Somehow… (sung) I am in a Stillwater State of Mind……yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhyeeeah….

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening speed rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I want to right off the bat thank you for your readership.  Today’s stats were not linked to a picture that accidentally triggered hundreds of hits.  No, today’s was just solid.  Thanks again.  Let’s get going on this brief rant.

2)      I mean that tonight.  No long list next to me.  My buddy Cerk will be joining the Kyle-Filler reunion Friday night.  Karaoke.  Cerk, who is not a person who seeks that out, tells me he will be doing Cake.  Good lineup.  Informer, Gloria Gaynor, Guns and Roses, and Cake.

3)      I am watching Falcons-Saints.  Matt Ryan sure says “Stillwater” a lot when barking out the count.

4)      The DNA was a match for Jameis Squinston.  Bad news, but let’s not jump to any conclusions yet.  It means that they had relations, not that he necessarily assaulted her.  What do I think?  I got a bad feeling about this.  How do I think it will pan out?  Something like Big Ben’s thing.  We will all pretty much know it happened for the rest of our days, but the evidence won’t be enough to put him away, ESPECIALLY this late in the game. Shame she didn’t stay in the game initially.  One way or the other, it is an asterisk next to Squinston’s name.

5)      I like the theme song to the new NFL Xbox commercial.

6)      A-Rod exploded, and then said that Selig hates his guts.  He is not far off.  We can use a classic Wonderlic question to explain this.  Every person in the world hates A-Rod.  Bud Selig is a person in the world.  Bud Selig hates A-Rod.  Is the last statement A) Absolutely correct B) Somewhat correct C) Incorrect D) Not determined?

7)      Don’t know the Wonderlic questions?  Take it.  It is irritating and fun at the same time.  You would almost CERTAINLY beat Vince Young’s SIX, right.  I believe I posted a 36.  I am ok with that.  You find out there is just not enough time unless you are Ryan Fitzpatrick.

8)      After the Mavs CRAZY comeback win last night, I LOVED the fact that a guy I thought was kind of a punk (Monta Ellis) gave Dirk mad props in a very humble manner in the postgame interview.  I am impressed.

9)      If you are wondering how Prince Fielder will go after the big trade yesterday, just know the stands are much closer to home plate now for home runs.

10)   Geez, Logan.  First of all, the Incognito-Redick comparison was FAR from the dumbest thing I have written in this thing.  I have written MUCH dumber things.  Sure, I had some pops, but I had a point, you Duke homer.  They will BOTH always have JOBS.  One is really big, and the other is really a good shooter.  It wasn’t a personality or brain comparison.  Sensitive.

11)   Logan is the man.  Follow him on Twitter.  He is hilarious.  @Logesmadoges

12)   I can’t figure out what I am more curious about.  Is the McNabb bullying story actually real and I have a hard time caring or believing it, or did he fabricate it and tell someone to leak it so a microphone would come within a foot or so of his face after a while?  He is lonely.

13)   Mike Pouncey has said that Richie WANTS to come back to the Dolphins.  I tried to read the story, but all I could think about is that I bet Richie Incognito, although an ass, MIGHT be really, really fun to watch football with over some brews.

14)   How long are they going to leave the headline “Redskins say RGIII still a leader” up?  I think we are at 72 hours of some deviation of that headline.  Can they suck in peace?  We will be happy to have his read option brilliance back next year.

15)   IF the read option still is excelling… Wow, what a flash in the pan perhaps.  Last year, it was read option this, read option that.  Now, we are talking about mostly non read option teams for the playoffs.  Not you, Seattle and San Fran.

16)   Is Tony Roach not getting enough sleep?  Maybe Pacquiao should just let HIM fight Rios and his entire crew.

17)   That actually would be very entertaining.

18)   I just heard “Stillwater” again yelled by Ryan.  He went to BC.  I even Googled the coaches.  Smith went to East Tennessee State and Nolan went to Oregon.  Confused.

19)   If you care, Dirk passed Reggie Miller on the points scored list.  That is impressive.  Remember, the guy didn’t even go top 5.  He was #9 and some guy named Paul Pierce went #10.  Which leads us to the bonus question.  Who was number ONE that year?  YOU know…Think about it.  I knew it.  Michael…….O……lowo……..ka……….ndi.  What a prize HE was.

20)   I know.  I went on a couple tangents.  I will lock and load for the last few hooks.  Sorry.

21)   Did you hear about this kid Austin Hatch?  The kid plays basketball for Michigan.  He survived TWO plane crashes and lost one part of his immediate family in the first crash and then the other part 8 years later.  That is tragic.  I am now a fan.

22)   There are some tough semifinalists in this year’s NFL HOF group.  Dungy, Strahan, Harrison, Brooks.  Give me Dungy and Harrison as good to go…Dungy more for his overall input into the game.  Brooks and Strahan gets TOUGH.  Above average for lots of years.  Both have rings.  Both were their unit’s leader.  Hmmmm.

23)   Since I now have Stillwater in my head, let’s not forget that Oklahoma State’s only loss was AT West Virginia.  Whether they are having a good year or bad year, it is still a tough place to play.  I am drinking the other kind of Kool Aid.  I have seen enough of Baylor to think they survive.  It will be a solid game though.  Like 41-31 solid.

23a)  What the HELL is my recent trend in suddenly talking a lot about random places/ schools?  Ugghhh.

24)   I really don’t know anything else about Stillwater to talk about.  I need to end this anyway.

24a)  Except for the best RB of all time went to Oklahoma State.  Barry Sanders.  THAT is what I know about Stillwater.

25)   Hey, Oregon football.  You can say out loud to the media that you had other aspirations before the year, but STOP dissing the Rose Bowl.  Be sad, be humble, but don’t insult the Bowl that was there before you came on this planet and will be on this planet when you are gone.  So, it is your second won.  Own it.

26)   That is it.  Going to go and sit on the couch and not blog.  And then wake up early since no one in Denver can drive in snow.  Hope you enjoyed.  Tell your friends.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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