That looks like a dog with a glove on his head.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Old format.  Brief evening rant watching basketball.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       I am sitting here watching the Bulls-Heat game.  Hinrich.  Out.  Rose.  Still out.  Deng.  Out.  I know that Villanova beat Georgetown in 1985 and I watched the game as a teenager with eyes wide open, and I AM rooting for them, and their style IS playoff style, but it still doesn’t compute how they win this seven game series with the manpower they have.

2)      Every time I start to get depressed about the Phillies being under .500, I think about how Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Angels fans feel.  They at least should be ashamed FULLY because of the talent they have.  Us Phillies fans are just wearing 5 year old shirts and hoping things come full circle.  It would be NICE if we could take advantage of playing Miami a lot this year. We haven’t thus far.

3)      Maybe she was just looking for nice flowers for her awning covered deck.

4)      This is HILARIOUS.  Check out the highest paid college employees state by state.  They pretty much match up with the sports expectations of that particular state.

5)      Both of the last two hooks were Deadspin material.  Seriously, if you just KIND of like sports but can’t keep up with the daily activities, check the site out.  It just picks the odd/ weird/ crazy ones.

6)      I hope this Kobe vs. Mom story has an ending pretty soon.  It is blocking big stories on the wire like Brett Favre comebacks back in the day.

7)      I would like to say thanks to the NBA schedulers for waiting to start the Friday night games until AFTER the 5-6pm Seinfeld rerun timeframe.  We work well together.

8)      Guess who is getting pub after Steph Curry’s activities against the Spurs over the last few games?  There is ONE guy who held Curry scoreless through college and pro ball.  His name is Jimmy Patsos.  He coached Loyola MD.  Never mind that he lost the game 78-48 against Davidson.  He was so fed up with Curry’s shooting on tape that he LITERALLY had him double or triple teamed even WITHOUT the ball…the WHOLE game.  Curry went scoreless though.  Good job.

9)      Jeers to two groups.  Jeers to the NBA schedulers for saying you are having 40 games in 40 nights and then totally SKIPPING last night for games.  I watched hockey…and EVERY game on was a blowout.  Ugghhh.

10)   The Pens made some HUGE adjustments in the second period to go up 3-0 after a scoreless 1st.  Keep in mind they are doing this with their BACKUP goalie.  Crosby or not, this team is LOADED.

11)   Lindsey should be glad the Flyers aren’t in the playoffs.  Her tolerance to basketball is ok since she goes to Europe soon.  If we threw my religious playoff hockey watching of the Flyers every year, the worlds might have collided.

12)   Amare Stoudemire will play Game 3 in their series.  This SEEMS like a good idea since he helps them negate the inside height advantage of the Pacers.  That being said, will he break up the chemistry that occurred in Game 2?  I think there is no point here.  It makes sense to play him, and I think the Pacers win either way.  Better team both ways.  Period.  Pacers in six.  BOOK it.

13)   It is almost official, meaning that I am ALMOST excited.  Money has announced he will fight Saul Alvarez in his next fight this year.  Alvarez pretty much has the same record as Mayweather, but SOMEHOW he is 42-0 at age TWENTY TWO.  Did he start fighting at puberty, AND was an early bloomer?

14)   After the blowout hockey games last night, we caught the end of Fever Pitch, which I hadn’t watched in a while.  Lindsey kept looking at me funny as I was entranced by the film and his love of his team.  I comforted her by explaining the Steelers don’t play 162 games. We get along so well because the Sooner football team ALSO doesn’t play 162 games.

15)   Thanks to MLB for announcing they messed up the call in the A’s-Indians game.  Not that it helps anything by coming clean.  Not that they replay part of it.  Not that it actually DOES anything.  Thanks for opening up though.

16)   The Houston Astros made an illegal pitching swap the other night in the middle of the inning.  The ump was penalized.  I say ALL of this is wrong, and the Cleveland Spiders from 1899 are the only people who care about this topic.  They own the worse record in MLB history, and know the Marlins and Astros could be their saviors at some point in the next couple years.

17)   WOW.  All KINDS of pushing going on in this game.  Nazr Mohammed pushed LeBron like TEN feet on the floor just now.  Mohammed is not a key if the Bulls win, but getting ejected is not the answer….yup.  just ejected.  Crazy sequence.  The Bulls might end up after ejections and injuries with Gene Hackman’s FOUR person lineup.  They need warm bodies.  That is funny as LeBron just came out and said that the Heat have to “adjust” to the physical series.

18)   Rutgers is on a ROLL.  Rice gets fired after all of his nonsense, and now what?  Eddie Jordan takes the job as an alumni, and now we find out he never graduated.  I think Rutgers is just trying to get press.  Mission accomplished.  Thanks for making my home state of Jersey create even MORE jokes than I have heard the last 40 years.

19)   Tiger Woods had a great round today at the Players.  That is great.  Just get me to the next Major.  This is golf foreplay.

20)   Catch the Reggie Miller 30 for 30 if you have time.  It is pretty tight.  It goes over the Spike Lee talk smack series, and him scoring 8 points in 12 seconds and some change.  Dr’ J’s special will be BETTER, but both I am sure are worth seeing for you.

21)   The NCAA didn’t reduce the 35 second clock for basketball.  Downer.  Make it 30, guys.  They DID increase replay.  Fantastic.  I love refs being right, but longer games aren’t going to recruit more junkies like me.

22)   On one day, David Ortiz was “hurt” for his PED allegations.  Now, he is claiming discrimination against Dominican players.  Come on, David.  I was WITH you on the first reaction.  I can’t support the second.  You are LUCKY to be in the select group who DID make it through the roid ere so far without being suspected.  I hope you get to hang out and have beers with Ken Griffey rather than Sammy Sosa.

23)   I admit it.  I had to look up the guy’s first name when I read the headline “Castro gets record 63 at Players.”  I am honest, come clean when I need to, and nice job, Roberto.

24)   Dan Snyder says he will never change the Redskins name.  Fine.  Redskins fans are just praying that he will ALSO never overpay past their prime stars like he did in the early 2000’s.

25)   Speaking of the Redskins, I read the ESPN Mag article on RGIII.  INCREDIBLE.  It is a “fan” writing a letter to Obama about Griffin.  It was a long article, but I enjoyed every second of it, and gained a lot more respect for RGIII than I already had.

26)   I recommend never changing passwords with more than 6 drinks in you.  In these days of needing a “character, number, and capital letter,” it just doesn’t pan out well.

27)   People, I very much appreciate you reading my blog, but click on the links occasionally.  I promise.  I am not giving you links that will make your computer pop up heaven.  They are sports or news sites, not porn.  They have a point.

28)   This is HILARIOUS also.  Maxim, a men’s magazine just ranked the hottest 100 ladies in the world.  Manti Te’o’s FAKE girlfriend came in at 69…WITH a picture.


29)   I sleep VERY deeply.  I have a wind tunnel in my room to be honest.  I make sure when I travel that the hotel room has a working fan/ white noise.  Evidently, there were shots fired outside my window two nights ago, complete with cops running up and down the stairs.  I am the apartment closest to the entrance AND to the street.  I heard nothing.  As long as you did it within the six hours I sleep at night, you could literally take your time, have some beers, and drop stuff while robbing me.

30)   Tim Tebow spoke in front of 3000 kids at Lake Michigan College this week.  What did he say?  Do the right thing, don’t ever sleep with chicks, work hard at you craft, win the Heisman, and STILL end up unemployed?

31)   I LOVE Charles Barkley.  He came out and said he played with gay players, and this whole Jason Collins thing was NO big deal.  Word to that, Charles.  I ALSO love that he hates Skip Bayless, as I do.

32)   Finally, being that I am a non Bronco fan living in Denver, I have to mention this Von Miller story.  I LOVE eggs as you all know, but this is taking it to a whole NEW level.  A tattoo of a chicken?

Weird.  I just realized that I wrote that hook within two hours of watching the Little Jerry Seinfeld episode.  Nice.

33)   Impressed.  Tie score getting close to the end of the first half with the Heat and Bulls.  It was close last night too at this point.  Hope it doesn’t turn into an ass kicking in the second half like last time.  Who cares?  We have the Spurs-Warriors coming up and the Steph Curry show.  I will be watching.

34)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN (.302, 10, 21, .383) question, bro.  Peace.

35)   EDITOR’S NOTE:  The monster, random blog will be split up between tomorrow and Sunday.  I fly to DC Sunday morning.  I have a 3 hour flight to rant.  Until next time.

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