Seriously. All time great movie. Enjoy the games today. I know I will.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  The games start in an hour.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Hopefully, you haven’t bummed a lighter to burn your bracket.  I am tired after a long day off and having to go to an alumni thing for the UVA game.  But this is kind of like the day before Christmas.  Actually, MORE so.  Less games, less teams, higher quality (except for Tennessee vs. Mercer of course on Sunday).  I am literally bouncing off the walls.  For you people who think I am tough to be around in OTHER months besides March, I must be HORRIBLE during March/ early April.  Lindsey is a gem and somehow tolerates me.  Wait.  Or am I EASIER to hang around since all I do is stare at the TV?  Hmmmm.  That is a twist.

2)      Bonus.  Since we are an hour out of game time, Animal House is on VH1 and in the background.  If you don’t think that is one of the best and most quotable movies of all time, than we have a problem.  I will put you on double secret probation.

3)      Has Donald Sutherland EVER looked YOUNG in a movie?

4)      Donald and I are tight.  I drove to his movie set one day after babysitting Jamie Lee Curtis’s kid and Billy Baldwin’s and China Phillips’s dogs.  I was told to not say ANYTHING to him unless spoken to.  What happened?  Dude opened up the conversation by asking “are both your parents alive?”  Odd.  Weird.  Probably a genius.  Anyway, he looked old way back during Animal House.

5)      Well, the Caucasians/ foreigners did it again.  I am glad that I didn’t live on the edge and go with my gut and Oklahoma State, as they obviously couldn’t even get out of the first round against the Zags.

6)      My bracket (if you go against my rule and count Final Four teams after the first two days as opposed to Elite 8 teams) is not busted.  Sometimes you just need to bend the rules a bit.  The New Mexico reach and Duke hurt a LITTLE bit.

7)      I never noticed how badly they did jumping jacks before.  How is that?  I have to have noticed that before, right?

8)      Patrick Warburton playing the can in the NAPA commercial and saying “twins” is excellent.  One of my favorite people in the whole world.  Puddy.  Rules.  Awesome.

9)      There was a food special yesterday.  It was sliders.  I ate twice.  Seven total.  I love my metabolism.

10)   My motto during brackets is this.  “If I lose, I want everyone to lose.”  What does that mean?  It means that if New Mexico loses, then I want Dayton to make the Elite 8 dammit.

11)   The Jets and Michael Vick.  Mark Sanchez is free.  Everything about the Jets is simply dysfunctional.  Seriously, I know the cliché is “you couldn’t WRITE this,” but in the Jets case, you seriously couldn’t write it.

12)   Must be the Benjamins.  HAS to be.  Buzz Williams moving from Marquette to Virginia Tech is a lateral/ possibly downward move if you ask me.  Why?  Marquette has a good pipeline.  You were lucky to get the job.  Now, you go to Blacksburg?  Non sequitur.  I see a directional school in your future in five years.  Enjoy the hole in the wall that is Blacksburg.

13)   Jim Calhoun is considering the Boston College job?  Is this a joke?  See the previous hook and add a scandal.

14)   Logan wants me to expand on hooks more often.  Note to self, and but today, buddy.  I am in a rush.  Florida-Pitt tips in 30 minutes.

15)   Matt Schaub going to the Oakland Raiders not only prompts Oakland jokes but also UVA jokes.  I can’t even keep track.  What a waste.  Does it seem like surreal that the Texans were very recently GOOD?

16)   And there goes THAT experiment, and maybe the doctors aren’t idiots.  “Bynum.”  ‘Back.”  “Out.”

17)   I LOVE the pickup of Lance Moore by the Steelers, and now can truly say “Hey, Emmanuel Sanders, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

18)   Jason Collins has heard a negative comment on the court allegedly.  In a related story, a lot of the people in the south are a little racial, the sky is blue, and the grass is green.  Be strong, Jason.  Me, along with about a billion other people are firmly in your corner, and remember that us ballers ALL call out the biggest “weaknesses” on the court.  Tough it out.  You are a martyr.

19)   I never watch her play and don’t care about the game, but Lindsey is getting closer to the famed level of 461 in Candy Crush/ Sugar Mash, and I have told her I want to watch.  I probably should ask the rules first though.

20)   I rarely outwardly support him, but I concur absolutely on this.  Nick Saban says the combine should be BEFORE the commit date for college players.  They would see more where they would fall and make a more logical decision.  Couldn’t agree more.

21)   Yes.  I admit it.  I truly believe midway through the game last night that UVA was going to be the first #1 to lose…ever.

22)   I liked how during the game last night, the announcers said the FULL name of Stephen F Austin like on every play.  “And Stephen F Austin steals the ball.  Stephen F Austin takes the shot.”

23)   Another blog, and I believe the Sixers are still losing.  Pinch me if I am wrong.

24)   Another blog, and Kevin Durant is still scoring over 25 points a game.  51 last night.

25)   Apparently, there are no perfect brackets now because of Stephen F Austin.  AND, Yahoo reports that there IS a perfect bracket out there, but it was not submitted for the money.

26)   Three entries in the knockout pool for $5k, three entries left.  I could tell you my entries, but I will keep that under wraps since it worked on Thursday/ Friday.  I just have to make it through the weekend.

27)   I could sit here and sum up the night games last night, but it is 9:51 and tip for UF-Pitt is at 1015 I believe.  It’s been real, and my sum up will be tomorrow afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

28)  “Only WE can do that to our pledges.”

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