The Fillermeister…the fillerrolla…the fillster…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  It is an evening rant, but I am over the days of destroying my weeknights ranting.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      I am to the point of STARTING with this link because it is so freaking funny.  NFL QB Facebook conversation-post Super Bowl.  Feel free to come back to my rant AFTER you read this.  Hilarious.

2)      Seriously, go read it.  Or at least tease yourself with reading the beginning of it.

3)      I laugh out loud every time Big Ben states the obvious on jokes.

4)      I am pretty much off the Michigan basketball team band wagon for the moment.  The only thing I was worried about with them when I was predicting a national championship was their youth.  Well, sure they will be closer to sophomores and juniors by the time the tourney rolls around, but I saw youth in their loss at Indiana.  Trey Burke might be the best player in the land, but he was launching premature 3’s before they needed them and looked totally out of control at Assembly Hall.  I LOVE Michigan’s talent, but how they reacted to being down in that environment didn’t impress me.

5)      Watching IU’s Yogi Ferrell so much reminds me of a young Isiah Thomas, complete with the #11 he wore.

6)      Adrian Peterson wins the MVP over Peyton Manning.  I concur, although not by much.  I said it here that they both had amazing seasons, but Peterson would take it.  If Minnesota doesn’t make the playoffs, I think the edge goes to Manning.  But, Minnesota did make the playoffs, meaning the rarely done 2000 yard season prevails.

7)      Lindsey went to the Avs game tonight at Pepsi Center.  I keep having to remind myself that the NHL is going on.  Whether I admit it or not, I think I AM subconsciously pissed about their greedy lockout because I DO like hockey.

8)      I am pretty happy about the NFL Hall of Fame inductees.  I think the voters did a good job.  Cris Carter, the best sideline receiver there has ever been, finally got in.  Ogden, Allen, good, good.  Although being a Steelers fan, I don’t think Bettis should be in…as least not right away.  Art Modell.  Who cares?  Warren Sapp was the only guy who got in that I am not sold on.  He was solid for a few years, but faded away too fast in my estimation to be able to claim the consistency of a HOF’er.

9)      Phil Mickelson wins the Phoenix Open wire to wire.  Tiger wins.  Phil wins.  Screw all of these new faces on the tour.  I want them going head to head at a Major.  Is it April yet?

10)   Check that.  No skipping March.  By the way, did anyone else notice that Brant Snedeker was once again in the top 5 of an event.  That guy has quietly become one of the most consistent golfers on the tour.

11)   Copy and paste.  Mark Cuban is fined for remarks about refs.  Dude, why don’t you just get a better team that doesn’t have to rely on calls?

12)   RGIII is named Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Have we ever had a year that any of three guys could have won it and who were so far above everyone else in their draft class?  Griffin, Luck, Wilson.  Nice batch to pick from.

13)   I am not totally sold on Florida basketball yet being THAT good, but what leg do I have to stand on?  They are pummeling people these days.

14)   Notice Gonzaga has quietly moved up to #6.  I like that squad a LOT.

15)   It is really a shame that during the revisiting of Tim Duncan’s greatness season, he hurts his knee.  All basketball fans, not just San Antonio fans, hope it is not serious.

16)   OK.  I suppose people in Oklahoma City are hoping he doesn’t come back quickly.

17)   Colts interim coach Bruce Arians wins COY.  Wow, what a great story that Indy team was this season, with no where left to go but UP.

18)   I watched Frankenweenie on Saturday night with Lindsey and her roommates.  I have decided that although I LOVE cartoon features more than most guys, that two back to back is a little much.  I think I need Bourne or Expendables or something the night after Hotel Transylvania.

19)   Charlotte loses Michael Kidd Gilchrist to a concussion.  If there is ONE guy in that rookie class I don’t want injuries derailing, it is him.  I hope the man above at least lets him reach his potential before having any injuries come into play.  Dude can BALL.

20)   There was a record crowd at the Phoenix Open over the weekend.  I think I need to go watch an event in Arizona, because outside of the Bethpage US Open years back, the people in Arizona seem to be having the most fun watching golf.

21)   I was going to pick my favorite ones to highlight and make comments on, but I have that full time job thing going.  These are funny, and just read them all.

22)   As advanced as Google gets, I have noticed I have “stumped” it a lot more over the last few weeks.  It just sits there and stares at me.

23)   Roger Goodell has said he would have no problem letting his son play football.  Note that this statement is probably easier since he only has daughters in his family.

24)   The Cavs upset the Thunder the other night.  The Cavs might not be good record wise, but NO one wants any part of Kyree Irving on ANY night.

25)   In Seinfeld, the show is genius for how much thought goes into everything.  That being said, there are a lot of inaccuracies.  The one I think which bothers me the most is the following.  Kramer says in The Barber episode he only takes baths, but then in later years, there are two episodes about showering and nozzle pressure.  Apparently, he did a 180, or a 360 if you let Costanza talk about it.

26)   I can still almost always nail which Seinfeld year it is just by looking at Elaine’s hairdo.

27)   Lindsey Vonn will have security guards at the next skiing event.  I guess this means Tiger Woods DOES like her.

28)   Happy trails to ex- MLB pitcher Brandon Webb, who retired today due to a failed comeback with a previously hurt shoulder.  Webb is only 33, and was one of the most consistent pitchers in the game for a couple years.  He got a Cy Young along the way.  Shame he has to ride off into the sunset in this way.

29)   Thoughts and prayers to the family of the Fullerton basketball coach who was shot in her car yesterday.  They shot her fiancée also.  No robbery.  No motive.  Eerie, and very sad.

30)   Anyone else notice that the Celtics are 4-0 WITHOUT Rondo?  Not saying Rondo is not an incredible PG, but I bet it DOES create some advantages when you are starting a PG who has to be guarded on the outside also because he can shoot.

31)   The Jets are still hoping to trade Tim Tebow.  And we are still hoping this story somehow just vanishes and we never hear anything on the matter again.

32)   This whole Kevin Garnett to the Clippers thing is kind of cool.  Some kind of combination of Jordan, Bledsoe, and Butler are being discussed.  If they pull that off, it would be AMAZING.  Here is my thought on this.  If Ray Allen was outed when he left for Miami, and since Kevin Garnett has a no trade clause, but SINCE Rondo is done for the year, will KG be a bad guy for getting the hell out of dodge?

33)   Super Bowl.  I had the right team and relatively the correct score.  I had 30-23.  Anyway, it was a great game with a little bit of everything, and well worth it for viewers watching teams they didn’t expect to be there to be there.  Anyway, you can read breakdowns on the game from any site with full time employed people who get paid to see the game.  Here are some of my random thoughts:

-I found it interesting that ex- Raven Shannon Sharpe went with the Niners before the game.

-Bill Cowher and I agree on games a LOT.

-I though Alicia Keys did one of the better SS Anthems I have seen in years.

-By the way, Alicia also plays a Yamaha.  I remember growing up playing and never wanting a Steinway and always wanting the Yamaha.

-Once again, we had a southern accent ref.  For next year’s northern SB, can we get a guy from New York or Jersey?

-It pains me to see Boldin’s stats in the playoffs when he ruined both fantasy teams.

-The weird ugly guy making out with the hot chick in the commercial was awkward.

-That back foot throw Flacco had with 3:40 left in the first quarter was badass.

-Early, the Ravens getting 2nd and shorts was big.

-Both QB’s looked sharp throughout the game even though it was one sided early.

-The blackout was one of the oddest things I ever remember in a Super Bowl.

-It HAS to be hard playing against your brother in that game.

-Early, I wish I hadn’t retired from betting.  By the 4th quarter, I remembered that I would have been having a heart attack, and focusing on the score instead of the quality of the game.

-I don’t like Phil Simms announcing games.  I wish Hubie Brown did football.

-I LOVED the Deion Sanders-Leon Sandcastle commercial.  It reminded me of the old Jordan commercial while he was playing baseball when they had “sightings” of him on city courts.

-The wheels of the bus commercial SO made me think of Seinfeld and The Contest episode.

-I had all of these play by play comments written down, but like I said, go to a professional site to read those things.  I work 65 hours a week.

-That safety on purpose sure screwed up some football pools.

-I LOVED Arthur Jones kissing his bicep like Kaepernick after a sack.

-I saw a Blackberry commercial.  They still have money?

-During the blackout, did Vegas scramble to have a how long it lasts bet?

-The Niners yawning during that blackout wasn’t a good sign.

-That was one LONG Dodge commercial.

-Lindsey probably didn’t appreciate me showing her Lynn Swann highlights during the game.

-Was there any doubt there would be a Gangham Style commercial?  I thought it was pretty good.

-I liked the Bud Light lucky chair commercial.

-Simms “I don’t think it was the power outage, it is the Niners.”  Thanks, Phil.

34)  Finally, I have to admit something funny.  After a few drinks during the game, I mistakenly said to Lindsey “that is what the Fillermeister would say.”  Whoops, but I DID have to show her there DID exist a “meister.”

35)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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