Rule #1a. If this movie is mentioned in passing, then it is the theme. Always.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Day rant.  Not speed version.  Airplane rant.  Blind as a bat for internet.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I am bursting.  My legal pad list is all crinkly and folded up from being by my side for the last couple days.  Let’s GO.

2)      This World Cup is more about the upstarts than the powers thus far.  It is fun.  We knew Costa Rica was dangerous, and that Chile would give people problems.  But talking about it and doing it are different.  Think about this, people.  Only EIGHT teams have won the World Cup.  Eight.  That is small with parity going on in so many other internal sports.  Now, some of the lesser teams are stepping up.  And they have the talent too.  Think about THIS.  Columbia has never won the World Cup.  Columbia is a second tier team from the giants.  Columbia has ONE player who doesn’t play in the upper echelon leagues.  ONE.  That is amazing.

3)      On my way back to Denver from Detroit.  Expect random thoughts I had during my trip.  You know me.  I don’t organize this thing…which is probably why I called it a rant back in the day.

4)      Actually, that was not the original reason, but we will go with that.

5)      Apparently, if you fly out of Detroit any time but early morning or dinner time, the security lines are minimal.  I left my pullover in the Budget rent a car.  From the time that I went from in a seat by my gate calling them to back in the same seat working, 28 minutes elapsed.  Moving on.

6)      The Braves lost RHP Gavin Floyd to a broken elbow.  I could comment on how the Braves can’t seem to catch a “break” with their overall team health, but I will just say that a “broken elbow” sounds very painful.

7)      Listen, Mr. Klinsmann.  Ghana is more physical  than Portugal.  That is pretty much true.  We don’t have a true replacement for Altidore with the speed and skills that needs to be at that position.  Let’s replace Altidore with a midfielder and call it a day.  The only way to stop Ronaldo is by plugging the midfield and limiting his touches.  Dempsey will be fine out front by himself.

8)      Have  mentioned ever that Ronaldo is one good looking dude?  Oh.  I have?  My bad.  Just saying.

9)      I don’t have the time to watch it nor the pure motivation, but if I could stop time like Scarlett can in Lucy apparently (have I mentioned how HOT she is?-I have?), would watch it because they DO turn right occasionally as it is one of the few road races.  I noticed JJ hasn’t won those much (or at all-can’t remember).  He is just a turn left kind of guy.  Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart are the studs when it comes to road races.  Nine and seven.

10)   Yes.  I knew that stat.  I read EVERY page of the paper when traveling.

11)   I feel bad for this dude next to me.  He is as large as I am, and he is trying to sleep.  When are they going to start asking your height and weight so you can pair off with your opposite on flights.  That would b e fancy if it was guaranteed I had a 5’3” tiny person next to me every flight.

12)   SCRATCH that idea.  Realized I would get kids next to me.  Screw THAT.

13)   I still can’t believe Spain is not only out of the World Cup, but crashed and burned to exit stage left.  They are ends of dynasties and then there are abrupt ones I guess.  Thought they would easily make it out of their group.

14)   If you ever have to get from Petoskey, MI to New Buffalo, MI, I suggest flying into Grand Rapids or Chicago.  That drive was long.  But I guess with the time before and after a flight, you might as well drive.  Michigan is very green.

15)   I don’t mind long drives, but traveling is hard enough when I am losing work time driving.

16)   UVA is looking GREAT for the CWS champion this year.  Still in the winner’s  bracket.  It will be kind of funny if the final series was between Vandy and UVA, my #2 and #1 college picks when coming out of high school.

17)   I don’t think the Skins should have to change their name.  I WILL say that I am tired of reading about it every day…so just change the damn thing and END it.

18)   So, for those of you keeping score and trying to read these mock drafts, the problem with Embiid’s recent stress fracture that he is having surgery for is that it was NOT the injury scouts were fearing initially.  It was his back originally .  At least he doesn’t have to be at the draft because of healing time/ flying rules, so he won’t have to have the camera on him when he drops a couple spots and we all wonder where he will fall.

19)   Kind of kidding.  I would still take him top 5.  Just not #1.

20)   Ahhh, the days of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana.  They were killing the charts the last time the Royals won ten straight.  I was trying to think of a good improve joke on this hook and then I realized that Pearl Jam’s album name was…Ten.  Boom goes the dynamite, and I never said I was funny or clever.

21)   Dry humor and just not theDULLEST knife in the drawer might be spot on.

22)   Blackhawks-Caps I think is a solid choice for the Winter Classic next year.  Props to the committee.

23)   I am going to restate my funny tweet from today.  When I was watching the Italy-Costa Rica game before my flight, I pictured a bunch of English fans sitting around eating pasta and listening to Pavarotti.   I couldn’t do it because of the 140 character limitation, but my addition WOULD have been “wearing togas.”

24)   I hope you are as excited as I am for the onslaught of coverage of concussion issues in the World Cup.  It will happen.  Already a couple stories about players having symptoms and coming back.

25)   And the fakers get all the press because they are faking it, but those soccer players DO take some blows a lot during a match.  Physical game, people.

26)   If you get a chance to go to Traverse City, do it as it is nice.  You can either stay downtown, which I only drove through, which is cozy and right on the water, but evidently has nothing going on inside the town unless there is a festival occurring.  I chose the other route, which is to stay at the Hampton Inn on the other body of water 5 miles away, earn my Hilton points, get the OTHER beach to walk on, and rent a jet ski as I do everywhere I go if there is water.  The water was glassy.  It was a speed day as opposed to a get air day.

27)   Some Senator is showing an ad with Brett Favre doing the talking.  That is smart.  Congratulations, Senator whatever your name is.

28)   Lucy Li shot a 78 for her opening round (writing this while she is playing her second round, so don’t jack up this hook, Lucy).  It is the US Open.  Shooting a 78 is respectable for anyone.  Apparently, her playing partners enjoyed the experience.  Shut up, Stacy Lewis.  You would have wanted to enter the big show if you were in sixth grade and that good too.  By the way, did you SEE the leaderboard of the tourney?  Lewis.  Creamer.  Wie.  KARRIE FREAKING WEBB.  JULI FREAKING INKSTER.  I didn’t even think the last two played anymore, Wie of course is a media hound, Lewis is #1 in the world, and Creamer is just…hot.

29)   I don’t think Richard Sherman really was mad at camp.  I think he manufactured the scuffle with WR Phil Bates for media exposure.  You know.  To keep that angry guy image thing going.

30)   My favorite headline of the week.  “The Jets release soon to be imprisoned RB.”  Sounds like a good plan.

31)   Bama wins again.  Down to Oregon and Bama, the #56 prospect in the nation and also a top high school QB (Blake Barnett) went with Bama.  I am sure Oregon can pick up some running/ athlete/ QB SOMEWHERE.

32)   In the style of Jim Rome, I would like a moratorium on the Melo-Heat story until we know it is really real.

33)   Check THAT item off the list.  The best pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw finally gets a no-hitter.  If you have seen him pitch at ALL over the years, you knew it was just a matter of time.  Stuff is too nasty not to put together nine innings or hit perfection.  And getting 15 K’s means you are not just getting lucky with great fielding plays.

34)   LOVE that Pop poked indirect fun of LeBron at the Spurs celebration by counting to his five titles.  That is classic, whether he admits that was what he was doing or not.

35)   LOVE the speech that Pat Riley did when talking about the Big Three.  It sounded natural even though we assume it was calculated, and I would say the ball is firmly in YOUR court, King James.

36)   What can I say?  I avoid it at home, but it is what it is when I travel.  If I see the arches, and am in a rush, and want to maximize my dollar, I am hitting McDonald’s.  It is true that I have eaten McDonald’s every day this trip.  Just ONCE though per day.  Let’s not push it.  It wasn’t like that Spring Break in Key West when my fraternity brothers and I ate it every meal for like a week.

37)   What I also like about McDonald’s is that I can rely on it to stay in my belly for like 6 hours, and therefore eliminating another meal if I don’t have the time.

38)   What I like about Michigan is that it is a state that still has the old school 2 cheeseburger meal.

39)   I didn’t fully examine it before my flight.  Will you just read Deadspin every day?  It is healthy.  I mean, to give an example from today, where ELSE are you going to read about a police probe involving alleged people in wheelchair sections of the World Cup apparently jumping out of their seat several times during matches?  WHERE?

40)   I have a new workout plan on trips.  I always have too much work to do when I get to the room, and then need a drink when work is done and don’t feel like hitting the fitness center.  I am going to just do pushups, crunches, and jump squats…like whenever.  Like in between things I am just going to bust out 50.  Maybe even in the airport.  50.  Maybe that will kill time in between rental car shuttles.  I will look weird, but so what?  It is constructive.  My workout will be a stretch Herschel Walker if you will.

41)   I try to do the morning workout, but I always have to get a head start before Mountain time people get to work so my day after the appointment is shorter.

42)   This is an airplane rant.  No links provided. Just google “british boy band Britain’s got talent” and watch it.  It is high quality.  Thanks for sending it over, Mom.

43)   When Uruguay beat England, to some it was a crazy win.  I say it was as expected, as Uruguay is a whole other animal WITH Luis Suarez.  He made his entrance after his injury with gusto, netting BOTH goals in the win.  Useless thoughts.  Uruguay IS on that eight team list.  So is Britain, but not recently.  Wayne Rooney has ONE goal in all of his World Cups, surprising for the best goal scorer in recent England history.  I would like to see Suarez and Italy’s Balotelli (might have spelled it wrong and I am not editing this when I get home) go out and get LOADED together.  Two of the off the beaten paths stars with some pops.  Sounds fun.

44)   I am enjoying this Kevin Love stuff.  Of course, another hobby of mine is reading trade rumors.  Anyway, the Warriors and Wolves are talking.  It is rumored that it is basically Thompson and Lee for Love and Kevin Martin and I think a draft pick.  Lee is the poor man’s Love.  Ok.  Martin is the poor man’s Thompson.  Ok.  WAIT.  That is not right.  Way to get two poor mans back, Wolves.  Maybe that draft pick is going the Wolves way.  It better be I say.

45)   By the way, in my week of bonding with my rented Kia Soll and if you are thinking of getting one.  Visibility behind you sucks backing up and it sounds like it is going to explode when passing someone.

46)   The Nuggets offered Faried and Chandler.  The Nuggets have so many combos of possible trade bait that I get confused when they try to do something.  I say the Wolves come back with two totally different player requests and I bet the Nuggets would say yes.  Plus, I wouldn’t mind rooting on Kevin Love in this town.

47)   The Cavs are hiring David Blatt.  He is the Euro winner guy.  Concerned Cavs fans, here is what you need to know.  Should you be nervous?  Well, it IS a chance as you are hiring outside of league roots.  But, you know you are getting an experienced coach who has won at the level he was on…and it still was a pro league.  I like the hire.  Well, I like it a lot better than picking Anthony Bennett #1 last year.

48)   Poor Cavs.  They had their guy and the #1 pick THIS year, and what happens…an injury to the guy.  They just can’t freaking win.

49)   Andrew Wiggins just suddenly started looking up things like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and stuff.  I bet he can’t wait to get loaded with Johnny Football.

50)   The Silverdome is auctioning off everything even to the point of toilets.  If I live in Detroit, I am jumping on those toilets and throwing those bad boys in my man cave downstairs.  I can’t see grabbing them if they weren’t going to be used, right?  “Over here in the living room are my Silverdome toilets I purchased last week.  They are magnificent.”

51)   The one thing we know about Rex Ryan is that he is a straight shooter.  We know this.  Him getting Belichick’s back on the whole playbook issue obviously means the Hoody (or is it Hoodie?  I always forget.)  hasn’t gotten anything from Mr. Saban.  Rex would tell us if he had.

52)   Jameis Winston’s dad is telling us his son is staying for TWO more years.  You area so silly, Mr. Winston.  Go home and eat some seafood that your kid stole for you all.

53)   The advantage about staying in casinos when visiting clients is the showers I have decided.  Being that I am not very green and take like 3 showers a day when traveling.  The HUGE drawback is the lac of the Hampton Inn breakfast that I usually hit TWICE between 6 and 10am.

54)   Well, I have the weekend to hit stuff I forgot.  Don’t feeling like thinking of more stuff, perusing the Life section of the USA Today and making fun, or getting a paper for ideas with limited room once again in seat.  Therefore, let’s wrap this up.  Join me for my live journal of the US World Cup match on Sunday afternoon.  It will be fun.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

55)   I HOPE you know I am joking about blogging DURING the World Cup game.  That is wrong on multiple levels, and my focus will be whatever the maximum amount of focus I can have on something.  Speaking hypothetically, maybe having a special version of the Bourne Identity with occasional nude sex scenes with Scarlett Johansson inputted into the storyline.  It is like Seinfeld, when him and Elaine are taking “this” and just adding “that.”

56)   Thinking about that last statement.  Nope.  The US soccer match would still win in focus.

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