The Conversion: Take One

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Let’s turn and burn.

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NBA Playoff statements.  The Heat won their ninth straight in commanding fashion at Chicago.  I flipped over to catch some quality early 2nd half basketball to just find one team literally bullying another team.  LeBron has made 89 of his last 130 shots, a cool, ridiculous 68% from the floor.  Meanwhile, in the Western Conference, Tony Parker threw HIS two cents into any MVP conversation.  Right now, LeBron has it locked up right now, but considering how often the Spurs’ other stars sit, Parker is the driving force on that team.  Not only did they demolish the thought to be contenders Clippers, but he made Chris Paul look confused while posting a 12-16, 31 point line.  Jeers to the Chicago fans, who pretended they were Philly fans and cheered when LeBron came up limping once.


Tiger must have planned it to avoid the press.  He split up the uproar this way.  Tiger and Rory both go down in the first round within minutes of each other in match play this week.  Rory lost to a no one, but Tiger lost to Charles Howell III (what a great golf name).  Howell can prize this win to overcome his sadness of his ridiculously wasted potential over the years.  The last time they faced each other in match play?  1996 Amateur.


Cincy and UCONN.  They went to OT, where it was the Shabazz Napier show.  He scored 11 points, including 3 NBA range 3’s.  It got me thinking.  Watching the Big East is kind of sad these days, knowing a lot of “usual” matchups are going away, along with maybe the whole Catholic faction a year later.  The sadness from losing classics like Syracuse-Georgetown is only replaced by happiness of the Carrier Dome rocking for a Duke-Syracuse game when they are in the ACC next year.  As far as Shabazz goes, him and Ryan Boatright should both stay in school.  Otherwise, they would have honorably played an entire year without a postseason chance and be drafted maybe in the 2nd round of the draft.


Stephen Colbert had Alexi Lalas on an episode.  All you need to know before you watch it is Lalas is arguably one of the top ten US soccer players ever (which doesn’t say that much).  Colbert hates soccer.  If you are in a rush, then just watch the second video shown.


Josh Smith and Dwight Howard go nowhere for the NBA trade deadline.  Boring, but also a sign we need a hard cap in basketball.  No one wants to risk much.  And poor JJ Reddick.  Dude was excited about possibly being the new sniper for a contending team.  What happens?  He ends up the sharpshooter for the Milwaukee Bucks, which basically is lining up for a first round whipping by the Miami Heat.


Ex-Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine landed a new gig.  SACRED HEART.  The good news is that the commute is short.  The bad news is that he used to be the skipper for the Boston Red Sox.


(Hey, this category actually lines up well)  Check out THIS crazy cheerleader/ hoops throw.


Robert Guerrero is the opponent for Floyd Mayweather in May.  Robert Guerrero is a talkative boxer.  Robert Guerrero says he sees flaws in Floyd’s game and that he is “ripe for the picking.”  Robert, I will say this.  It seems to me that Floyd has been “ripe for the picking” about 43 times out of 43 times.  He may be a jackass, Robert, but dude can sure as hell box.


Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri says the Nuggets are not contenders this year and that they are still growing.  Dude, it is ok if you think that is realistic, but there are WAYS to say you are “growing” without saying you are going through the motions this year.  Maybe you know it.  Maybe the coaches know it.  But, the players sure as hell better not think that way, and the fans don’t WANT to hear it.  So, say you are growing, say you are hopeful for fast maturity, and know that not too many teams want any part of the Nuggets in their crib right now.


Tim Tebow bowed out of speaking at the controversial church he had signed up for.  I am sure the end result will be better for him, but I hope he sees how bad it looked in the first place, and by backing out, it merely makes us wonder what the hell you were going to say on that mic.


Even when the Rant Squad is quiet at home sleeping, their Rant Squad genes are still churning.  World Peace can still consciously or subconsciously be in a situation.  Check it out.  And don’t ask me WHY World Peace has a movie company.

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Tomorrow is free form.  Peace.

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