Taking the day off since I have my monster 3 hour airplane rant tomorrow…I will have PLENTY to say.

My odd breakdown of the fight which you can’t read on ESPN will be tomorrow.   Good watching the fight with you, Joel, Megan, and Jason.  Welcome.  Read the Friday or Saturday one if you want a taste of what this thing is.  Also, I keep to the same rules of Jim Rome.  Decide after 2 weeks when you actually get some of the jokes before you make a decision on it. People, go watch some NFL football, say some prayers for the Steelers to really look like an NFL football team, and watch the second to last Dexter.  I will be doing all of those things tonight before I venture to the Inner Harbor tomorrow at 5am for work.  I have a couple orders for a red pen, and a couple orders for black on their Fillerbuster pen.  I have decided to just order the multi-colored optioned ones.  It covers everyone, and makes everyone look silly.

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