Sea Legs…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock only because Game of Thrones is on in 1 hour and 12 minutes.  Not an airplane cast.  Sunday afternoon cast.  SUPER-speed version per hook.  Let’s turn and burn.


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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s move.  I have stuff to do and GOT to watch.
  2. JJ.  Lots of pops.  Quit an hour ago.  Dude is as cool as you and the person next to you aspire to be.  
  3. Lindsey and I accomplished two things this weekend. We bought a king bed with our shoe box savings from 2015 and Lindsey’s parents gave us a 60” TV.  That is so…sorry mom…DOPE.
  4. I was right on the Spurs game.
  5. I was right on the Cavs game.
  6. I was one round off on the Canelo fight and literally called it like it happened.
  7. You don’t ever want to box me.  I am very, very good.  
  8. If you don’t already, watch Silicon Valley. It is GOLD.  
  10. Amit from work might be one of my favorite people in the world. He beat me on this poker hand, but we had our “I would take a bullet for you” moment.  amit sleeping
  11. How I haven’t figured out when I have lost my cat the last three times that all I have to do is tear a legal piece of paper is beyond me.
  12. I am moving. Clinton-Trump.  
  13. If there was ever a definition of “lesser of two evils,” I haven’t heard of it.
  14. Watching a rerun of SNL. They just busted out “Donald Trump thinks a taco bowl is a bunch of Mexicans in a hot tub.”
  15. Have I mentioned that Hubie Brown is the best announcer…ever?  
  16. Have I mentioned that hockey announcers know more…than everyone.
  17. I don’t know enough about Zika to talk about it. I am transparent.
  18. Please just tell me the new Paterno story is…fluff.
  19. I now entertain myself by reading Trout-Angels-trade articles.
  20. If Crosby wins another one, no one can talk shit about him…for forever.  
  21. If you are thinking about going to Belize in the next two years, and DON’T contact me, then you are bizarre.
  22. And if I disappear suddenly, I am hanging out with the McAfee guy in San Pedro.  
  23. Why aren’t there more articles about where Tim Lincecum ends up?
  24. Cake By The Ocean is my favorite new song ever for the next two weeks, was our walk out song for the wedding, and was only outplayed by Payphone in Crested Butte ever in the history of my life.
  25. Sorry, anyone in Crested Butte that weekend.  
  26. Climbing that mountain from Aspen this summer.    
  27. New rule. If I say a horse will win, Lindsey will put it in as a “show” and therefore check my ego but give us a couple bucks.  
  28. Lauren, thanks for dinner last night (oddly John doesn’t read this and I guarantee that Lauren doesn’t read this).  john lauren
  29. If you haven’t worn a big hat to a Kentucky Derby, then you haven’t lived. linds hat better
  30. If you don’t hate Philly fans and don’t respect Boston fans, then you haven’t lived.  Boston fans are incredible.  
  31. Damn, I love this girl.  fun pic martinelli's
  32. I think the Griz firing Joerger is a level below firing George Karl when dealing with Cousins.
  33. I hear that these buzzed blogs are like lightning in a bottle, but I am just typing right now.
  34. I am not really hard to please.  I ate ALL of the pepperoni.  cheese plate perfect-no pepp
  35. Seriously, not hard to please.  Just want mac and cheese.  blog mac and cheese
  36. On record. The Pens will win the Cup.
  37. I think David Martinelli might be overly flamboyant, but possibly cooler than you and I combined.  
  38. I just watched the Jon Snow wake up scene on SNL and cried while watching.
  39. I cried twice today, because I always cry when Jenny jumps in the pond when the mic goes out when Forrest speaks.  
  40. Still crying during Jon Snow sketch.
  41. I feel like Nolan Ryan still would have knocked out Ortiz also.  
  42. Stanley Cup is the hardest thing to win in team sports, but amazing how home ice is not the same as home field or arena in football or basketball.
  43. Nyquist ran a strong enough race that I might believe he could win the Triple.
  44. BUT, count me in for Gun Runner for the Belmont, and going BIG on the strong finishing Exaggerator for the Preakness.
  45. I was at a party where a guy had a horse racing app on his phone. App crashed.  Crazier story is that I was sitting next to the emergency IT guy for TVG the moment they lost $10 mil.
  46. Marty.  Still broke from wedding.  No prizes, but I will buy you a thing of popcorn if you text me the word GOT by midnight tonight.  
  47. I love hoppy IPA, mac and cheese…and hoppy IPA, and mac and cheese.
  48. Anthony, give me the word “charcuterie” by 645am tomorrow and I will buy you a Torchy’s taco.
  49. Yes, Hoban, I still owe you one.
  50. He doesn’t like pics, so I will give him a pass.
  51. I don’t owe one to Omar because he never comments on this shit anymore.  I think he only read this when we were traveling together.
  52. Rob Rigsby.  Email me “norman” by 10pm tonight and get a Torchy’s taco.  
  53. Someone asked me my favorite mac and cheese place today, and I immediately just blurted out “Max’s.”  
  54. I think I am fine with that expert advice.
  55. I went to a Butcher’s restaurant, their special was a burger with cream cheese, and I was disappointed. Humboldt and Justice Snow’s…better.  
  56. I hate dressing up, unless it makes me money or if I am hanging out at UVA.
  57. Taking my lady to UVA in August.  Excited to show her the best campus in the nation, proud to have graduated, and I remember I used to be pretty smart.  Calculus 4, people.  A plus.  
  58. If one more person comes up and tell me Avatar is a good movie, I am going to hit them.   Dances with Wolves with Blue People.  
  59. I am glad the Greek Freak is finally getting some press. I watched his pre-pro film.
  60. Still want my $100, Steve, from me predicting that that dude from Ohio I was downloading high school games from would be decent.  
  61. Ralph.  $1.00 if you tell me the phrase “Buckeye” before 7am Mountain tomorrow via text.
  62. Ralph doesn’t read this or engage in any kind of social behavior. Rudy, don’t tell him.  rCapture
  63. Well, that is ONE way to get on the wire, UAB.
  64. Did Bartolo just belt one?   Trivia question from hell five years from now.  
  65. I LIKE that you were shooting during O Canada, Mr. Wade.
  66. If you don’t love Forrest Gump, then you should be shot.  
  67. Lindsey is making fun of me because I cry when Lt. Dan rolls up on Gump’s wedding.
  68. I can probably whip whoever tells me that is a pansy move.
  69. I am just good at bar games, and some people play this game every day and still can’t beat me.
  70. corn hole
  71. I think Lindsey’s dad doesn’t like me, but just accepts at the end of the day that I am a good dude and will take care of his daughter.  He calls me quirky.  I will take it.  He has his moments though.  steve avery awesome
  72. Cool pic.  Avery is pretty incredible.linds avery
  73. Nice pic.  linds fam
  74. This was a painful hand to lose against Amit.  painful poker hand
  75. I love Rain Man SOOOOO much.  She has it on and never saw the blackjack scene.
  76. That’s it. Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
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