The Lottery Journal.

I am not doing a journal for the WHOLE draft, but am sitting here watching this certain pandemonium, and decided to write the lottery pick journal.

-Lottery starts.  I just fell off my couch.  Bennett goes #1 to Cleveland.  I have read about 20 mock drafts, and watched as much mock draft dialogue as possible for someone working 65 hours a week, and NO one outside of the UNLV campus thought he was going #1.  I thought the Len talk was smoke and mirrors.  I didn’t think it was smoke and mirrors for BENNETT.

-People, on TV and in draft rooms, are confused and running around looking for answers.  Kind of like Michael J Fox was in The American President when Michael Douglas stepped up on the mic and talked about Sidney as he should have.

-Yes, I just made a American Prez reference.  LOVE that movie.

-In case you care, Anthony Bennett is the highest drafted Canadian born player ever.  Of course, you can’t go higher than this so the record is safe, and odds are they make it two years in a row.  Andrew Wiggins is SICK.  You will know him next year.  Watch KU bball if curious.  And yes, boss, I know that the best HS players are not only LeBron and McGrady.  I AM 40, and even know guys like Bob Pettit.

-Oladipo goes #2 to Orlando.  Great pick, and I loved how he kept calling his new team a “program.”

-#3 Otto Porter.  DC/ Georgetown product.  No need to move.  That must be nice.  I am at the end of a move, I was not the #3 pick in the NBA draft, and it is a pain.

-I think Otto is the most NBA ready player in the draft, hands down.  Not POTENTIAL.  I am saying NOW, with a defined role.  Dude is the total swingman package.

-In case you care, the #2 and #3 picks were BOTH rated outside of the top 100 picks coming out of high school.  Keep on working hard, kids.

-I rolled off the couch again.  Sorry.  Zeller over NOEL?  I am not saying Zeller is not worthy, but you have  a #1 pick slide this far down?  There must be some knee information we don’t know about.  I just found this pick odd for Charlotte because they got screwed multiple times in the whole ping pong ball thing.  At least he is not Kwame Bown, MJ.

-Len over Noel to Phoenix?  The last pick was odd, not ridiculous.  This is CRAZY.  Nice Ukrainian flag IN your suit, Alex.

-Noel goes to N.O.  He will be teamed with Anthony Davis.  Ok, “block party” is a fun moniker, but this won’t work to win it all.  Noel should NOT Google places to go on Bourbon Street yet.

-Ben McLemore is STILL on the board.  AMAZING.

-Noel and his flat top make that new hat look HUGE.

-The Kings just made David Stern RUN up to the mic to select Ben McLemore.  RUN.  The only thing to worry about this pick is this.  Scouts are worried about his workouts and work ethic, and we are ALL worried about him being in the same locker room as DeMarcus Cousins.  We are worried about ANYONE being in the same locker room as Cousins.

-Hold on.  I am writing this AFTER the first 14 picks.  I just almost rolled off the couch again when Bill Simmons busted out the White Shadow reference when Boston drafted Nogueira at #16.

-Shane Battier interviewing people is odd.  Not used to a present player who just got done playing talking about future players.  He must be working on his microphone future President skills.

-We are all just waiting for the Noel trade, and amazingly it apparently involves Jrue Holiday.  That is ALSO odd.  He only is an All Star, and you are stepping into the Bynum knee gamble hell again with Noel, Philly.  Like the trade, I don’t like giving up Holiday.

-Pope goes to the Pistons.  Burke is STILL on the board.  Not a bad pick, and the kid can shoot if nothing else, but really?

-By the way, the next three best players on the board are all PG’s, and the next three teams don’t need a PG.

-Burke goes to Minnesota, meaning we have a trade coming.  Another one.  Rubio is their investment.

-Interesting enough, Burke was a HS teammate to Jared Sullinger.  OSU went with Aaron Craft.  How is THAT working for you OSU?

-McCollum goes to Portland, meaning they are going to have a very small lineup with Lillard, or he is TRADE BAIT.  Let the games begin.

-At this point, don’t look at what a team needs, measure WHO they are picking for in a trade scenario.

-This is the best draft ever…since last year…at least with this limited talent.  Crazy.

-Simmons just made me laugh out loud again.  He did a Matrix reference on a trade that was made in 2010.

-The Thunder take Steven Adams, who is personally MY favorite player in the draft.  A project, maybe they will trade Perkins, and the guy is a FREAK of nature athletically.

-It never gets old Stern getting booed.

-It also never gets old seeing Stern trying to pronounce foreign players’ names.  Doesn’t he prep at ALL?

-Dallas takes Kelly Olynyk.  Don’t apartment shop, bro.  You are going somewhere else.  They like foreign stash players or veterans.  It is rumored 5 seconds later that he is going to the Celtics.

– With the traded pick, the Wolves take Shabazz.  I have never been sold on his drive, and continue to not be sold.  That being said, he has mad skills, fits better in the lineup, and Burke will be happier in Utah…unless he is a big drinker.

-That is it.  I want to focus.  Hope you enjoyed the bonus blog.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

-Disclaimer.  Packed day tomorrow.  Look for an installment Friday night or Saturday.


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