Rule #1. If I mention it, it IS the theme. It was close between it and Stay Puft, but it won. It could STILL beat the crap out of anything in the sky today.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, but will be finishing up whether done or not by second half start of the UNC-NC State game.  Let’s turn and burn.


1)       First of all, since this is the day of the ranked road team loss day (five today thus far) in bball, let’s get one thing straight.  This is CONFERENCE ball.  Every road game is not easy.  Every road ranked team who took a hit today still has just as much chance to go to the Final Four as they did when they woke up today.

2)      Dwight Howard is back from injury and wants “positivity.”  Stop acting like YOU are not a soap opera.  Dude, you can have your positivity as long as you stop subconsciously trying to make us not like you by dumb comments/ actions.  You are ridiculous.  You are a huge, skilled, machine body ridiculous, but still ridiculous.

3)      I go against the grain.  Lindsey had to remind me that it is actually normal for people to do “dinner and then a movie.”  Not my style.  I want to focus on the movie, so therefore never want to drink before entering a theater commanding my $12 worth of attentiveness.  I either knock out movies during Saturday afternoons, early evening, or I am looking at OTHER options for that intended movie.

4)      Dammit, fog.  You have jacked up my schedule.  Back when Tiger was good, my Sunday afternoons were dedicated to watching Tiger kick ass on a lazy afternoon.  Fog has delayed round 3, making it possible I will be refreshing at work on Monday.  Lindsey thanks you for not making her watch the entire round of golf.

5)      Hmmm.  When does money override having one of the greatest pieces of sports memorabilia of all time?  Interesting question.  I WISH I had that decision, as Mike Eruzione will be auctioning off his Miracle on Ice gear.  Don’t know why he is going to do it, but when the jersey ALONE is forecasted to get about $1 million, why not?

6)      We went to Charlie Brown’s last night for Lindsey’s rooommate’s birthday.  It is a piano bar, with room to sit AT the piano as he plays your requests.  Fun little place.  Me and this other northeastern regular figured out we were both from that area, and pretty much had the piano guy playing Billy Joel every other song.  I apologize to everyone for momentarily forgetting that one line in New York State of Mind, but I DID hit that high part that the piano guy avoided.

7)      Happy Saturday.  No Revis headline.  Nothing about Tebow.  No car crashes for Mr. Ryan.  I am hoping that all of the Jets are presently at a strip club with firearms and drugs so they come back to the wire in STYLE.

8)      They are checking EVERYTHING right now at UCLA, with them kind of winning now.  The last inquiry is about Shabazz’s fancy Gucci backpack.  Word is that it was given to him by his family, and case is closed.  Oh.  By the way, way to lose to Arizona State today, UCLA.  Take heed, bracket pickers.  UCLA will either make a run to the final four from a 4 or 5 seed spot, or they will get creamed by some directional school in the first round.  They are THAT bipolar and THAT talented at the same time.

9)      I already talked about soccer guy Eden Hazard’s kicking the ball boy problems.  That being said, I have a BETTER soccer update.  In Egypt, almost two dozen people were sentenced to death for their participation in rioting.  What happened?  27 people DIED REACTING to that sentencing.  So, more people died complaining than actually doing the initial riot.  If there was ever a need outside of Ron Artest’s daily life that required a flow chart, this is the one.

10)   Yay.  UNC-NC State is starting.  Vitale is announcing.  Tobacco Road.  Anyone NOT watching this either has acceptable family responsibilities, is out of town, or hates basketball in general.

11)   Anderson Silva will fight GSP and Jones before retiring.  Count me in watching those fights.  Silva will also be in a Super Bowl commercial with Budweiser.  Count me in for that too.  He is like the last “old school” MMA guy to me.

12)   I am retired, but I still like the Ravens plus 3 in the Super Bowl.  I am thinking it will be close.  Actually, I am envisioning Kaepernick getting knocked out of the game with the Niners either up or down 4 points.  Then, Alex Smith can come in and either win or lose when getting his shot.  I know, I know.  You can tell I don’t really care about who wins, and that I just want a good game.

13)   Oprah got Lance.  Dr. Phil gets Te’o hoaxer Tuiasosopo for an interview.  What the f%^& is going on?  I have chosen to ignore the rest of the world events and focus on sports.  How come my two least favorite people in the world are invading my world?  Where is George?  WORLDS ARE COLLLDING.

14)   There is no guarantee that A-Rod will come back this season.  And there CERTAINLY is no guarantee that anyone outside of New York cared about that story.

15)   I now have HD TV, meaning there are double the amount of channel numbers to memorize.  My “last channel system” is TOTALLY thrown out of the window.  So, if I like a channel, and click ok for HD, then my “last” channel is the non HD channel.  How the HELL do I just hit “last” between a basketball game and Rocky IV with THAT system?

16)   Stevie Wonder will headline the Super Bowl week performances.  I am so confused.  I thought Beyonce was doing halftime.  Is this headliner the pregame thing?  Confused.  Ugghhh.

17)   If you hate Johnny Football, don’t click on this link.  If you are where I am, and love his story, then this will add to his legend.  Pretty bad ass.

18)   Azarenka wins her second straight Aussie title.  That is great, and I am more happy that I slept well last night.  Do I have to break the news to Lindsey that I want to watch the Murray-Djokovic match tonight at 1am?  I am pretty sure I will have to.

19)   Louisville loses at GTown.  It is one thing to lose a road conference game.  It is another animal to drop three straight when you are a title contender.  Here is what is scary, folks.  Louisville played pretty much as bad as they can.  They lost 53-51 to a good team.  UL will be fine in the long run.

20)   Shhhh.  Florida basketball is flying under the radar like Airwolf (I look for ANY excuse to sneak in an Airwolf reference.  It is my favorite helicopter to this day.  I still want a movie, as it still could beat the crap out of anything in the air these days.).  They can shoot, defend, have a great coach, and will be dangerous come March.

21)   In the latest installment of “should I foul them if up three with less than 10 second less so they can only get the two free throws,” Nova tied the Cuse with time expiring, sent it into overtime, and then won.  In case you want notes for your March bracket picking, know that Nova just broke down Louisville AND Syracuse in the last week and a half.  AND they don’t have four guards on the floor all the time these days.

22)   Michael Crabtree is not guilty in the accusations of sexual assault.  I am still surprised he would even get into that situation in the first place, but whatever.

23)   Raymond Felton is back after 5 weeks for the Knicks.  This is important to the Knicks.  They still lead their division, which is good, but just went 7-7 in his absence.  Why is he so important?  When he plays, he allows Kidd to get plenty of rest and not have to be in control all of the time.  When he is out, Kidd is IT…which makes him look like he is old and slow, which he is.

24)   Congrats to my brother, Matt.  He is 45 years old, and I am 40.  We both look good for our age.  Matt is more the power guy, and just entered the 400 lb deadlift club this week-TWO reps.  Unlike back in school where I was chasing every record you had ( I was an a hole when I swam 304 laps to your 303 in a charity swimathon-sorry), you don’t have to worry about me joining you in THAT club, Matt.  All YOU.  If he lets me, I will post him pulling a tractor trailer.

25)   LeBron hugged a fan after they made a hook shot for 75k.  That is what I call the “I will act playful with the masses and people will see I love this game still and maybe they will forget The Decision.”  You are so silly, LeBron.

26)   I would love to update you on the X Games.  I can’t.  I can’t watch much of it because I wanted to go this year.  Couldn’t work it out from a budget standpoint, and Aspen just takes away money from your wallet even if you are just walking around the time sightseeing.

27)   Tell your friends.  Which men’s doubles team has won the most Grand Slam titles?  Mike and Bob Bryan.  They just got their 13th at the Aussie.  You guys are pretty much unbeatable.  People are just waiting for you to get old.

28)   Oregon basketball is 6-0 in conference play.  I still am watching games waiting for Luke Ridnour, Luke Jackson, or Fred Jones to run on to the court.

29)   It was hidden on ESPN U, but what a fun ending of Memphis and Marshall.  Marshall almost went into their crib and beat them.  Almost.

30)   I swam today again.  Some dude next to me took 15 minutes to set up his ipod, waterproof, swimming gear.  I don’t need music when I am swimming (sometimes I just sing WHILE swimming).  Too much gear, and use the time to sort out things.  Or, you can do what I do sometimes.  To remember the lap, I name at least five players who had a jersey number of that numeral.  It really tests the memory.

31)   I am not a fan, but still am curious.  How did no one create Mio sooner, and why the hell wasn’t it me?  I at least will have “The Tripod.”

32)   During the KU-Oklahoma game today, the announcer said the following words to make me laugh.  “That is what we used to call a corner of the backboard pass.”  Really?  Did you?  Couldn’t find an acronym or shorter name?

33)   Iowa State beat Kansas State today.  Seriously, people.  Just like Kyle Kuric was my favorite player no one knew over the last two years, you NEED to watch Will Clyburn from Iowa State.  Dude can ball.  He had 24 and 10 today in the win.

34)   Bo Ryan got to play Ghostbusters today.  He was up two, there was a foul, and the guy couldn’t shoot it due to injury.  The rule is that if the guy can’t shoot, the opposing coach gets to pick a guy who was on the floor to shoot them.  So, he got to “choose his destructor.”

35)   That is it.  I was going to do breakdowns of hockey thus far, midseason NBA report, or a SB preview, but with the hours I work, the less time with my laptop, the better.  I want to go and enjoy the rest of the first half of this game.  Make sure you wake up and check out Indiana-Michigan State tomorrow at 11am Mountain.  If you are trying to like basketball, this would be a game to get you momentum.

36)   Holy crap.  NC State is up 20 right now.  Sorry, Vince.

37)   Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

38)   Just a tagline.  I am taking off tomorrow.  Talk to you Monday.

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