Silent Blog. Read with earphones.

  1. Greetings and salutation, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  One blog before I head out for week.  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. With the methodology I use in reading magazines, let’s do this BACKWARDS on my list like I prefer.
  3. I predict that by season’s end, everyone in my fantasy league will be shamed for not getting OJ Howard on their team.  With a four player bench, I still have kept him around.  He is going to explode at some point.
  4. After raking yesterday on my nickel and dime college bets, and getting hammered on my early NFL games (due to happen), I am hoping for my third consecutive afternoon NFL game comeback on the betting ticker.
  5. But the fact remains on the early games.  No one knows anything about these NFL teams yet.
  6. Or at least I don’t.  And Vegas.  Maybe you do.  All the power to you.
  7. I mean, New England lost at home to Carolina.  So Carolina’s offense to FINALLY open up in Foxboro?  That just doesn’t make sense.
  8. Lindsey’s dad passed along a great article on a hidden gem linebacker from OU.  Good read.
  9. I need to sell something, so I can go here.  Safari is very near the top of my next trip list.
  10. Is it me, or did we think OJ was released from prison like a month ago?
  11. Remember last year when Tennessee was everyone’s and your truly’s darkhorse college football playoff pick?  Those days are ancient.  Fastest renaissance I have ever seen.
  12. I guess preparing us for the weekly “what is YOUR team doing for the anthem this week” segment of our lives, Jay-Z wore Kaep shoes on SNL last night.
  13. If you are a very weird person who is banning NFL football from your life because of the anthem stuff, Deadspin is there for you.
  14. Interesting that a college game, where players are NOT on the field for the anthem, had a couple of kneelers in the New Mexico game only because lightning delayed the start of the game so they did the anthem at halftime.
  15. I watched the first 40 minutes of SNL before crashing last night.  Solid Trump routine to open, the next installment of the alien skit that was hilarious, and my proof to people who thought otherwise that Ryan Gosling did NOT play his own keys in La La Land.
  16. If you hate bunnies, you are safe.  But, if you ever thought of getting a bunny as a pet, here is more ammo.
  17. Christian who?  Love is like a merging of a video game and the roadrunner.
  18. Steelers-Ravens was on main TV today, but I still find it very hard to imagine how I functioned without the Sunday Ticket.  Oh yeah.  It was an excuse to go somewhere and drink on Sunday afternoon.  Yeah.  That is out of the loop these days.
  19. I have a photo site idea that will be worth millions, and I seriously haven’t heard of anything like it.  I can’t tell you what it is.  Otherwise, I would have to kill you.  Now, I just need someone to spearhead this thing.  Contact me if you have bandwidth and WordPress knowledge and maybe some friends in the U.S. patent office.
  20. But seriously, how do you start a website if you are worried it might be worth millions if someone else does it?
  21. I am an expert packer, but tonight I have to figure out how to pack three suits and other stuff in a small suitcase so I don’t have to check my bags.
  22. AND the irony will be is when I succeed, the co-workers I will be sharing the cab with will have THEIR bags checked.
  23. I could email them, but not enough of my breed out there (idiots who are online like ALL the time and always close to their computer).
  24. If you need a Golden Doodle, I have the ultimate connection.  Just saying.  Here is the non professional puppy pic.  
  25. Here is the non professional pic of all the pups.  
  26. And this is the professional pic of one of those pups that is very hard to ignore.  
  27. By the way, no intern still and I will not be taking the time to edit this.  Sorry for any grammatical errors.
  28. After this week, CU football should look into this song to ease their pain.
  29. Went to the Beast & Bottle for brunch today, and once again I couldn’t be steered away from the inevitable.  The thing is ridiculous.  
  30. I get leaning towards the 3-5-2 alignment for the men’s national soccer team, but not including Fabian Johnson I think is a bad move.
  31. For Lindsey’s dad’s birthday, we had their family recipe of lasagna.  #4 Maplewood (NJ) #3 White Pie (Uptown) #2 Dixon family recipe #1 Rome.
  32. For his birthday card, I used 17 OU former Sooners players in the monologue.  
  33. So, you lost your QB, FSU.  We get it.  But, that being said, we had you at national title contenders for MORE than just your QB.  You should not be losing or squeaking by some of these teams on your schedule.
  34. Kind of sad that I will sort of miss watching The Voice this Monday and Tuesday while I am in Vegas for work.  Sad addiction, but a great compromise couples show if you both like music or both own the stage on karaoke.
  35. Flatliners wasn’t a big enough hit to make a remake of, was it?  Come on.  Truly out of movie ideas Hollywood is.
  36. I try to think about it because of my love for basketball, but just can’t DO it.  I can’t turn on one second of the WNBA Finals.  I am sorry.
  37. Speaking of WNBA, why does my phone suddenly think I need constant updates of all sports?  I do like sports.  But I will choose to look when I am ready, and my odd version of OCD does NOT like notifications on my phone without me clearing them.  Just like I can’t tolerate even a scroll in my email inbox for anything.  But, I am fine with carrying around a notebook full of every single thing I need to do every day of the year, down to cutting my fingernails.
  38. I DO love basketball.  Still my favorite recent video of me playing hoops.  When you blow out both knees, and have even tweaked your knee on a really fast, curvy lazy river, you don’t play pickup hoops anymore.  Miss it.
  39. I couldn’t find the video.  Dammit.  It is me raking at Elitches and winning everything in site.  Another time when bball comes up…which will be all the time and very soon.
  40. I also love lazy rivers so much.
  41. It was a brief 10 minute engagement, but I threw my first horseshoe in years.  Took me about 2 back and forths on the pits, but then I was pestering the stake constantly.  My dad was amazing at throwing shoes, and I still remember getting recruited by him on a money game for the first time at a Bill Bradley for Senator picnic when I was about 12.  Horseshoes sounds like a game you just have fun at and hope you get it in the dirt.  Not when I play.
  42. Today was the first Steelers-Ravens game in a while I remember that I wasn’t bordering on a heart attack for most of it.  Steelers O is SLOWLY waking up, but it is more their defense that has improved and is dangerous as we get into the season.
  43. Come ON, Raiders.  And if they don’t win, then GO Broncos because I live here and of course I love rooting for them.  What kind of a person would that make me if I didn’t.  Monstrous fan.
  44. We all knew that SOMEONE had to win a game vs. the Bengals and Browns, but the LAST thing I expected was for the Browns to totally just lay an egg.  Hey, Browns, at SOME point you need to be respectable at a place where you are supposed to be respectable…like at home.
  45. Saw Nick Schwardson last night.  He was great.  His opener who he travels with sucked, so he must be his old school friend or have the need for the opener to make him look better.  Opener looked like he smoked weed for the first time ever just because he was in DEnver and that would be funny.  Problem is that HE wasn’t.  My favorite parts of Nick’s set were farts, airplanes, farts on airplanes, cocaine, his grandmother, and Jack Daniels.
  46. Yes, Nick covers very, very DEEP material.
  47. Lindsey’s sister showed us there is a satire show making fun of murder investigation shows.  It was very, very funny.  Watch the trailer and that will be funny enough for you.
  48. For some reason, San Diego State has become my favorite team to bet on.  Iowa, LSU, and South Carolina are my leaders for least favorite.
  49. What is MORE scary about Alabama is that they keep getting favored by more and more points in the “big” games and keep clearing the spread by more.
  50. What is moderately scary is that I notice things like the above but somehow don’t do anything proactive about it.
  51. Adam Silver says he expects NBA teams to stand during the anthem this year.  Yeah.  THAT is going to work just FINE.  A predominantly black sport is not going to be affected at ALL by this stuff.  May the force be with you, Adam, and heed these words.  Whatever stand you take (no pun intended), you luckily just KNOW that Trump will tweet something dumber than you say on the microphone.
  52. Romine playing all nine positions is cool, and let’s keep in mind that having the skills to play every position is something special.  But, I have a problem with the fact that it is not NEEDED.  It is just ceremonial.  Just doesn’t catch my eye as a story as much.
  53. Scherzer had to leave his final start, because God forbid if the Nats actually had any good luck going INTO the postseason.
  54. My most fun bet of the week was teasing Oklahoma State to -4 and taking the under.  They covered the -4.  The over?  Yeah.  They did that too.  It was NINETY after the tease.  Actually, it was 90.5 but who is counting?
  55. If you don’t understand why bettors watch the end of all games, take this example.  Clemson was up 31-10 on VA Tech.  Turn the TV, right?  No.  I teased the over to 35, and that last totally useless, lucky touchdown was a game changer…for me.
  56. I think my colleague talks about Troy football SO much every week that seeing they beat LSU just makes it FUNNIER.  So, I guess I am on a year or so plan of hearing “remember what they did to LSU?”
  57. What is going ON at LSU?  Wow.
  58. Educate yourself and tell your friends on the most vicious and adorable killer we have in this world.
  59. This probably won’t resonate with you as apparently Deadspin and me are the only two entities that find the Wendy’s Twitter account one of the funniest company accounts out there.  The account will even talk shit back to you if you ping it in a derogatory way.  You should try it.
  60. If you haven’t seen this yet, I am sorry, and please know A) you should click on this and B) it is absolutely REAL.
  61. Hey Temple.  LSD is BAD.
  62. Kawhi Leonard being out this early in the Spurs season wouldn’t be as worrisome if you didn’t try to think about who would consistently score if he was out of the lineup.
  63. I truly DO love golf.  Love it.  But, maybe it is the football weekend.  Don’t know.  But, I didn’t flip on the Presidents Cup ONE time over the weekend and barely know the U.S. won.
  64. I finally attended a silent disco.  It was…FUN.  
  65. Those people can lie, but everyone who didn’t have earphones was jealous.  You could even walk into neighboring bars, and you were having your own party.  Color coded for your choice of DJ.
  66. Kind of weird but refreshing going to Octoberfest without having one sip of beer.  I have decided a lot of drunk people at festivals simply look like they are PAIN.
  67. So, we can write off last week due to my hook about Bama always beating the spread, but if the Vandy loss this week doesn’t kill all “darkhorse” conversation, then I think we just all love Nashville.
  68. Which we do, and I feel bad for you if you haven’t gone.  Think of a country, boot wearing version of Vegas.
  69. I love photos, and wish I loved photos when I was doing cool shit in my 20’s.  But better late than never, and I even take pics of Rockies fireworks when I am not at the game and just in an Uber.  
  70. Sounds rough, but I think Dan Gilbert deserves all negative messages.  Rock on, man.  You are not very well liked.
  71. Say what you want about Neymar.  Love him or hate him.  But the dude is STILL insane.
  72. Each week, I wonder WHY Wisconsin starts out SOOOOOO slow in football games.  Just pretend like the anthem is halftime.  Come on.
  73. I love Stan Van Gundy.  Except for when he gets a microphone and says the key to anti-tanking is to eliminate the whole draft.  Sounds like a plan, Stan.  Just keep being your weird self, OK?
  74. The Red Sox will play the Astros in the divisional round of MLB.  Good matchup.  Traditionally paid for vs. home grown.  GO home grown.
  75. So, Florida football gets back their QB on a decimated squad and HE is out for the season?  How many QB’s do they HAVE?  RUn of bad luck for that team.
  76. Kevin Love will play as a center?  Sure.  With no 1980’s big guys in the center these days, why NOT have the slowest footed sharp shooter guarding anyone above 6’9″?
  77. I said it before the season and I will say it again.  I am a HUGE Stidham fan, and Auburn has had some good recruiting classes.  This is a dangerous team.  (UGA yawns)
  78. (Bama yawns for different reasons)
  79. UGA has a freshman QB and they are just PUMMELING people.
  80. And winning me money, mind you, because I believe also in the kid.
  81. Trevathan was suspended two game and rightfully so.
  82. Hey.  Clemson is really, really good.  And we were worried about them reloading?  Blacksburg is NOT an easy place to play at ALL.
  83. I have this idea for creating categories on my blog list to separate the personal stuff and general sports stuff.  But, then I remember why I love blogging and the hodgepodge of thoughts I type, and I smile.  Deal with it.
  84. Ichiro wants to play until he is 50 years old.  That is fine with me and other baseball fans.  1.  Most teams can use a smart, skilled .259 hitter and 2. Just THINK about his records if he would have come over sooner.  Scary stuff.
  85. Hello, and welcome to the national contender conversation, Washington State.  Don’t blow it, guys.  A) the Pac-12 needs someone to step up B) that team stepping up is apparently NOT Sam Darnold and company and C) we don’t want Ohio State somehow in the playoff even though they got worked by OU at their own crib.
  86. Miami is a quiet possibility on the horizon, and only off the radar because their early game got moved so less of a sample size.
  87. The police released the Bennett video.  I will admit to not watching it, but I just assume things were copied and pasted brilliantly to give the other side of the story.  We will have no clear resolution.
  88. We had so much HOPE for you, Dennis Schroeder.  So much.
  89. I hear the Phils are thinking about hiring a new manager.  I will tell you this.  HOW you manage that group of misfits is NOT the problem.  Not at all.  Give the guy some hustling talent and then let’s talk.
  90. I like Louisville looking at David Padgett for a coach.  I know he will just be “interim” or “active” but I think he might end up a keeper.
  91. Russell Westbrook signed a new deal with OKC.  I love this.  I will also love them trying to figure out how Paul George and Melo play at the same time successfully, but that is neither here nor there.
  92. OKC is a great town by the way.  VERY underrated depending on what you are looking for.  Love Bricktown.  If you ever go there, I recommend staying there instead of actually downtown.  You can walk it.
  93. Small story this week.  Dude shot a 59 on the Tour.  Who you ask?  Well, of COURSE it was Arnold Palmer’s grandkid.
  94. Workout.  Workout.  Workout.  Go to Melting Pot and eat a bunch of meat, cheese, and chocolate, and then know you have to double those workouts for a few days.
  95. I have lost enough weight that Lindsey got me some new wedding rings to pick from .  Current one slips off constantly now.  Nice problem to have, except for going to Melting Pot.
  96. Sorry about the bad messages on your phone, Delanie Walker, but DON’T tell the fans they can stay home.  Just stay away totally from that one.  Definition of the HIGH road.
  97. Odd fact.  Tell your friends.  The Packers have now JUST taken the lead over the Bears in the all-time series.  First time they are ahead since the 30’s.  Even WITH the Bart Starr years figured in.  That is crazy how good the Bears were early on.
  98. HOW do I pay for Early Bird and pull B32 on Southwest???  What am I paying for?  That is why I am writing this NOW, since that is not an exit row picking position.  Sucks.
  99. Looking at the NFL game scores, it appears that Zona’s offense STILL hasn’t heated up…even at home.
  100. Wow, that Saints-Dolphins game this morning really will get those English fans on our side, won’t it?  Caught a little of it, and knew I should have just stayed asleep.
  101. So, we are on the lookout for stable, ass-kicking NFL teams, and Atlanta loses at home to Buffalo?  Just when you thought we were in the know.  Dibs to my colleague, Rob, who saw that coming.  I didn’t.
  102. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  103. (probably Wednesday or Thursday)
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