The Seinfeld Chronicles anniversary…GOAT.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people. Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  As always, limited bandwidth, no organizational time, and therefore randomness galore.  Let’s move.
  2. If you are a Utah Jazz fan wanting to go drink away your Gordon Hayward sorrow, it is even hard to THAT where you are.
  3. Hayward makes the Celtics solid from top to bottom, and gives Thomas a perfect compliment to the way he plays. Let’s all be honest here about the situation.  We all discounted how much the fact that his college coach was heading up the Celtics came into play in my opinion.  Still work to do for both of them, and they know each other well.
  4. My work has desks where you can either standup or sit down. Probably now too stubborn to break any streaks I have created, I have never stood up at my desk and worked for even one single second.  I don’t even know if the buttons work technically.
  5. Suddenly Tim Tebow hitting news seems not as bad, as FaceBook has requested a Ball family documentary series.   That will be a tough time for us all.  Stop the madness.
  6. The paychecks now support him to do so. Conor McDavid showed his worth this year.  He is at the top of the heap.  Now, they need some draft luck like the Pens had at the beginning of Sydney’s run.
  7. I wanted to combine the Seinfeld (28th anniversary of the Chronicles today) truck back up thing by George with the Cowboys arrest story today, but found my options either not funny or a bit over the top…which is usually the case when examining what comes out of my skull.
  8. Finding out Dak Prescott might use a machine to do his autographs made me happy temporarily for some reason. Dude has been perfect thus far.  We found something wrong.
  9. Speaking of finding stuff, when the Warriors are finding things like Omri Casspri and Nick Young under their mattress, the depression throughout the league just gets worse. Couldn’t they have LOST someone big instead of adding very, very solid depth?  Come on.
  10. The ONLY thing good we can say about these additions is that MAYBE, just maybe Nick Young will jack up that locker room enough for a couple of losses. Dude is an idiot.
  11. Aaron Judge tied DiMaggio’s rookie HR record with his 29th.   It is the beginning of July.
  12. And denting stuff too…yeah.
  13. There were leftover sandwiches on a cart that passed by my desk today at work. This means it was a good day and waiting for the downslide that is bound to happen after receiving free food of any kind.
  14. To steal description language from my Twitter guy, Jim Weber, you had ONE JOB.
  15. It turned out ok AGAIN, and I LOVE the characters on the show so therefore will not stop watching, but DAMN I get tired of Richard making bad decisions on Silicon Valley. Enough is enough, man.
  16. Kaep is in Ghana right now enjoying his personal independence.   That sounds about right.  Guess he truly is not bothered about being black balled thus far in being an NFL QB this year.
  17. To say it yet again in this blog, I truly don’t understand how guys like Otto Porter are getting max contracts. Slippery slope beyond all fears for NBA owners…
  18. It is horrible that as much as I hate Carmelo Anthony, I kind of want him to go somewhere with star power to make the Warriors a little nervous. Evidently, I have reached NBA rock bottom if I am rooting for Melo.
  19. (trying to imagine Steph Curry being nervous…nah)
  20. BIG splash with Paul George early on, and then…just Patrick Patterson…to add to Russell’s side. Enough to be irritating in playoffs.  Not enough for end game without another move or two.
  21. Men at Wimbledon are retiring early like most Western Conference NBA teams would like to do next year.
  22. Who do we have left, folks, in the NBA free agency game?   Gay, Rose, and Crawford??
  23. No, the majority of us don’t care where poor man’s version of Melo goes.  No, Dion Waiters.
  24. I will be honest with you. I don’t even know who should be complaining between Logan and Gary about the HR Derby.  I feel like I couldn’t explain the rules nor team distribution since I feel like they change it every year.
  25. Oh, and for all of you people who turn OFF the ASG because it is just crap and no one is trying, remember you were probably the person complaining about it meaning something for the playoffs the past couple of years. Now you are in exhibition hell like the rest of us.
  26. I feel like the Heat and Chris Bosh have either separated or been separating for a whole year now. I keep thinking there is closure and then there are more headlines.
  27. With all of the fun and games we had with Vlade over the last years heading up the Kings, we have to all take a step back. Good draft.  Good moves.  Good FA pickups.  Hill and Randolph make them…playoff team caliber?    I just said that…and meant it.
  28. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It will probably be the Nuggets or Kings fighting for the 8th spot to get whipped by the Warriors.
  29. Sorry, Jazz. I know the truth hurts.
  30. I think over the line Venus Williams jokes would be a LOT easier if she was a golfer and not a tennis player.
  31. Aside from the nicknames, the hot dog eating contest was a downer. Chestnut rolled over people with no suspense.  Megatoad?    Mutant?  Cool.  By the way, an intro was given where one kid ate 20 hardboiled eggs in 84 seconds.  I will be honest with you.  I can do that.  Hell, I have done that at restaurants in reality, let alone in a contest.
  32. Love this capture from Twitter from my guy, Jim Weber.  
  33. Weird seeing Bill Russell’s name and Joey Chestnut’s name on the same screen. Easy, people.  
  34. Gallo on the Clips will be good for both teams. Still will miss Chris Paul and lose in first or second round in playoffs, but solid addition regardless. 6’10” guy who can drive and shoot.  Can’t go wrong.
  35. Counting days until HBO’s The Defiant Ones to come out.
  36. Fox Sports fired people. They need to fire more.  Their product is so weak and way on one side or the other in the sports world…and news world.
  37. Hate Keanu all you want, but I clicked on something over the weekend of which celebrities knew martial arts, and which ones totally faked it and relied on camera expertise. Reeves, Statham, Downey all know their stuff.
  38. We rely on Stan for consistency in tennis. Not surprised he didn’t win.  Very surprised he was a first round exit by a nobody.
  39. Chauncey might as well wait for the RIGHT GM job before taking his first. He will definitely be a good one.  But, with the LeBron-Lakers rumors out there and no one else on that roster aside from Kyrie worth anything, it could very well be an ugly job in two years.
  40. I am tired of hearing about if Tiger is going through treatment, done treatment, starting treatment, etc. Just leave us alone and tell us when he plans on entering the ring again.
  41. Seinfeld is the best ever.  In my head, no question.  Happy anniversary.
  42. No focused article today. I had too much to say as usual.
  43. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
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