Save the best for last…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

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1)  The Rockets and Nuggets are in the same boat.  They both have lots of talent, just not on the star level.  And they both have a lot of pieces.  They are the definition of teams that need to trade/ move up in draft order, and can afford to do it personnel wise.  The Rockets, a day after getting the 18th pick in the draft, moved up two more spots to #12 aka near the end of the draft lottery.  I like their moves so far, I like where they are at in the draft.  They are active.  Someone whisper to the Nuggets that they should be doing the same, unless their master plan is something similar to when the Celtics suddenly landed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen within an hour of each other a couple years ago.

2)  I hear the Clippers want Lamar Odom.  Chris Paul wants Billups back and even came to his basketball camp in Denver to recruit.  I think Billups should find a way to sign with the Nuggets no matter who offers, as he loves being here and grew up here.  I think Odom would be quite happy to go to La La Land, and be a good, flexible addition to their lineup.  Isn’t his Kardashian chick still out there?

3)  Sidney Crosby is reportedly going to ink a $104 mil long term contract.  I don’t know the number of years on this deal, but if they say his head is good to go, he is worth whatever amount.

4)  The Dodgers are giving a Cuban player $42 mil reportedly to join their team…and to think everyone was wondering where the parking money was going when Magic bought them.  Silly.

5)  Baylor’s Perry Jones III joins Jared Sullinger as being flagged for an injury.  The knee this time.  Given that scouts were already doubting a lot of things outside Jones’ crazy athleticism, this sure ain’t going to help.

6)  Lions DE Cliff Avril has come out saying it is unfair to flag the Lions for the amount of arrests they are getting.  Uhhh.  Cliff, talk to your boys in the locker room.  Tell them to stop doing dumb shit and we will leave your team alone.

7)  Jonathan Vilma has filed a notice of injunction against the league.  I haven’t looked it up as to what it is, but something tells me it wasn’t Jonathan’s idea.  It SOUNDS really important though.

8)  The building across the street from my office is getting torn down for condo development.  Everyone of my colleagues was staring entranced at the massive destruction.  What caught my eye was that the destroying crane had “Hitachi” on the side. Those guys make radios AND cranes?

9)  Big news.  David Beckham did NOT make his Olympic soccer team.  I have no comment.  How the hell does that happen?  He must have slept with Rooney’s wife, because I believe this team DOES have a history in that area.

9a) At least Beckham can have some free time to enjoy his new throne, a survey saying that married women coveted him the most of anyone out there sexually.  In case you were curious, virgin boy Tebow got second in this survey.

10)  The Yankees lose Sabathia AND Pettite within hours of each other.  There is no conspiracy theories here on this one.  They have very little when it comes to starting arms, and I guess we will see how bad the other guys really are.

11)  Unless you have lived in a bubble for the last two months, I just wanted to make sure you knew.  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the Lakers are looking at trading Pau Gasol.

12)  I told you we knew 40% of the situation.  It is now being reported that Larry Bird is citing health issues as a reason he is stepping down.  That gives me a reason, and I feel bad for the guy.  But, at least the story is not he is simply “stepping away” from a young talented team on the cusp of winning that he helped build.

13)  Caroline Wozniacki was the first huge (ranked-wise) upset of Wimbledon.  For people who know tennis, they know Serena and Maria secretly smiled seeing that headline.  For people who don’t care, I will just say that the chick is really, really, really good.

14)  Take THAT Citta!  You lost on Portugal…barely.  Anyway, in EURO 2012 Spain advances to final against the Germany/ Italy winner aka GERMANY I hope.  I worked during the game, but heard it was slightly subpar.  The penalty kick session WAS exciting.  And, evidently, ex- Miss America and music star Vanessa Williams coaches the Portuguese.  Christian Ronaldo never shot during the PK’s because coach was SAVING him.  Dude has made 23 of his last 25 PK’s, and coach sits him.  They lost 4-2 in the session.  Good job, Vanessa.

15)  Chase Utley made his debut last night (THANK GOD BEING A PHILLIES FAN).  Cool thing?  He homered in his first AB.  Not cool thing?  They still lost.

16)  Phelps ties up Ryan Lochte in their head to heads in the Olympic trials.  He touched out Lochte by .05 to win the event.  We can pretty much expect that exact thing in either or order in the Olympics.  Those two, and then everyone else.

17)  I want to know how many people clicked on this article in less than .05 of reading it.  I personally am guilty, and the .05 was only because I was scared it was going to a porn site directly from the sports site.  Headline: Olympian Rice tweets photo in birthday suit.  Just to clarify, she still looks good in the photo, but it is a material suit that happened to be purchased ON her birthday.  Damn.  Happy birthday, Stephanie.

18)  Finally, did you hear about the fan at the TB-Miami MLB game who got a bruise from being hit by a BULLET?  Apparently, they calculated that the bullet was fired into the air upwards about a mile and a half away.  Crazy shit.

19) 1:01.  Time’s up.  Am I blogging tomorrow again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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