Seriously, where is Drunk History? Come back…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.   Thanks for joining me.  Let’s get out a speed rant before a day off and before two back to back airplane rants.  Let’s do this.

2)      Be a fan.  Don’t be fan.  Be like me and have ultimate respect but not always root for him.  The bottom line is this.  Manning deserves Sportsman of the Year without a doubt.  Dude is humble, well spoken, smart, classy, and one of the hardest workers to enter a football locker room.  He deserves everything that comes to him.  Congrats, and another excuse to show my favorite picture of him.


3)      And does his brother just work really hard late in the season every couple of years?

4)      Where is Drunk History?  I start loving a show and it disappears.

5)      At least Men At Work is coming back in a couple weeks.  That show is hilarious if you haven’t caught it yet.  Save some time and check it out.

6)      I am not a believer in Ohio State basketball as a serious contender this year.  I AM convinced in Syracuse at this point though.  Arizona, Michigan State, Syracuse, Wichita State (yes, I am aware I change it weekly-this is research time).

7)      Speaking of OSU, nice steal by Meyer snagging the #1 LB in the nation.  Most of us hate Urban Meyer for one reason or the other, but damn that dude can recruit.  He stole this kid AND his future QB smack dab in SEC land.

8)      And thanks for telling us today you are an awful loser.

9)      The Steelers lost a game at home in the snow to Miami and one to the Ravens on turkey day.  I KNOW why MY boys aren’t in the mix anymore.  But, if I am a Lions fan, and just got beat by SIX FG’s at HOME in prime time, I am perplexed beyond a doubt.

10)   Love him or hate him, but Joe Flacco looks like he is brushing his teeth on a Saturday morning when he is calling his signals.  Dude is a flatliner, and just does enough to get it done somehow.

11)   The Saints are mulling over lineup changes.  I guess this is Plan B.  Plan A was to play all games at the Superdome.

12)   Chip Kelly says this UT coaching stuff is simply speculation.  OK.  But you have to be dropping SOME kinds of bread crumbs for the media to think anything.

13)   Glendale and Tampa snagged the 2016 and 2017 college football title games.  Glendale has the stadium and Tampa has water, but neither city is exactly screaming their name to me.

14)   I was going to break down the Steelers playoff scenarios for you, but then Baltimore kicked 6 FG’s and ruined the next 17 things that had to happen.

15)   When a NFL punter gets unlucky enough to break his jaw on a play, it is kind of piling on to add the words “cracked vertebra.”  Scary.

16)   Lakers Chris Kaman is confused about his lack of playing time this year.  He was a free agent they pursued, is a large front line dude, has serious skills, was already in an All Star Game, and sits the bench for a bad team.  I am confused also, Chris.  At least we know you didn’t miss your calling as a model.

17)   The Big East is doing its best to have a say for best college basketball conference.  Butler, Nova, Xavier, Creighton, Georgetown…Not a bad crew they assembled during Conference Armageddon.

18)   Family Guy brought back Brian in one of their time travel tricks they use.  I missed Brian, I don’t mind the new dog, but if THIS isn’t a knee jerk fix to a viral reaction to killing him off, I don’t know what is.  I think they should have waited.  It is not like Family Guy people are going to stop watching the show because of the family dog.  The brilliance of the show is much larger than that.

19)   But I did miss him of course too.

20)   These speed versions make it tougher for more pictures in my blog.  I will keep trying and just making sure you are aware.

21)   Derek Jeter calls his home St. Jetersburg and has visitors put their smart phone in a basket as they come inside.  I think the name is cheesy as hell, but the smart phone idea is not too shabby.

22)   If you are slacking on reading the best website in the world, don’t have the time to check it regularly, but want to know what I am talking about in a synopsis, here you go.  Deadspin’s Year in Review.

23)   If you have children, like Peyton Manning, and are curious who the heck Bootsy Collins is, then here you go.

24)   I am a picky eater anyway, but if this is on the table, you can forget about it.


25)   A recruiter forgets to hang up.

26)   I am heading to NYC Thursday.  My last trip didn’t give me the time to check out the one major thing I have never seen in NYC from all of my childhood and college trips.  911 Memorial.  Staying walking distance away.  Excited to finally see it.

26a)  Editor’s Note:  I wasn’t able to see it because it didn’t exist when I was a child or in college.

27)   Sure, I howl at the moon a lot in this blog.  That is me releasing.  Anyway, WHY doesn’t the NFL use fullbacks anymore, and why don’t teams jump over the pile at the goal line anymore?  It doesn’t compute overall for me.

28)   Interesting conversation I heard on radio on the ride home from work.  They were asking Jim Boeheim if his coveted zone would work in the NBA.  I liked his answer, but I will say this.  You would be able to do it, but intermittently.  There are not enough true centers floating around, ball movement is too good at that level (unless you are on the Knicks), and there are too many shooters.

29)   Speaking of the Knicks, it seems no one is really sure if Amare Stoudemire is healthy enough to play or not.

30)   Mike Tomlin says that LeVeon Bell was an easy draft pick over Eddie Lacy this past draft.  Why I care what an eliminated coach says on a national scale is beyond me.  We got the playoffs coming.  Let’s focus on that.

31)   My favorite part of this week every year.  I am watching the replay of the Jimmy V speech.  How moving…EVERY year.  In case you have lived in a bubble, here you go.

32)   LOVED the Green Bay Packers bit, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, go back and click the link, dammit.

33)   The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the Yankees were $28 million over the luxury tax threshold.  You wouldn’t be able to read that article if you were hanging out at St. Jetersburg.

34)   Nick Saban is SMART.  He invites Lane Kiffin to Bama to sit there, brainstorm, and call it professional development.  Why not?  Take EVERYONE’S ideas, especially guys who presently don’t have a day job and can give you the time.

35)   Anyone notice the Capital One Bowl Week is 10 days?

36)   If Jerry Jones had to list hobbies on an personal information document, would he include saying “I back Tony Romo and Jason Garrett” to the media?

37)   Brian Roberts agreed to a one year deal with the Yankees.  So, they basically get another player who probably is overrated and can’t make it through a season healthy.  That sounds about right.

38)   There are 82 games, but I thought that the Clippers win over the Spurs last night was slightly a statement game.

39)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

40)   Just a tagline.  MAYBE a short one tomorrow, but I will have a three and a half hour flight to NYC Thursday.  Plenty of time to rant.  Peace.

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