Slider. You stink.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

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Manti Te’o woke up and hoped his 40 yard dash numbers weren’t real either.  4.82, which ranked him 20th out of 26 LB’s.  Teams might write off your fake girlfriend, but when you combine that little off field thing with THAT time, you are looking at trouble.


Buckle up.  Now that the sadness of the Nationwide crash starts to decrease as the days go by, we get to the next part of grief and sadness.  Who is going to pay?  Three of the fans have saddled up with lawyers today.


Dylan Moses is already a legend.  Don’t know the name?  He is the 8th grade kid who as of yesterday, now has football scholarship offers from powerhouses LSU AND Bama.  This surprises me.  Yes, it is great to say you recognize early talent, and it is always great to be one step (or 5 steps) ahead of everyone else, but you two schools are the CREAM of the crop.  You can show interest and hope the rules change or something, but I think that he will still be interested in playing in the SEC a couple years from now.  Show a little “hard to get” for Pete’s Sake.


Hey, Zack Greinke.  I admire your honesty, but sometimes the fans don’t need to know everything.  Thanks for sharing to the world that your pull towards the Dodgers was simply the money and that you would play for the worst team if they paid you the most in any scenario.  Go catch the Oscars replay, go watch Lincoln, and then tell us that SOMETHING else was involved in the decision.  Love of the city?  Family?  Love of the game?  New teammates?  I guess I really do admire your honesty though as you are saying it like it is.  You obviously are not in this to gain fans.



I am not even a regular customer, but I like the Taco Bell commercial where the guy is sitting at a bus stop with Lionel Richie’s “Hello” in the background, trying to stuff his taco with Doritos.  Then a bus comes up saying that the Cool Ranch version is coming soon.  Also, dibs to AT&T, who now has a new kid commercial out.  Good stuff.


Gonzaga moved up to #2 in the rankings, making it the first non Big 6 team in the top two since 2007-2008 Memphis.  Would it win all of these games in the Big Ten?  No.  But, they do their best in scheduling fun non conference games, and beat the other conference teams placed in front of them.  They aren’t their AD.  They have no control.   Anyway, they are 2-0 against the top 25 and 3-2 against the top 50.  Their front line is talented as hell, and they have an experienced coach.  The team that could beat them would be a fast, athletic team with a scoring backcourt, and they exist.  That being said, this team is solid.



A price quote as opposed to a verbal quote.  Tom Brady signed a new contract extension to make him a Patriot until he is 40 years old.  He took $9 million a year, which will save the team $15 million to sign some players.  Sure, he might be slightly overhyped.  Sure, he might be a moat owning cocky guy.  Sure, he is probably rich enough at this point.  But when, without pushback, a top flight QB signs that deal that fast, you know he wants to win at all costs.


The “move” was the lack of a move.  Actually it was the lack of quick exit of air from someone’s mouth.  That “no call” in the Kansas-Iowa State game was ridiculous.  That Iowa State player could have cooked and eaten a hot dog and large Coke while camped out legally outside the circle.  Yes, there are times where you don’t blow the whistle to change the game, but SOMETHING had to be called there.  What happened?  They hit the FT’s, and KU won handily in OT.  Ugghhh.


Coach K will step down from U.S. Basketball.  Not that he had any Duke resume building achievements to add to it, but fantastic job, Mike.  Stepping into a situation where the U.S. hadn’t won in two straight tournaments, he changed the way the players are selected, made them more serious about it, and then coincidently went on to win the Olympics, the World Championships, and then the Olympics again.


Nice stat line, Dwight Howard.  I know, I know.  Game situations would change and might produce different results, but when it lines up this easily, I have to take advantage.  Your Lakers lost by 11 last night to the Nuggets.  You were WHAT from the line?  3-14?  Go practice your free throws, bro.  Slider, you stink.


Finally, Marquette beat Syracuse last night, meaning I have no idea what to do with either team right now.  I thought Syracuse would be better with Southerland back, and they seem more inconsistent presently.  I have not been sold on Marquette as of yet, but have been surprised a couple MORE times lately.  They seem solid.  Hopefully, the Big East Tournament will clarify this, although doubtful.

That is it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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