Strap, God wants you on the floor.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Kind of on the clock.  I just finished a two hour project for work and would like to actually go out and enjoy my weekend day…

Let’s turn and burn.  Two days off from ranting…lots to say…

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  1.  Chicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland retweeted a tweet calling for the death of commissioner Gary Bettman.  Smooth, Dave.  Some people should be on Twitter.  Some shouldn’t.  I am not even sure if I should be on Twitter, but I know I step outside of the box and think for a few seconds before sending anything into the public sector.
  2. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni doesn’t play Pau Gasol for the entire 4th quarter the other night.  Hey, Mike.  You might think that Antawn Jamison gives you a better chance to win a game.  You would be wrong, unless you somehow hopped in the DeLorean and went back ten years.
  3. Speaking of early 2000’s basketball stars, former NBA player Michael Finley would like to come back and play, saying his high 30’s legs still have some pop in them.  Michael, stay retired, let us remember you for what you were, and just take that high level Mavs job Mark Cuban was offering you.
  4. Lions O-lineman Jeff Backus was inactive the other day because of hamstring problems.  It was the first game he has missed in his entire 12 year career.  That is pretty impressive to me for ANYONE playing in the trenches, where chop blocks happen here and there and things are ugly.  Good stuff, and get better, Jeff.
  5. I don’t know much about the soccer club Tottenham.  And, I don’t much either about “weapon wielding mobs,” but I am assuming that both existing at the same time can NOT be good.
  6. And the hits keep on coming… Lance Armstrong had his honorary degree rescinded this week.  So, basically, he got taken away something he didn’t really earn in the first place.  That sounds like the story of his life over the last few years.
  7. In a survey of people voting on who their preferred Thanksgiving guest would be, Tim Tebow barely eeked out a win over President Obama.  These are not very imaginative or fun people in my opinion.  Give me Charles Barkley, Dr. Dre, David Coverdale, or SOMEONE more fun and less genuine.  Oohh.  Since Thanksgiving IS football, give me Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Chuck Noll.
  8. Yes, Mr. Suh.  You DID kick Matt Schaub in the junk on purpose and there is no way you can spin it, especially considering your history of dirty plays.
  9. How they didn’t challenge Houston’s Forsett knee being down on a key play in a close game is beyond me.
  10.   The Lions went for a long TD pass on 3rd down and 10 at the 45 yard line.  Forget me arguing about giving kickers those chances at long field goals, especially in a dome.  Let’s talk about perhaps getting the first down and getting your kicker closer for a kick you WILL let him try?
  11.   Lindsey’s dad started playing the game  until we arrived at the house and used that fancy TIVO thing to skip over commercials.  I was slightly freaked out, about no commercials AND the technology in general.  I like commercials and am scared of TIVO.  Commercials allow me to get a drink, go to the bathroom, get some snacks, make a phone call. and other normal things.
  12.   I have owned 4 hats over the last 20 years (yes, do the math).  Only one has successfully made it to retirement unfortunately.  Well, another one bites the dust.  The problem about having a birthday celebration with a “birthday hat” and drinks is that it ALSO means I need to put my normal hat somewhere.  I already have a replacement due to my mom sending me like 15 possibilities the last time I lost my hat (in the Atlantic Ocean-it REALLY wanted to go jet skiing with me).  New hat on my head, and I feel like Gene Hackman in Hoosiers saying “the boys and I are getting to know each other, to see who we are…and what we can be.”  The same goes with me and the new hat.
  13.   I am watching the UVA-Virginia Tech game.  I am hoping the Cavs can stop our rivals from being bowl eligible (that is ALL that is going on in this game), but at this point I have to say that no one appears to want to win this game.
  14.   Since this is the last day of college football before conference championship games, you should probably watch this video if you didn’t catch it the last time I posted it.
  15.   It has been a really, really long time since the Lions have won on THEIR Thanksgiving Day game.  I guess we can say that at least they put up a good fight the other day at least.
  16.   Anyone notice how tan all of the Cowboys players seem to be?  Do they practice during the season, or just kind of hit the pools and wing it?
  17.   Skins WR Pierre Garcon had a really LONG football spin on Thursday.  That thing just kept going and going.  THAT is what you were doing during your injury rehab…
  18.   Thanks to Lindsey to giving me my first surprise birthday celebration I have ever had.  I pretty much played into everyone’s hands and followed the script without providing any obstacles, but surprised I absolutely was.
  19.   I still really, really like the term “unanswered points,” as long as it is used with the number of points being MORE than 14 total.  So, using my theory, the Redskins DID score points with no answer for them.
  20.   UVA had two timeouts, and let VA Tech run the clock down in the red zone with time left under a minute, saving one of their time outs to try and ice the kicker.  It just doesn’t make sense at ALL, Mike London.  We are supposed to be known as a relatively SMART school.  Don’t make us look bad.
  21.   Davidson basketball caused a stir a couple years ago with Del Curry’s kid and a win against Wisconsin to go to the Elite 8.  They don’t have Curry anymore, but they can still play.  They took down Big 6 schools Vandy and West Virginia in consecutive games.  Watch these guys.
  22.   Maybe RGIII DOES think that the NFL is a video game.  That is at least what it LOOKS like.  Four TD’s on Turkey Day.  Congrats, early version of Steve Young possibly.
  23.   Morehead State coach Sean Woods was suspended a game for bumping his player during a game.  The punishment is legit, deserved, and he has apologized.  Let’s not read too much into this.  He is a young coach, loves his kids, and has his jersey hung in UK’s rafters.  It was simply a mistake and I guarantee it will be a very tiny asterisk when he is done coaching.  Let’s move on.
  24.   There are good cheaters and bad cheaters.  Being that Auburn is 3-8 going into the Bama game AND being investigated by the NCAA for recruiting violations means that they are BAD cheaters.
  25.   If you are old enough to enjoy Police’s Synchronicity and that kind of groove, then you will LOVE this new song Lindsey has made me aware of.  This song is incredible.  Bruno Mars, people.  I am now a fan…for at least ONE of his tunes.
  26.   Sorry you can’t comment on the blog anymore.  Too many robot comments were going to my email.  I had 525 new messages in one day over Thanksgiving Day.  That is too much for me to sort through.
  27.   Skip Bayless is an idiot.  I am sorry.  He might be on TV doing what I wish I was doing, but his comments are ridiculous.  I wish Stephen A Smith would pull a Jim Rome/ Jim Everett on that ESPN show.  Do it, Stephen.  Take the guy out.
  28.   The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the NHL talks are going nowhere.  Just call it, people.  I am tired of reading about LACK of progress.  Just remember that Chris Pronger is not getting younger.
  29.   I have Bama/ Auburn on TV while writing this.  I think they need to bring back that old folks home commercial, where one old Bama guy doesn’t help up the other old guy.  Classic.
  30.   I have no idea why the spacing in this rant just did that.  Confused.
  31.   A nine year old Utah girl is on the Wheaties Box.  She plays football.  Great.  Good for her in beating up those young boys.  That being said…the cover of a Wheaties Box?  Can anyone else say slippery slope?
  32.   McGahee has been put on the IR and is projected to be able to make it back for the AFC Championship game if they make it.  That could happen, and James Harrison will be happy to tackle him in his first start back from injury.
  33.   You know you are a basketball player when ANY container becomes a hoop for ANY object.  I am watching a neighbor’s cat.  And yes, when I go to throw away his #2 plastic bag, I make it a game with my apartment complex’s trash container in the parking lot.  I was SO close yesterday.
  34.   I forget whether I already wrote about this, but Lindsey got me the sideline knit hat for the Steelers.  She was going to wait to give it to me until closer to my birthday, but the immediate depression from losing my regular Steelers hat was a little over the top I guess.
  35.   Thoughts and prayers to Hector Camacho’s family.  He was brain dead and the plug has been pulled.  I only know him for his masterful skills in the ring, but he will be missed by all.
  36.   Big Ben welcomes Little Ben into the world.  The kid has already spoken I hear.  Little Ben came out of the womb and asked where the closest college bar was.
  37.   I thought we had advancements in medicine.  If you people would have just TOLD Lindsey and I that DeMarco Murray would be of no use for the entire season, we would have found someone else.  We are also getting tired of seeing “Q” next to Felix Jones’ name.
  38.   Please make the QB controversy in San Fran go away.  Kaepernick had a great game, doing the job he is supposed to do.  Let’s not forget that Smith got you a game away from the end game.
  39.   Kevin Love is back for the Timberwolves.  Once they get healthy, I am TELLING you they are the forgotten danger in the West.
  40.   I HEAR you, Jim Boeheim.  All of these conference realignments suck.  Sometimes I get why they are leaving, but more often than not, I don’t.  Plus, it is really jacking up me being able to name all teams in all conferences.
  41.   I finally won something.  I never win prizes if they are chosen at random, like from a hat of something.  We will forget that there were 6 other people in the bar.  We will forget that not one of the others was drinking the promo beer, Miller Lite.  Thus, we will also forget that my name was the only name in the hat.  I won two club level Nuggets tickets WITH $40 club cash.  We had a great time.  The Nuggets won, and I don’t remember ever being at a game where 0.3 seconds of the first half was actually played in the second half.  Weird.
  42.   He is one of the best mascots in professional sports, and he shoots blind back to the basket halfcourt shots at every game.  Rocky from the Nuggets.  They didn’t know how to kill the remainder of the timeout, since he made it on the first try.  Crazy.
  43.   John L Smith will not return to Arkansas.  Since hearing about his debt problems echoes a little with me, and I am NOT a coach for a Big 6 school, I think it is probably a good idea that he not coach anymore.
  44.   That is it.  I have to go catch the second half of the OU game with Lindsey.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  I hope you enjoyed.  Peace.
  45.   That is just my tagline.  Tomorrow is my 40th birthday, and more importantly the Steelers play at 11am, and I will be at destination unknown  for the day, so I will talk with you Monday.
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