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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me on the day of the draft.  This blog might not ever approach Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech in quality, but I do my best.

2)      Love him or hate him, we all want to know where Johnny Football goes.  I personally hope he ends up in Cleveland, ensuring he will be miserable.

3)      The Steelers are taking a cornerback or a safety.  You are allowed to bet on that.  It is almost beyond fact.

4)      Just in case you thought Tony Parker lost a step, he reminded us he didn’t.

5)      Just in case we thought the Nets hadn’t lost a step, they reminded us they had.

6)      Brook Lopez added to that mix MIGHT have made this series interesting though.

7)      Just in case we thought what went down in that hotel room with Kaepernick, those 911 tapes reminded us we don’t.

8)      Good news for the NBA.  They think they found a way to prove Sterling broke the contract.  Bad news for the fans.  The Sterlings want to keep the team.  Good news for us all.  Richard Sherman chimed in on the topic in a way that surprised us.  You DO keep us on our toes, Mr. Sherman.

9)      The Cowboys might have said they nixed Johnny Football, but something tells me if he is still there, Jerry Jones is taking him for media coverage alone.

10)   Whoever gets Sammy Watkins is going to be very, very happy.

11)   CNNSI posted a PGA anonymous poll about various subjects.  I found it pretty interesting.

12)   Yes, you probably have to like golf a little to get the point.

13)   I would take hockey players ANY day in a street fight with the other sports.  A Blackhawks defenseman played last night without even being able to talk.  Those guys just want to be on the ice in any way possible.

14)   Steve Kerr is mulling over whether to coach under Phil with NO talent or in CA with LOTS of talent.  Interesting choice.

15)   Shame Phil and Mark Jackson don’t get along.  From NY, played college in NY, lives and breathes NY.

16)   Just when Bills fans sense rebuilding, Marcell Dareus goes out and gets drug charges.  Whether on the field or off the field, that franchise can’t catch a break. Not sure if I find that depressing or funny.

17)   Steve Francis…being Steve Francis.  Shame he didn’t have his OWN jersey on when doing this.

18)   Melo…being Melo.


18a)  That is not his woman.  That is Rihanna.

19)   I reached for my calculator initially when they released Richard Sherman’s new deal details.

20)   Roy Hibbert had a great game last night, but I don’t see them healed yet.  They still were AT home, and BARELY won after the Wizards oddly decided to keep trying three pointers when down 3 points with plenty of time left.  Odd.

21)   I hope that when Randy Wittman tries the promised dunk after winning the first round, YouTube or Deadspin pick it up.

22)   Good call.  Jimmy Graham is challenging whether his franchise billing should be under tight end or wide receiver salary.  There are stupid challenges and smart ones.  This one is smart.  He lined up out wide a LOT.

23)   Matt Williams probably got hit in that car chase because he was staring at the sky through his car windows wondering how the Rockies had three more wins than his team and how the Marlins had the same amount.

24)   The Rockies are hot, people.  Since my Phillies stink again, I can roll with them for a bit.  They out-runned Texas 29-5 in three games, Arenado is on a 27 game hitting streak, and their 22 wins are most in the big leagues.

25)   Love it.  With this whole Sterling thing, MJ sneaks in that he was a racist growing up and hated most white people.

26)   James Blake was in the news.  Usually this gives me a chance to show his award winning, hot as shit, ex-girlfriend, but it was a fire with people dying.  I draw the line somewhere.  Thoughts and prayers, James.

27)   I get that there is a lonely farmers’ site.  I get that there are commercials.  What I don’t get is how they are prospering enough to have regular length commercials on main channels in prime time.

28)   I HAVE to get my KFC Double Down this weekend.  I am running out of time.  LOVE that thing.

29)   Everything is lining up fine in the NHL except for the fact that the Bruins better wake up against the Canadiens.

30)   With a newly purchased drill, I put up curtains last night.  You have NO idea of how great of accomplishment this is in my life.  I used some other tools too. Amazing.

31)   The Patriots are giving a jersey guarantee to fans this year…you know…in case one of their players murders someone again this year.

32)   Mike Pettine says whoever the Browns draft, that it will be tough to take Brian Hoyer’s starting spot.  That is prepping for Manziel Mania I guess.  Won’t work if that happens.

33)   Andre Agassi says that Nadal, not Federer is the greatest of all time.  Overall surfaces, I still say Federer.  Actually, I say other people possibly who are not in this conversation.  When Nadal destroys people again this year in the French, I might reconsider having the mostly one surface guy overtake the all surface guy overall.

34)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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