Take and extra day or two. It is relaxing.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I think Roger Federer has beaten science, is having his wife have twins on purpose, thereby truly motivating each set to be the best.  He now has TWO different PAIRS to follow in his footsteps, and he has both males and females covered.

1a)  All of my money is on whatever Andre and Steffi create though.

2)      You can go on professional sports sites where they have all day to mull over and write about things.  They have time and get paid for it.  I will keep it short.  Perhaps Donald Sterling SHOULDN’T have had that interview, DEFINITELY should not have talked as much, DEFINITELY not bashed Magic Johnson, and really just gets crazier sounding every time he opens his mouth.

3)      The Pacers have now won 5 of six, talk about them fading away has subsided, and the movement that was the Wizards is just about over.  The Wizards will be good next year though.

4)      I would not suggest eating the amount of cheese I ate on Sunday on my couch.

5)      I am less concerned about whether the mentality of the Thunder is hurt from the Clippers comeback than I am that the Clippers might have figured out something that OKC better adjust to QUICKLY.  Paul defending him and them playing a true TEAM brand of defense might change this series.

5a)  That OKC offense is just ugly.

6)      Reds P Aroldis Chapman clearly stated he is back from a scary injury by throwing 102 MPH in his first game back.  Side note.  Check out the ESPN Mag article on the adventure of him and Puig getting to the U.S.  Really interesting stuff, and I suddenly don’t think Puig is THAT weird anymore.

7)      Ok.  I still think he is a little off, but a long boat ride in the Bay of Pigs with rebel gunmen can’t help anyone.

8)      Paul Pierce now is now a defender on the list three times of LeBron’s greatest playoff scoring games thanks to last night.  We know you don’t “fear” the Heat, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean you can stop them either.

lbjCapture pierce-Capture

9)      All in all, I am happy with the Steelers draft, though this is like the 15th year in a row I don’t get to get excited for an exciting, shutdown corner.

10)   I don’t recommend changing passwords in anything when you have a buzz going.

11)   Usual Suspects is just such a FANTASTIC movie in all respects.

12)   One long par putt, and Martin Kaymer kind of backs into the TPC win.  Nice win on the semi-Major.  Now, let’s get tot the fun stuff.  U.S. Open, here we come.

13)   Suddenly, hockey has all of the excitement as the two sports split nights throughout these months.  Rangers-Pens Game 7 tonight, and Bruins-Habs Game 7 tomorrow.  Good times for all four teams, although what happens inside the team facility if the Pens lose might be a tab or two above what happens in the other team’s facilities if THEY lose.  That core should have more than one Cup at this point.

14)     So, another day goes by, and it is another day of Marshall Henderson outsmarting us.  Dammit.  What appears to be hateful comment was just a social experiment/ study for his friend.  You are so smart and silly, Marshall.  I admit it.  I fell for it.  After about 15 OTHER things you have done stupidly in the last couple years and all of us pretty much KNOWING you are an idiot, little did I know this heist was up your sleeve still.

14a)  He truly does live in a bubble.

15)   Johnny Manziel has the #1 selling jersey in the NFL.  I feel like this is a nationwide Tim Tebow mania Take II.  Part of me wants him to go away, and the other part wants Pittsburgh to knock his block off in Game 1.

16)   I am aware I have said hook #15 in various ways several times.  I really am starting to hate Johnny, he is now in the division, and need to keep voicing it.

17)   You kids all aren’t beating the system.  Tell your friends.  36 of the 98 underclassmen who declared went undrafted.

18)   Vince Young has been released by the Browns.  So, now the question comes to mind if he will end up being released by more teams in his career than his Wonderlic score.  I am rooting for you.  Go try out for a few others.  Your score wasn’t THAT high.

19)   By the way, not lashing out or anything, but if the Browns are releasing you from ANY QB spot on the roster, it is not a good thing.

20)   Continuing in Cleveland, the Cavs have fired Mike Brown…again.  What gives on THIS one?  You knew who he was with the first stint, he is the same guy, you have a crappy team, and one year is too short of a chance whether it is his second go around or not.  You guys are all backwards up there right now.

21)   Sticking with Cleveland for another hook.  I am very happy for them for securing CB Joe Haden for years to come to create a book end for newly drafted Justin Gilbert, but did he really ASK for money better than Richard Sherman?  Why did you all pay him that much?  No sense.

22)   And NOW, Patrick Peterson sees THAT paycheck and wants his OWN pay.  Sherman might go from the highest paid to the third highest paid in a week.

23)   The Blazers snuck in a win.  Makes sense.  Too talented not to have SOMETHING come together for a game.  Now they go back to San Antonio.  I would pack an additional suitcase with Riverwalk stuff, Portland.  Might as well go enjoy the Alamo after the game.

24)   That whole Rutgers-Minnesota assault case is just scary.

25)   Hello, Stan Van Gundy.  Go to sunny California where the talent is.  Yes, having full control is very nice, but who wants to go to Detroit when more wins are in the nicer weather?  I am lining up for that Warriors job if I am in the coaching inner circle.

26)   Poor Miami.  The Marlins are excelling better than expectations by far, and their ace goes down for the year.  Jose Fernandez is a freaking stud.  Speedy healing, kid.

27)   I don’t care if the MLB used stolen records to advance A-Rod case, do YOU?

28)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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