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On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I don’t know about you, but I am in overload today.  Usual work activity, US Open going on, the World Cup about to start, and the NBA Finals Game 4 tonight.  Let’s get this OUT of the way so I can watch NBA game tonight without the need to do the daily blog.

2)      If you can read it, I have posted my World Cup predictions.  Germany over Spain in the final.  I was optimistic enough to carry the US into the bracket and WIN one, but not sure if I totally believe my picks with #4 Portugal and irritating Ghana hanging out in the Group of Death.

3)      And be quiet, Kilnsmann.  You CAN get out of the group, and MAYBE do something in the draw.  And if you can’t reasonably, tell us you CAN.  Dammit.

4)      NBA Game 4.  As much as I loved what the Spurs did the other night, they aren’t going to shoot 99.55% again in the first quarter.  I like the Heat to take tonight at home and then go back to San Antonio tied up at 2.  That being said, I sure as hell HOPE the Spurs win and I am wrong.

5)      I don’t bet on hockey, but I would have made cash on the money line last night with the Rangers.  Tough enough to win the Stanley Cup.  Tough enough to win a series.  Tougher to sweep anyone at this stage.

6)      Really?  The NBA-ESPN offices got bored with no basketball last night and decided to start a Big Four-Melo rumor?  You all need a hobby.

7)      Croatia will give Brazil a run in the match that starts in 30 minutes, but not enough of one.  No WAY Brazil ties or loses in their opening game in the World Cup.  No way.  2-1 Brazil.  Which in Jim Rome soccer lingo/ translation to our football=28-14 (two touchdowns per goal).

8)      I just looked at the US Open leaderboard, which previously had amazingly ALL big names.  Brooks Koepka?  Wow,  not saying that he will even hang on through 3 more holes, but someone is cheering for him in some crazy winner’s pool right now.

9)      Come ON, Rickie Fowler.  Shoot even ALL you want in THIS thing.  It works.

10)   I get the feeling that Cam Newton wants more money than Kaepernick (who also just got cleared of that shady hotel room stuff with a passed out chick).

11)   I am not happy with the lack of Kevin Love rumors.  I want more crazy scenarios.

12)   The controversial FIFA pres wants coach challenges in matches.  Ummm.  Won’t that kind of ruin that whole continuous clock thing that the sport is famous for?

13)   In case you missed it, Cespedes threw ANOTHER ridiculous throw to get a runner out.  You have internet.  You find the link.  I am typing crazy fast and am going to keep moving.

14)   Landon Donovan is an ESPN analyst for the World Cup, and I hope he sneaks in LOTS of grey area, bitter stuff about not going.  Dammit, Klinsmann.

15)   I will assume the story about Messi and vomiting before matches is a non story looking at his stats in general.  Dude is SO good.  Puke all you want before games, bro.

16)   Deadspin is good for all KINDS of stuff.  Look at this mockingbird pestering a hawk.  I am showing this because this is what the US against Germany might look like.

17)   I am really, really sad about not being at the World Cup.  Truly.  That was my plan years ago, no matter what the situation.  But there was that money thing, and my bank account is the only happy part of this equation.

18)   Marshawn Lynch might be a media shy player, but when he wants more money, I guess he is more than willing to speak up.

19)   You hear it here EVERY single game he pitches.  Told you SO.  Tanaka pitched a complete game to up his record to 10-1.  Boom goes the dynamite.

20)   Sonnen retires from UFC.  Sad, I will miss his shit talking even though it feels like he has lost 37 times.

21)   The Cavs contact Mark Jackson for their coaching position.  Ummm.  Mark, why don’t you ask for that $80 million deal they offered Cheaterpari?  Just saying.

22)   Mickelson is clear on one charge.  One to go.  If he loses on the second, it will be his seventh runner up finish during the US Open.

23)   I thought that was slightly clever for an on the fly thought.

24)   Julius Randle has a foot injury.  NBA GM’s are calling every doctor in the country wondering if he should drop.  I say no.  It’s not like it is a back injury or that he is Greg Oden.

25)   The Steelers paid the money to Pouncey.  As a Steeler fan, I get giddy over the years when they actually saddle up and pay a top flight player what they deserve.  It doesn’t happen enough.

26)   Hard Knocks will showcase the exciting Atlanta Falcons.  Boring.  No…personality.

27)   That is it.  Work to do, and leaderboards and matches to refresh.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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