Smurf Hunger Games…so silly…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Lots of fun stuff to talk about, but as always, not as much time to do so.  Let’s get to what we can.  The girl is away this weekend in Vegas and I think I am watching a dog with nothing but baseball on the tube.  LOTS of blog time.

2)      Thanks, Nate Craig.  Thanks for confirming the #1 of every position doesn’t seem to sign with Bama.  He is #6 overall, #1 WR, and he will be seeing Bama every year from the Auburn side of things in years to come.

3)      Sterling is talking to Ballmer.  Sterling is suing everyone again.  He is one bipolar racist.  Make up your mind.

4)      And Doc, LOVE that you say you are leaving if he somehow remains owner…

5)      Mike Tyson will present Evander Holyfield at the HOF induction.  I could make a joke.  Sure.  Not a problem.  Would my joke be up there with the thousands that are already out there?  Probably not.  So, I will just say, there are too many jokes.

6)      Real Madrid picked up that kid James Rodriguez after his dazzling World Cup performance.  That is ALL Lindsey needs.  Me allocating time to watch CLUB soccer too.  We are already on the clock before the shit hits the fan at the end of August for college and pro football.  One way or the other, I am a FAN of that Columbian kid.

7)      The only thing odder than me coming back from vacation to a landlocked city with a sea urchin sting is that the guy who sits next to me at work ALSO came back from HIS vacation a day later with a sea urchin sting.  I feel less special and odd now.  My urchin was more gangster and large though.  Plus, mine got infected.  Yeah.

8)      Hello, Lindsey’s mom.  How are you?  I have now concluded that Debbie reads this thing more than her daughter/ my fiancée.  Debbie sends me spelling mistakes and occasional feedback.  Debbie is pretty damn cool.

9)      The Bulls are now in the Kevin Love sweepstakes.  Kevin was passed this information while real estate shopping in Cleveland.

10)   New York fans are tough.  The ONE way you get off on the right foot with them is by hitting a walk-off less than 5 hours after you were signed.  Not bad, Chase Headley.  It can only go down from here.

11)   I would like to list as a hobby “reading about Swinney and Spurrier exchanging barbs.”  Pluto, man.  Pluto.

12)   The Suns expect Eric Bledsoe to return to their team.  Whether it happens, who knows.  I WILL say I like what they are doing down there, and that he is not in a bad spot to ascend to the next level.  He could make it all come together.  Stay, kid.

13)   The Browns have declared that they will wait until the third preseason game to announce their starting QB, meaning at least we know the date when this storm will subside for a few weeks or suddenly get much, much worse.  If Manziel is named starter, I wonder if my company will let me work remotely from St. John, where they don’t care about Johnny Football.  It can’t happen.  Can’t.  Come ON, Hoyer.

13a)  And if it DOES happen, my Steelers get FIRST crack at the chump though.

14)   Emmanuel Mudiay will sign in China to play professionally instead of going to SMU.  I hope he asked Brandon Jennings about this.  They don’t care about your culture or developing you as a player over there.  Sure, you get paid, but you might also be downgrading your first couple years of salary in the NBA by going.  I would have stuck with Larry B. and SMU.

15)   We had some free tickets to the Rockies last night.  Does Charlie Blackmon ALWAYS come out to .38 Special?  That seems somewhat odd to me.

16)   The Mavs have released Rashard Lewis as they find he has a bum knee.  I hope he saved some of that ridiculous amount of money when he was overpaid for like 5 years.

17)   Reggie Wayne did his always individual arrival to camp today in an IndyCar.  Reggie is so dope.  I wish he would just stay young.

18)   Speaking of young, Gronk is cleared to play…and dance…and go to Vegas…and do other Gronk things.  Tom Brady is a freaking happy man today though.

18a)  Ok, well, happiER.

19)   Yeah, Vernon, that fee they charge per day of holding out is NO drop in the bucket, aye?  And being paid the fourth highest at your position doesn’t suck THAT much, right?

20)   Raymond Felton pleaded guilty today on his gun charges, meaning he can go back to concentrating on telling us he is an elite point guard.

21)   Note to LeBron now that we are boys again.  If you ever piss me off because of chaos, I like blocks of cheese…not cupcakes.  No sweet tooth over here, ok?

22)   Thoughts and prayers to Pat Bowlen, who stepped down from the Broncos because of Alzheimer’s.   Class act, and second best winning percentage since 1984.  The franchise is in good hands though with the horse at the wheel.

23)   You really need to have a couple drinks and watch Robot Chicken.  It is healthy.  It is abrasive and WAY over the line almost every other skit, but it is what it is.  Anyway, I almost fell off the couch when the skit was Smurf Hunger Games.

23a)  Speaking of TV shows, I admit to being all lost without Drunk History, and then it comes back, and I haven’t caught ONE episode.  I will prioritize this immediately, as Drunk History is incredible.

24)   I have some call out-shout out concept I have my intern working on, and more details to come.  I guess Debbie is today’s shout out in the game that still doesn’t have any rules or rewards.

25)   Adam Silver is riding the high he is getting from the public by offering Austin a job too.  Might as well.  He played this one VERY well.

26)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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