These people have some issues…and a lot of free time evidently.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Twenty minute work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       California fired Jeff Tedford today after 11 years.  If you are happy in mediocrity and graduating a few NFL players, then this is a bad decision.  If you are striving to make a BCS run, it is a good decision.  He teased their faithful with a couple 10 win seasons early in his tenure, but never got them over the hump, and then slowly has been fading off.  With USC back from their penalties, Oregon not going anywhere, and even Oregon State marking some success territory like a wolf, you are at a fork in the road.  As Yogi Berra said, when you get to the fork in the road, take it.

2)      The Knicks have been outrebounded in every game but one and still are 7-1.  Even when they are successful, they are an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.

3)      If you would have asked me when he was at college back in the day if OJ Mayo would score over 18 points in ten straight games in the NBA, I would have said sure.  If you would have asked me in September of this year if he would do that, I would have said no.  Well, the guy has over 18 points in ten straight games for his new team, and is averaging 21.8 points per game this year overall.  Who would have thunk?

4)      My colleague informed me there is ALREADY a guy outside Best Buy waiting around for Friday.  It is freaking Tuesday.  I don’t get it, and guess I am now rooting for a snow storm to occur so I can internally laugh at the guy toughing it out.

5)      QB Colin Kaepernick had a hell of a game last night for the 49ers.  I hear they are asking Harbaugh about the QB situation.  I think the guy did his job, and you got a guy who is the starter already who got you to the NFC Championship.  Let’s not be too hasty here.  Stick with Alex Smith if healthy, and know you trust the guy on the sideline should Alex go down.  Wikipedia announced today they had 1 million hits for “colin kaepernick” after last night’s game.  Some were even from San Francisco.

6)      John Gibbons, previously a Blue Jays manager back in the day, is their manager again.  I am surprised by the move a little, but I guess they know the guy better than anyone else interviewing for the gig.

7)      I know I went an extra week from grocery shopping when my cheese drawer is totally empty, and I run out of TP and milk.  That is presently the case.  Probably a good thing health wise that I have no cheese, it ruins my nightly Cheerios when I am out of milk, and being out of TP…well, you get the point.

8)      Kyrie Irving is out for a month with a broken finger, making one of the bottom five cellar dwellers suddenly be a good matchup with the Wizards.

9)      The Charlotte are 4-4, with Kemba Walker supplying some of the excitement.  He is an undersized shooting guard, meaning I think he is just a par set up man in baseball.  You face him too many times, and you kind of figure him out.  They might continue to be .500, but don’t expect much more than that without a time machine warp of maturity OR talent.

10)   I need to go back to Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs soon.  I need to go ride this…in the snow this time.

11)   Kevin Garnett got some pub for not shaking Ray Allen’s hand in the first game of the season.  There is a great article in ESPN Mag about how old school he is, and joining others on super teams is not the way things should go.  His competitiveness and grittiness is very, very real.

12)   I think I would mind working 60-65 hours a week if I had to dress in a suit or business casual every day.  The greatest thing about my job is that I can be on the phone negotiating 100k deals with a backwards hat, shorts, and sandals.

13)   I made up the Colin Kaepernick-Wikipedia thing.  I have no idea.  Just ballparking.

14)   Ed Reed was suspended a game for his hit in Sunday Night’s game against the Steelers.  I am a Steelers fan, and I even totally disagree with the penalty.  Let them play, don’t let your healthy rules become Pandora’s Box, and map out exact fines so it doesn’t look like you are making it up as you go…which you are.

15)   I know there were two “smiths” on the field when San Fran played defense last night.  That being said, I still thought there were two “Aldon Smith’s” out there also.  That dude was EVERYWHERE.

16)   I really, really like the knit hats the Steelers are wearing these days.  A LOT.

17)   After three trips to the shop to stop my car from stalling, it stalled twice on the way home from work yesterday.  Fancy.

18)   The Hoyas upset UCLA in Shabazz’s debut.  Good start, kid.  Carmelo Anthony might have issues, but not too many of you HS badasses can do what he did night in and night out.  Let’s see how you progress now.

19)   I don’t take days off from work.  That is not how I roll.  I am taking my third day off on Monday, being that it is the day after my birthday…and because my boss said she would fire me if I showed up.  The other two?  Someone else’s weddings I was invited to.  I also have to take a day off as I am maxed out again on accumulated hours.

20)   The Heisman.  I don’t remember a year when there are so little offensive contenders for the trophy.  No non contender schools have some stat hound getting ridiculous statistics, and the contending teams have players who don’t seem to want it.  So, that lends itself to giving it to a defensive guy, if there is one deserving of it.  I say Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M still wins it, but Manti Te’o is going to give him a HELL of a run.

21)   If you care, David Beckham is hanging up his cleats from the MLS.  I don’t, but just thought you should know.

22)   A couple decades after Chaminade’s basketball team shocked the world by beating Ralph Sampson and my Cavs, they do it again.  The 1200 student Catholic school put down Rick Barnes perennially underachieving Texas team 86-73.  That is not even close.  Rick Barnes needs a change of scenery.  I am not sure what he does with the ridiculous talent he gets there, but it sure doesn’t translate to the court very well.

23)   That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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