Small things make me happy.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Just a quick one today, as I had a window of time, but want to FINALLY start working on my website drop downs.
  3. I am sitting here watching the FAU-Akron bowl game (whatever the hell is it is called).  FAU playing in a bowl game in Florida, and AKRON is a team that has TWENTY NINE players from the Sunshine State.
  4. Terry Bowden looks older, but good.  Lane Kiffin looks like Lane Kiffin.  Lane is a man I would love to sit next to on a plane.  Terry, despite his bubbly personality, is NOT a man I would love to sit next to on a plane.
  5. Kiffin just signed a TEN year extension.  I will believe it when I see it in him staying there, but damn it is fun, isn’t it?  Even if you hate the guy, he still is entertaining as hell.  And, two words in his college team’s name beckon recruits if they are undecided.  Florida.  Atlantic.  I am sure college life sucks there.
  6. This is unedited without pics-sorry for grammatical errors and lack of fun.
  7. Ohio State self reported a recruiting violation.  Did you read the story?  Dude just wanted to go to GameDay, got access, got a picture with Kirk and Eddie George, and these things violated fine print.
  8. The Packers will sit Rodgers for the rest of the year.  Makes sense.  They gave him a shot to pull some serious magic, he fell short, and now save the HOF’er when you start the season 0-0 next year.
  9. Is everyone prepared for 2018 aka “where is Anthony Davis going to be traded to?”
  10. You probably have a couple of close friends chirping in your ear how THEY picked ALL the games this week in the NFL.  You might at first be impressed.  Don’t be.  If you WERE impressed, find the friend who was proud about this action, and deadpan this statement.  “You are a genius.  You going undefeated basically means you picked EVERY SINGLE favorite.  Way to live on the edge, friend.”
  11. If you like to see Kevin Durant in duress, google “nance durant nba dunk.”
  12. The Cubs didn’t win the World Series.  Most of their players are in their prime.  So, not only should you NOT be surprised they are already talking with Darvish, but you should prepare for some more pivotal signings/trades.  They are not going quietly into the night.
  13. I will make sure to post this before it is untrue.  The Bulls are UNDEFEATED in their last six games.  Anyone who has glanced at their active roster in the last two months knows that this is an extraordinary feat.
  14. The Bulls on a streak.  Melo takes only 6 shots and scores 4 points.  The Hoosiers lose by  TWENTY at home against…Fort Wayne.  I am not making this shit up.
  15. I love being the first person to work.  I HATE people who have an early call, make an appearance before 7am, and make noise, talk to everyone, and ruin my quiet time.
  16. It is so weird betting over unders.  The pain from big plays on an under may or may not be as painful as scoreless quarters in an over bet.
  17. So, Chick Fil A was FINALLY open this year at the new Falcons stadium last night, right?  Maybe they had a Thursday game.  The bottom line is that Chick Fil A is not open on Sundays and I hear that NFL football is mostly played on Sunday.
  18. Except this weekend.  Games on Saturday, multiple games on Monday…odd stuff.
  19. I haven’t heard from my wife’s family about what we are doing about holiday dinner colliding with the Steelers playing at 230 on Xmas.  I bet they are hoping the Steelers start winning so maybe I won’t care.  Not sure that will happen.  But it is Xmas I guess (as long as the game isn’t close of course).
  20. Star Wars article you and I can’t look at if you haven’t seen the movie:
  21. Star Wars article you and I ALSO can’t look at if you haven’t seen the movie:
  22. Star Wars article you and I CAN look at before or after the movie:
  23. I see Star Wars Friday.  Get ready for a full review in our next chat.
  24. I admire Cole Hamels because of his generosity, but am internally jealous as my childhood goal was to make enough money so I could donate to charity my OWN mansion.
  25. I don’t know Justin Gatlin as a person, and maybe he is a nice guy, but DAMN do I enjoy reading MORE articles about how he is cheating again.
  26. I forgot that ESPN’s head guy was named Skipper until he resigned.  Using an old Seinfeld reference, HE was meant to lead something, while a guy named Jeeves was meant to be a butler.
  27. That was funnier in my head.  Sorry.
  28. Kobe Bryant scored more points with each INDIVIDUAL jersey number than EIGHTY HOF’ers had in their entire career.
  29. Sunday’s late game and night prime time games BOTH had teams lose when in easy FG range and both only needing that to tie but finding new and inventive ways to not go to overtime.  Weird.
  30. It is official.  The Westin in St. John is not opening until 2019.  This means our big trip this year is up in the air unfortunately (2016-St. John, 2017-European cruise).
  31. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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