SO glad the B-52’s were not whales…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Just a speed version.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)       Suspense is lifted as he picked an early morning time to announce, top football recruit Robert Nkemdiche picks Ole Miss.  Why? He went to the school because they do play other top tier teams in the SEC so TV time won’t be a problem…and mostly because he wanted to play with his brother.  He is the highest recruit there since Eli Manning.

2)      A day after me doubting Florida basketball’s chance to win it all still even though they are #2 but blowing everyone out, they got SMOKED by Arkansas.  I am further now from being in that corner after that game.

3)      Great game between Ohio State and Michigan last night.  Classic matchup between the best defensive guard in the nation in Aaron Craft and the best offensive one in Trey Burke.  Classic also that a Craft steal late against Burke was countered with a Burke block.  It went into OT, Michigan pulled it out, and yes that WAS a foul on that final play.

4)      They asked Aaron Craft about why he likes playing against Burke.  He said because he is all talent and no trash talking.  Nice.

5)      Shame that ex Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter has to retire because of nerve injuries.  We have lost two too young to retire pitchers in two days with him and Brandon Webb.

6)      I doubted Illinois basketball early even when they were knocking off top flight teams.  Notice they are 2-7 in Big Ten play presently.  They are Brandon Paul and everyone else.

7)      The Saints might hire Rob Ryan as their Defensive Coordinator.  Might as well.  I don’t know about unleashing Rob on the Big Easy, but they really have NO defense.

8)      Manti Te’o leaves Twitter.  VERY good idea, Manti.

9)      Rafael Nadal returns to the court and wins.  Gee.  Back healthy right before the French/ Nadal Open?  Who’d have thunk?

10)   Colin Kaepernick has been quoted as “We should have won.”  Please add to that statement “but our team should stop complaining publicly about penalties and non calls.”

11)   The Lakers won in Brooklyn without World Peace and the Dwightmare.  Hmmm.

12)   Sources are saying the Dwightmare will stay in L.A with the Lakers.  Well, until he says something else to keep us on our toes.

13)   Johnny Football strikes again, tweeting pics of him and Terrell Owens, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Von Miller, etc.  Dude.  You BETTER be good next year, because usually college players wait to join the social universe AFTER getting an NFL paycheck.  You are not exactly doing Jerry Rice’s old offseason workout I guess these days in your free time.

14)   Jacksonville changed its NFL logo.  I am sure all of those hours working on this REALLY paid off, because this is a DRASTIC overhaul.



15)   The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Tim Tebow likes the man above.  Still training in Arizona, he treated a local church to his presence.

16)   I still am having a ridiculous amount of search engine hits for Barry Manilow.  Weird.

17)   I missed The Following again on Monday.  For a guy who is a fan of the show, I sure get stuck watching a subpar basketball game pretty easily.

18)   So, I guess this Will Farrell Super Bowl ad only played in three cities.

19)   Did you hear about football recruit Alex Collins?  He was planning on signing with Arkansas today, but his mom drove to his high school and ripped up the documents.  That is a mom’s love.

20)   The Rockets tie an NBA record with 23 three pointers in a game.  That makes sense for this team.  If you have guys like Lin, Parsons, and Harden all shooting well at the same time, it can get scary for the other team.  Once again, read that Knicks article in ESPN Mag to see how we are in the golden age of three’s.

21)   I still can’t believe Pete Maravich averaged 44 points per college game with NO three point line.

22)   SINCE we are in the age of three point field goals, JJ Redick will definitely be traded and will have a job for years to come.

23)   The Auburn tatt guy goes to Alabama.  At least he didn’t meet someone one day, decide they are meant to be, and then have his girl get THIS on her face…the VERY FIRST DAY THEY MET.

24)   After the Michigan-Ohio State game, I gave Lindsey choice on the TV.  Being a normal guy, I was ELATED when she chose Animal Planet.  If you care, Sperm Whales take 12 minute naps and can stay underwater for hours on a breath. Humpback Whales can sing songs that travel 10,000 miles through the ocean.  We have a lot of musicians I am glad were not Humpback Whales.  Can you imagine the whole ocean having to listen to Love Shack 24 hours a day?  I was hoping for a Blue Whale segment, but evidently this was all about those two.

25)   Apparently, that ugly guy kissing that hot chick Super Bowl commercial took 67 takes.  Why WOULDN’T you soak that shoot up if you were that guy?

26)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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