The Pelican Brief

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work break/ sanity check.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Kobe is getting Pau’s back.  Kobe loves him like a brother.  Pau is battling injuries.  Pau is averaging only 12 plus points per game.  Kobe scored 39 in a LOSS last night to the Rockets.  Listen.  I know it is early.  I know Nash isn’t playing.  But 8-10?  Hey, Mike D’Antoni.  I know you have a system, but your “system” is not SO far from using an athletic seven footer that you can tell me you are maximizing what you can get out of Pau Gasol.  Adapt.  You have all of the pieces.  Now, show us you can actually coach.  I think that Kobe getting 30 plus points a game is unnecessary.  It was necessary when all he literally had was Shaq.  It was necessary before they brought on Nash and Howard.  But, USE Gasol, Mike.  Or perhaps you LIKE being stuck in “we are an ok team” world like you were with the Suns.  In last night’s loss to the Rockets by the way, Hack a Howard was again in play, and he made 5-10 down the stretch.  That won’t cut it.  Also, oddly enough, if you are wondering HOW the Rockets beat the Lakers, household names like TONEY DOUGLAS and GREG SMITH showed us all why they are easily household names, both scoring over 20 points.  Superstars…

2)      Seriously, why don’t any refs have northern accents?  I want just ONE ref/ umpire to get on the microphone and say “yo” or end words with unnecessary “r” sounds.  Where are they?

3)      NC State didn’t exactly get a “big” win last night, as UCONN is a depleted team this year, and NC State SHOULD have won.  But, they won against a decent team in their opponent’s relative geographical region, so that is something.  You would think they can be patient to let these kids mature and welcome another top ten recruiting class next year.  Nope.  With UNC reloading and Duke being overblown, they have to capitalize NOW, since there is no way that CJ Leslie stays another year.

4)      Northwestern beats Baylor at THEIR crib.  Solid win for the smart kids, and I have NO idea why Baylor’s Pierre Jackson is jacking up a three with over 12 seconds left, down 4, with Northwestern missing a BUNCH of free throws leading up to that point.  Quick two, Pierre, and then quick foul.  Worse case, you can jack up that same three at the END of the clock.

5)      Dibs to UCONN basketball.  They played hard against NC State.  MUCH harder than would be expected for a team that can’t play in any postseason games.  Good stuff, guys.

6)      Dick Vitale announcing a game, once again, is the best…as long as it is not Duke playing.

7)      Rex Ryan says Mark Sanchez is his starting QB.  We will check back next week with you, Rex.  Or should we check in at halftime again after 3 more INT’s by Mark.  BRING ON GREG MCELROY…Oh, that is right.  You are overpaying Mark, so you have to start him.

8)      LeBron gets a triple-double, and the Heat still lose to the lowly Wizards.  If THAT is not some slacking from his other band wagon jumping teammates, I don’t know WHAT is.

9)      The San Francisco Giants keep Marco Scutaro.  Not only did they like his name, but they probably also identified about 5 times in the playoffs last year where he literally saved their butts.  They have done a good job at keeping the parts together from last year’s team.

10)   You think Robin Yount doesn’t want a managerial job?  While hunting, he accidentally shot Cubs Manager Dale Sveum.  Easy, Robin.  You need to do it the old fashioned way and earn it.

11)   There is OPTIMISM in the NHL talks?  No other information was given, so I will just assume they drank beers and whiskey at the meeting, and therefore became optimistic.

12)   Brian Urlacher might be out for the rest of the regular season for the Chicago Bears.  On a team where everyone (I am the president of that club) is watching to see if they tumble, losing your emotional defensive leader does not help at ALL.

13)   The New Orleans Hornets are changing their name to the Pelicans.  PLEASE tell me that post game coaches conferences will be called The Pelican Brief.  PLEASE. For you younger readers, Google it.  It is a Grisham novel made movie back in the 90’s with Julie Roberts (it is still watchable amazingly) and Denzel Washington.

14)   I should have the video of that tree climbing dog in my neighborhood I talked about a couple weeks ago within another day or two.  Be excited, and yes I will be posting that link like a madman.

15)   Finally Mike Gundy will stay as coach of Oklahoma State football.  Glad to here, and I think he would be off in leaving the recruiting that he has built up there.  Also, hey, MIKE!  I am forty, too, now.  I am ALSO a man.

16)   That is it.  Back to work.  Solid 20 minutes.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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