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Still rolling with old school style until I feel like sitting down and focusing on one thing for a blog…don’t wait on that…

  1. Greetings and salutations, people. Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s move.
  2. First of all, the day is now an ok day. Free pizza info arrived on my Skype this afternoon.  I had just eaten post workout food so I just used my pizza stomach for it.  Ice Cube would be proud and write a follow up song.  Image result for ice cube it's a good day
  3. You can recover only so many times, Bob Knight. You did all that stuff to your kids at IU.  Then you coached again somewhere else.  More stuff arose.  Then, you were a TV announcer.  Now, you have chosen to grope women at the NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL AGENCY.  Think we can stick a fork in anything else you hoped to do constructive.  Military location.  Man, Bob.  You have no boundaries.
  4. Congrats on your new contract, Andre Roberson. Way to make the Buffs proud.  Way to also get flagged nationally for leaving 2.8% tip at a bar on $487 right after.  AND you added wrong.  Come on.  Image result for andre roberson tip 2.8
  5. Eric Hunter, ex-Purdue QB, got killed in a Hampton, VA parking lot.  I lived there for a couple of years.  For those of you who haven’t been to Hampton, VA, this is not THAT crazy of a story.
  6. Geez, the Morris twins are going to be a HELL of a flow chart trivia question someday. They are going to end up everywhere at some point.  Anyway, NBA followers KNEW that getting Hayward meant the Celtics had to unload Olynyk and Bradley most likely, and I for one am actually impressed the Celtics got a POSSIBLE bench player out of it.  Chance #5 or so, Marcus.
  7. Chris Sale got another 12 K’s the other day. Hope they don’t visit the Braves anytime soon.
  8. (think about it…)
  9. (never mind)
  10. If you are a Cubs fan, you try and think that Maddon knows what he is doing overall, and that they will come out of it. I agree.  They will.  Right after the ASG.  But, in the meantime, putting your CF at the mound throwing 46 MPH changeups probably doesn’t show the fan base the BEST focus right NOW.
  11. The Kings inked Vince Carter to a one year deal. Say what you want about the Kings of past years.  They are sure as hell TRYING to make a move in the clogged up West.  Hate to say it.  I am starting to like their team a little.  Moves in the draft, good picks in the draft, moves in free agency, moves with trades.  You go, Vlade.
  12. Tell your friends this odd stat. Kelly Olynyk has played 36 games in FOUR years and just got signed to a $50 million deal.  Life is just not fair.  Rock on, man.  You beat the system like an 80’s one hit wonder with a guitar keyboard and an accent.
  13. The Knicks signed Tim Hardaway Jr. Not only does his contract pay him more than his All Star dad EVER make in his career pretty much, but the team that is signing him is the one who traded him away in the draft years ago.  Goodbye, Phil.
  14. Hardaway’s dad still was cooler since a move was NAMED after him.  UTEP TWO STEP.  Dirty.  Image result for tim hardaway utep two step
  15. It might take me until August 26th to read the whole Athlon College Football Preview. Love it that much.  By then, the Athlon College Basketball Preview will be out and I will be in heaven #2.  I have an exciting life.
  16. I stand corrected. I have complained about Silicon Valley being all over the board and how I am just watching for the characters these days.  Well, the writers fought back.  The season finale had that same nothing feeling with 10 minutes left in the show, and then a closing that was right up there with the first season’s trade show contest.  Man, I had a big smile on my face as the credits rolled.  Brilliant ending.  Accidental genius with bad decisions in the meantime.  You don’t watch the show?  Well, that is a very large oversight on your part.  The show is 30 minutes long each week.  Reallocate your time, people.  Image result for silicon valley hbo show
  17. TJ Miller seems like the obvious best character.  All are in play for that title these days.
  18. Image result for silicon valley smart fridge
  19. Some will scratch their head on the Rudy Gay signing. It actually makes perfect sense.  With Parker and Aldridge’s contracts ending after next year, and underpaying Gay a little because of injury, they are pretty much saying they will make a BIG move or two after next year.  They probably will still bust out 50 wins somehow, but this is a minor, quick rebuild.
  20. If you haven’t listened to the audio on that horrible women’s tennis injury, then…DON’T. I watched and listened.  It was horrible.    I wish I could undo it in my head.  She was screaming in a way that made watchers very uncomfortable.  We all hope she recovers fully.
  21. Seriously, don’t listen to it.  Not lying.
  22. I love watching the relationship between the Mavs and Dirk. He will sign for 2/10.  You know Cuban will get him back in the long run though.  Maybe Dirk will come on Shark Tank when he hangs up the sneaks.
  23. I don’t even care who won the last man in for the MLB ASG. I am just glad the campaigning on Twitter is over.  I don’t need to be like Mark.  I am Mark.
  24. I have more time these days because I quit drinking. Let’s just say that my bandwidth will suddenly increase as I look to fill in the spacious gaps of time where I wasted weekend and weeknight hours.  Look for stories in my blog about me volunteering at an animal shelter, working more if that is even possible, volunteering at church, camping more, becoming the most ripped person in Denver, becoming a handyman around the house, taking martial arts, playing chess tournaments, learning a foreign language, etc.  Kind of like subbing in drinking for the sex thing with George on Seinfeld.  I will be a ripped genius sales guy.  Image result for george costanza seinfeld abstinence
  25. Speaking of handyman stuff, I have to fix a closet. I had no idea they made something called “wood filler.”  Wow.
  26. You can hate tennis or love it. Nadal has now won 28 sets straight in Grand Slam match play.  That is BEYOND impressive, especially since they are combined on the fastest surface and the slowest surface.
  27. Djokovic was very polite and cordial when discussing Johnny Mac calling him out in the media as the tennis Tiger (not winning anything for a while now with off court issues). Way to take the high road, Djokovic.  Yes, Mac is a legend beyond most.  But, yes, he says some dumb shit.  IF you wanted to fire back at him, maybe call him the tennis Charles Barkley.
  28. Except Chuck is lacking hardware of course.
  29. Seriously, I am not commenting on Dion Waiters going anywhere. Dude got paid, and chuck away.  If JR Smith somehow won something, can my wish moving forward be NOT to have HIM win one?
  30. The Griz retiring Z-Bo’s number was classy. It also says we don’t have any other options to retire right now so let’s start with him.  He was solid.  Always in the playoffs.  Always good for 20-10.  Not dissing you, Zach.
  31. So, I guess the Rockies were not only glad about Jon Gray returning for pitching, right? I guess he will single-handedly turn things around?  That was a BOMB he hit out the other day.
  32. Richard Jefferson will not retire, will not ask for a different contract, and will just be the locker room, role player presence he is for the Cavs. Class act through and through.
  33. The Cavs lowballing Billups will get them NO names any time soon on the executive front. If they won’t pay a new guy average, what will they offer a seasoned guy?
  34. I am refreshing my workout songs this weekend. Below is my list of immediate additions.  And sometimes you wake up and realize you missed the boat totally on a band.  Pop Evil?  I had no clue they were absolutely up my workout song alley.  Solid stuff.  They will go great with my Korn, Disturbed, Sixx AM, Skillet, Three Days Grace, and Nonpoint.  
  35. And finally, if I won The Masters, I would wear that damn jacket EVERYWHERE and sleep in it too.  Image result for sergio garcia wears green jacket to wimbledon
  36. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (.323, 20, 64, .429).
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