary and decided he might need those two highly paid years to prove to us that he can actually shoot a jump shot and can get assist without HOF’s before trying to get another contract.

12)   Speaking of people staying for money, Joe Girardi says he is on for 4 more years in New York.  May the force be with you and your overpaid roster.

13)   Roger Goodell says playoff expansion might start in 2015.  Where does HE live?  I feel like going to yell outside HIS house.

14)   Cal Ripken says he is mulling over becoming an MLB manager since he misses the game.  Dude.  I know there are opening in streaks here and there all the time, but you just missed out on a couple GOOD openings.  Does anyone else get the feeling that someone is calling him tonight from the Chicago area code????

14a)  New manager or not, we ALL would listen to Cal.  KNOW this.

15)   The prosecution wants the judge in the Hernandez case to offer recusal, or whatever the term is.  The defense’s counter was asking f the judge brought their swim trunks.

16)   I was reaching for a pond joke…since police were searching ponds during this whole thing…and you can swim in a pond….ahhhh….nevermind.  It was a funnier murder joke in my head.

17)   The Falcons say there is NO interest in trading Tony Gonzalez to the Chiefs.  First of all, where did THIS mad rumor come from, and can’t we leave the Falcons alone after a loss to the Falcons and also with news that Julio Jones is gone for the year?  Tough week in Hotlanta.

18)   Dan Snyder says that the Redskins nickname is about Heritage.  Geez.  I am OVER this story.  It is a freaking football team, people who are offended from New York.  A FOOTBALL team.  Let it go, please.

19)   Kevin Towers says that his pitchers better defend their players and eye for an eye and throw at players if need be.  He also mentioned that he has free time not being in the playoffs in a horrible division.

20)   Bob Melvin just changed his Game 5 starter.  Since I am WATCHING a rookie in a Game 5 right now, I guess we now what we would call a “trend.”  Sure, talent overwhelms experience in some cases.  I am going with experience if the talent is somewhat close if I managed.  I also notice the veteran is pitching better right now in THIS game.

21)   I don’t manage of course.  I am just sitting home on my couch.  But, I DO have time to write this sports blog, so I thought I would mention who I would start.

22)   I almost went off on a funny “freedom of speech/ ranting” thing, but I stopped myself.  I am “on the clock” tonight.

23)   Aldon Smith has been charged of felony gun charges.  As the final decision maker for the Rant Squad, I am impressed.  Two in a couple weeks, even though one was from 2012.  Still, scouts have been deployed, and I will make you a deal.  Get out on bail now, let me have Marcus Vick pick you up with strippers and drugs, and then get busted.  I will let you on the team for doing this.  Call it a poor man’s Titus Young.  Think about it.  I am here and online frequently.  My work email goes to my phone if you need immediate advice.

24)   That is it.  Going to do some work and watch some baseball.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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