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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Super speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I forgot my blog list as you can see below on my bedside table, but always have something to say, so let’s just wing this.  The fact that I have this picture from Lindsey should indicate how little time in life I DON’T have my blog llist on me.

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2)      UNC escapes again.  Marcus Paige scores a million points in the second half and discards my theory that UNC lacks shooters by saying “we don’t need multiple shooters when we have me…in the second half.”  What does he DO in the first half?  Take notes?  Dude had 31 in the second last night versus NC State.  Boom goes the dynamite, and glad they were only on UVA’s schedule once.

3)      UVA.  I went to school there.  I am TRYING to not be a homer blog.  BUT, when people on TV are saying stuff like “they are the least talked about one conference loss team at this point in the season in history” and they are breaking Ralph Sampson era records, how can I NOT talk about them.  Offensive sidekicks have arisen, the defense allows the least amount of points per game in the country, they have held EVERY team to below its season scoring average during their streak, and they get the Cuse at home on Saturday.  Sure, their schedule laid out nicely, but they aren’t just beating people, they are beating them decisively.

4)      And by the way, UVA’s freshman London Perrantes showed he CAN score if needed.  My favorite college basketball player, folks.

5)      If you haven’t seen the final play of the Michigan-Purdue game, well then you are just missing out.

6)      Yes, Carlos Martinez, we ALL believe your account was hacked and someone put porn sites intermittent with family photos randomly left.  Sure.  Good story.  I visualize you in the clubhouse during a game just favoriting nasty stuff.

7)      Having the brilliance of Hubie Brown doing the NBA game on one station and the train wreck that is Bill Walton doing a college game on the other station is TV confusion at its best.

8)      I suppose that Aaron Hernandez just thought it was offensive holding in the jail.  He is now isolated.

9)      I hear Danny Granger is leaning towards the Clippers.  My, would that be a perfect fit in my opinion.  Dude needs to be starting somewhere.  Lost in his injuries and being replaced by a guy who just happened to become one of the best players in the league is that he WAS one of the best players in the league at the same position.

10)   Chris Bosh would like to ban ALL slurs.  That is a great thought, nice guy, but the logistics of doing that go a little more in detail than what you think evidently.  You sound genuine though.

11)   That’s right, Mike D’Antoni.  Get in a media spat with the ONE guy with skills on your team.  Good call.

12)   Glad that governor vetoed that bill.  I can’t see moving a Super Bowl an EASY thing to do.  What the hell was that bill on the floor anyway for?

13)   It is Thursday, and Tiger talked to the media about missed chances in his first round of golf.  Copy and paste.

14)   Jaws says Johnny Manziel is a third round pick.  So there IS someone who is even an EXPERT in football who dislikes Johnny Football more than me.  Let’s go have some pops, Jaws.  It will be fun.

15)   Hello, New Jersey Nets.  I know that John McEnroe once said “if you miss, miss big,” but losing by 44 points is NOT a good thing.

16)   OK.  ANY game now and the with Westbrook Thunder will start looking better or at least close to the without Westbrook Thunder, but I am getting nervous.  Damn, they need Perkins as the thug in the middle, don’t they?

17)   I hope since God told RB Adam Muema to leave the combine that he also tells him where to GO when leaving the combine, because no one can find the lad right now.

18)   Read Mr. Royal’s NFL coaches article that I posted yesterday.  Solid stuff.

19)   It’s back.  Read Bill Simmons most recent NBA mailbag.  Those mailbags are hilarious.

20)   See?  Pizza is that awesome.

21)   Unless you live in a bubble, all men out there are excited for Blake Bortles to get drafted so we see lots of pictures of his girlfriend.  Unless you live in a bubble WITHIN a bubble, you know who his girlfriend is.  Lindsey Duke.  I covered this the other day, but very quickly.  I didn’t give it its due.  Anyway, my colleague, Cerk, made me aware that if you Google “blake bortles photos,” you get almost ALL her.  Even Google just considers him=Lindsey Duke.  Seriously, do it.  I will wait.  Ok, so THOSE people aren’t coming back, so for the rest of you, here are some more pics of Blake Bortles insanely hot girlfriend.  He is making McCarron’s look like a slob.  Well, kind of.  Here you go.

22)   Sometimes I find life is fair, and sometimes I feel it is unfair.  I find the couple walking the dog finding $10 million of gold “unfair.”

23)   Sometimes you believe an athlete, and sometimes you don’t.  I believe that Ravens S Matt Elam actually wants to learn about retail by working at a mall Finish Line.  I do.  Dude is working 20 hours a week at a mall with a $3.7 million deal.

24)   I joined a “young professional” UVA club last night.  Someone on the page asked what the age range was.  Someone else answered they were looking at people 20-30 years in age.  I posted on the site “I am out of that age range but am very immature for my age.”  My local fraternity brother immediately chimed in that I was speaking correctly and to sign me up.  Sweet.  I think.

25)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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