The Picks for The Open. No worries, mate. #adamscott

Adam Scott of Australia tees off on the 11th hole during the Australian Open Golf Tournament in Sydney, Australia, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)
  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Got to get my picks in, so let’s squeeze in a quick one (well, relatively for me).  Let’s move.
  2. One sentence style to move this along.  One sentence only per hook for newbies (I do this when in a rush).
  3. The Astros lose Correa for an extended amount of time, but when you are up 15.5 games and have the balanced lineup they have, that is ok.
  4. Ironic that a guy who ALWAYS has the charged phone now owns a 3.5 year old Droid that dies quickly every day…come on Google Pixel II XL…hurry up.
  5. Steph Marbury will switch teams for his final year playing basketball, but luckily there are TWO Beijing teams, so his city legend remains intact…sort of.
  6. Not editing this or adding pics, so deal with it…or send me an intern.
  7. “Peculiar” is ONE way to describe the Cavs offseason, Kyrie…I would name it “uneventful.”#jeffgreen
  8. Pitt guy goes to be a backup with the Steelers, so you can still understand how Tom Brady is the only dude with better jersey sales thus far…that city bleeds football.
  9. I went to a Rockies game last night and figured the big crowd was because of them winning or because it was Century Realty night, but low an behold it was their 1000th win at Coors Field…yay.
  10. I will get into GOT this weekend, but solid start, although I like the subtle hints rather than the in your face forecasting.
  11. Yes, Sam will figure out the freaking White Walkers.
  12. Yes, Arya is a badass and can improv voices even though she IS someone.
  13. Yes, Sansa Stark is a badass chick now.
  14. Yes, Littlefinger needs something, or will die soon.
  15. Yes, Mr. Snow is very, very likable.
  16. Yes, that Greyjoy dude is the new Ramsey.
  17. Yes, I know this and next season are shorter so they have to wrap things up.
  18. Not sure how I didn’t think of this earlier, but I used to LOVE Orange Julius (basically milk and OJ combined), and blew my mind by mixing OJ and milk in the morning the other day and it was DELICIOUS!!!
  19. Today at work, I heard some beeping and me and my colleague, Brett, both looked at each other and said it sounded like the beginning of Easy’s rap in Straight Outta Compton.
  20. Not sure if the Yanks got Todd Frazier from today or from a few years ago when he was good, but I guess they are doing the reliever by committee/ KC Royals approach for the rest of the season.
  21. The Nats are doing the same thing, OR just signing a bunch of relievers, hoping one of them suddenly gets better…numbers…quantity.
  22. Did YOU notice Aaron Judge doing a Gladiator with the dirt before AB’s, and did YOU think that is better than the Mark Grace/ Jim Rome method of eliminating slumps?
  23. Armonty Bryant is on the wrong kind of roll.
  24. Did those Mariners minor league players at least get a free water in that $683 Uber the other day?
  25. The DBacks are all IN this season after landing JD Martinez, and expect the Rockies possibly to counter with something at the trade deadline.
  26. Rockies have quietly won 4 in a row.
  27. Saying the Celtics might look at Anthony Davis if he becomes available is like saying the sky is blue.
  28. The whole Beltran glove funeral reminded me of the 90’s A’s when they almost won stuff.
  29. We live in a day where Michael Vick is telling football players to get haircuts.
  30. So, those robbers at the Cowboys’ WR crib stole some stuff and his DOG for ransom?
  31. John Wick III
  32. Do you think that Cousins will get traded before or after the team president learns his first name correctly?
  33. $23.9 mil is NOT a bad yearly salary.
  34. You are allowed to sell your Houston bball team when you bought it for $85 million and its REVENUE only is $244 million, but why would you do that right before you are going to possibly make a RUN?
  35. The Steelers and Bell will figure everything out during the season…not optimal, but they won’t let him go (unless that Connor kid becomes a hidden STUD).
  36. Brett told me John Mayer kicked it with Dave Chappelle on stage at Red Rocks and it was the best show he has ever seen.
  37. Remembering Mayer on The Chappelle Show, I bet it was indeed hilarious.
  38. I did it in 2:45, my brother did it in about 1:44, but this guy has us beat.
  39. Don’t read into Iverson not actually PLAYING in his Philly homecoming with the Big3, as he probably just wanted to soak in the love without worrying about shooting…love that guy.
  40. DeAngelo Williams might not want to play in Dallas because of the fans, but with the recent Ezekiel Elliott antics, that might not be a bad gig of backing him up with a possible suspension…done that before, buddy???
  41. It won’t get the headlines the Chris Paul signing got, but the Rockets getting Moute is a solid signing and the dude can shoot and guard 2-3 positions.
  42. Time warp, as Martina Hingis won mixed doubles at Wimbledon.
  43. I haven’t even gotten MY Deadspin fix this week, so limited links to share.
  44. In case you were hoping for a youth movement in US men’s soccer, you won’t get it as Arena and his genius brought in ALL of the old guys for the rest of the Gold Cup.
  45. Win the Doak Walker Award for best RB, and I guess go get guns and weed.
  46. I haven’t personally done it, but just not ringing clearly how smoking a bunch of pot then wants you to carry a gun and be all aggressive.
  47. When I was 13 years old, I had teenager problems, while some other kid is winning a gold medal at the X-Games.
  48. Noticed a SLIGHT uptick in the Red Sox-Yanks series this season, since they are both finally good again.
  49. I read “Puig irate” and then stopped reading.
  50. Federer is old now, and very old for a tennis player, so why NOT do what Nadal did at the French and not drop a set?
  51. Either I am getting better at ignoring news with him, or the Melo scene seems kind of quiet.
  52. I saw Amos Lee at Red Rocks Sunday, and not only is he a Philly guy which I knew, but he is a Cherry Hill graduate (up the road from my old crib), which I didn’t know.
  53. Heck of a show by that guy, and his voice has a category ALL its own, and playing with the CSO was dope.
  54. My picks.  Here is a brainstorm for you from my pools.  I think Padraig, Rickie, Tommy, and Adam battle it out at the end.  Feel free to cherry pick some knowledgeable and researched picks (Harrington won in 2008 on same course if you are wondering about that oddity, and Tommy Fleetwood grew up NEXT to this course AND is on fire right now-perfect storm).
  55. Pool where I have to pick three players from each grouping in rankings and one amateur (of course I picked a guy named Maverick).  
  56. Pool where I can pick anyone I want (real picks).  
  57. Pool where I get only a certain amount of money and draft players (yes, I took a flyer on a $3 pool with John Daly).  
  58. My final pick?  No worries, mate.  He is playing well, he has the total game, and the course sets up well for him.  He could putt badly and still get a top ten finish.    Image result for adam scott golfer
  59. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least are more informed.  Enjoy your mornings watching The Open.  Go, Australia.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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