These are not the droids you’re looking for…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work to do tonight, with the battle of the backup QB’s on the tube.

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1)  Robert Griffin was born in 1990, right about the time Tecmo Bowl started getting popular.  That sounds about right, because his stat line on Sunday was Tecmo Bowlesque.  Remember, when everyone wants to immediately compare him to people like Randal Cunningham and Michael Vick because of his running ability, they are overlooking his much higher pass efficiency than I have seen from a rookie in a long time.

Think about this.  Randall Cunningham posted a 42% rookie completion rate.  Michael Vick?  44%.  Cam Newton?  57%.  Griffin?  SIXTY SEVEN POINT ONE.  Wow.  I think he is more like Steve Young than anyone.

2)  It amazes me that the ONE year where the SEC has given a chance for someone outside of their conference to win the whole thing, that no one seems to want it except Notre Dame (for the moment).  Now, you slip just a LITTLE, and what do you have?  SEC teams crowding the top at 2,3,and 4.

3)  How about Ohio State?  If Notre Dame loses, they would be left alone as undefeated.  They can’t go to a bowl, but what a season regardless.  No, Michigan (I know.  They haven’t played them yet), Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, etc. might not be having old school seasons, but they aren’t exactly pushovers either.

4)  Did anyone else hear how the NHL talks went today?  I didn’t.  Oh.  I know what they are doing.  They were initially having “secret meetings.”  Now, they are having publicized meetings with “secret results.”

5)  Steelers-Ravens.  I try not to be too much of a homer in this blog, and spread the wealth.  So, I won’t let myself write forever on the disappointment I feel after last night’s game.  I was glad to see that the level of intensity and evenness throughout once again was part of a Ravens-Steelers game.  Except for one game over the last 15 or so, they never let us down.  It is always close.  I think Jonathan Dwyer has Bettis like feet and should get more touches even when Redman and Mendanhall are healthy.  And, I think that I am disappointed with Leftwich and Tomlin.  There are great stories out there about guys’ guts and winning while in unbelievable pain.  There are also not so great stories of a player hurting his team by not sitting or being told to sit.  Charlie Batch is an ok third string and 5-2 in his last 7 starts when needed.  You play hurt if you are a guy like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, because your normal level of play is so much higher than others when healthy.  You don’t play hurt if you are Byron Leftwich, who is just a born backup.

5a)  Listening to Cris Collinsworth’s voice made the loss ten thousand times worse.

6)  I was sad to see that Willis McGahee might be out for the season for the Broncos with a torn MCL.  I am sad because I wanted the Steelers to beat the Broncos in the playoffs when they were totally healthy.  Oh.  Whoops.  I meant to write that hook wording if the Steelers would have WON.  Sorry.  I suppose I should just focus on the Steelers GETTING to the playoffs now.  Well, I guess I could put a positive spin on it.  At least if they meet in the playoffs, I know it will be in my hometown Denver the way the Steelers look presently.

7)  Damn.  I TOTALLY missed this when reporting it over the weekend.  Lindsey made me aware of it.  Andrew Bynum hurt his knee BOWLING?  You take his haircut, bowling, and generally underachieving overall thus far in the Association, and if Ron Artest suddenly becomes normal, we don’t need to worry about who to pass the “stupid” torch to.

8)  Gronkowski breaks his forearm and could miss up to six weeks reportedly.  The fact that he was in there that late (on the 59th point) is idiotic.  Somehow through interviews, alleged genius Bill Belichick makes it sound genius still.  He must be a Jedi Knight.  I personally am not drinking that Kool-Aid.  STAR WARS REDO:  “LUKE: These are not the droids you are looking for.  GUY AT FRONT DOOR: I am not drinking THAT Kool-Aid, Mr. Skywalker.”

9)  The 49ers are making the Bears look like a directional school right now.  They are averaging about 25 yards a carry it feels like.

10)  I just saw the end of a Kindle Fire commercial with a baby who stops crying when it is given the toy.  I am confused on why a baby is reading that early or cares about a book computer.

11)  Ryan Clark tweets a LOT.

12)  Matt Barkley is out for the ND game?  Well, THAT settles THAT.  There is no way ND can blow that game, is there?  I guess the only thing USC fans can count on is that some top 5 HS QB is his replacement.

13)  Very cool, and now we will see if it works.  Miami suddenly banned themselves from postseason play this year in hopes that the NCAA will go easier on them when official rulings come down.  I think that they decided to wait another year when maybe they will be…Miami again.

14)  Minnesota WR AJ Barker has quit the football team, saying he was mistreated by his head coach.  Hey, Mike Leach.  Thanks for making this whole “mistreating” thing trendy.  I think this will be a mini Pandora’s Box, and this is not the last similar story we hear about this sort of stuff.  I am sticking with THIS thought.  I will take a mistreating coach with no problem.  I would take Bobby Knight choking me over some nice, polite loser coach any day of the week.  Watch Hoosiers.  That will clear it up.  The same intensity that goes into the grey area is the same intensity that wins championships.  Not all of us can be perfect Coach K.

15)   We were all concerned about Nick Foles never starting a game and leading the Eagles into battle over the weekend.  A lot of runs, right?  Nope.  Dude was told to throw it FIFTY ONE times.  That is too much when you have a stud like LeSean McCoy back there.

16) The vending machine at my work was replaced with a new one.  It is crazy cool.  It has this robotic arm with sound effects that is like a video game and actually fun to watch.  You almost WANT to have endless vending machine money, WANT to order something from the top of the machine (for more robotic arm time), and no, Coke Zero Cherry does not taste as good as Coke Zero regular.  I suppose that when you put fake cherry stuff into fake sugar stuff, it is a little too much fakeness.

17)  Mike Ditka is already back doing analysis on ESPN pre game.  That dude is just plain old tough, and must love football more than anyone who has walked this earth.  Health, Schmealth.

18)  Plaxico Burress visited the Steelers today.  I am not sure that receivers are the problem right now.  Why are we not bringing in some people to THROW to those guys?  Who the hell IS the back up for Charlie Batch?  Seriously?  That was a real question.  I just double checked it online.  The site I looked at had it “blank.”

19)  Andy Reid has said that quitting would be a “cop out.”  I will tell you this, Andy.  There are times to put all of your eggs in one basket.  I think that Michael Vick would not be the basket I would necessarily choose.

20)  The Marlins/ Blue Jays massive trade is finalized.  They are going to have an event at Marlins Park to introduce the new players to the crowd.  Hey.  They can’t get less people than they get for actual games, right?

21a)  I am just joking about them having an event by the way.  Don’t tell anyone in a social setting that hook.

21)  Lindsey and I both thought that Boise State wasn’t allowed to play on their blue field anymore.  They played on it on Saturday.  I am confused.

22)  Boise State, San Diego State, and BYU are talking again with the MWC about possibly returning.  Actually, BYU and San Diego State just had coffee and pulled out a map of the United States.

23)  Yay.  I just saw a commercial for Vitacraves, a gummy flavored chewable vitamin for guys.  About time.  If I had money about 10 years ago, I would have raked on this.  I can’t be the ONLY dude who wants kid-like vitamins again.  I will buy them, and perfect timing as I am low on vitamins.  Perfect also, since I suddenly seemed to have forgotten how to swallow pills.  I missed the boat on this AND Mio?

24)  Rutgers and Maryland are going to the Big Ten.  I get the Rutgers thing, and it is good for that program.  Maryland?  They must be in a depression or something.  It is not like THEIR football team is bored with the weak ACC.  They suck too.  And why would you EVER leave ACC basketball?  It is not like the conference will not have its time soon again.

25)  Congrats to Joe Gagliardi, and happy trails.  He is retiring, and leaving as the most wins in college football history.  He coaches St. Johns of Minnesota in Division III.  It doesn’t matter where he coached.  He got 4 titles, and 489 wins is a LOT.

26)  That is it.  I have work to do and a football massacre to watch (20-0) and it is ugly thus far.  I hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for reading my rant.  Readership is way up, I am on Twitter now, and I love writing this thing.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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