Round and round…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Not an airplane rant.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s clear the list with a one sentence per hook speed version (not enough hours in the day) blog before the holiday weekend.  I can’t guarantee I will blog every day over the Fourth and you probably can’t guarantee you will read it.  Makes sense.  Everything makes sense.  Let’s roll.
  2. (Finished early, so thought I would add fun pictures)
  3. Did the Busch brothers go 1-2 last week in the Sprint race, and remind me which one is the bad boy one and if that is the same guy who dates the assassin.  
  4. I don’t care if I have used that joke before-YOU try to remember everything you write in a 40 plus hook blog each time coming from a legal piece a paper with messy writing.
  5. Bo Ryan retiring is sad, but the dude built a program relying on plus 100 ranked kids, and really just started at that program about 20 years too late (he is just too old).  
  6. I am glad I missed the rumor initially about De La Hoya coming out of retirement as he is staying retirement so this whole point is null and void, and he got some press to make him happy.
  7. Women’s soccer is different, women came to power later, and the U.S. was kind of early on that front, so it is wacky, wild, and a LOT of fun US being the power team in futbol.
  8. If we beat, England, we are the best…ever…crazy… 
  9. I noticed that story about Mickelson and $3 million in money laundering disappeared recently as fast as it appeared…weird.
  10. Yes, I know it is an older story and just came to the forefront because of new developments.
  11. I am too tired to find out how many Royals will be starting the ASG, but I think everything shuts down tomorrow at some point.
  12. Ok.  I will peek.  Think we lost some.  kc-Capture
  13. I forget whether I should care about the COPA tourney, but because I don’t remember, I guess I will just treasure the fact they are not playing “friendlies.”
  14. Just saw the England goal that lost the game…that freaking SUCKS.
  15. Lindsey won a radio station contest and went on stage on Saturday, and won a Capri Sun ( I didn’t think they were still around, she let me have it, and it was delicious during work this week.).  
  16. I might have mentioned that the other day also.
  17. I had a dream the other night I worked for JC Penney for the “sports-dress suit section” of the store and I woke up after the first ten people on my FIRST day ALL ordered suits…what does that mean on the deeper side of things?  
  18. Mom, if you care, you RAISED me on JC Penney, and I still catch the early morning Saturday clothes specials TO THIS DAY.
  19. Going to Vail this weekend to watch Lindsey’s dad perform for his classical music chorus and bookending it with fun days in Vail and Avon…and reminds me how I am sad people in other states don’t have mountains to just drive 90 minutes to.  
  20. Not in my car…Lindsey’s car (mine won’t make it).  eleanor-IMG_20131228_141610_159 (3)
  21. There is transmission fluid on the ground if you look closely.
  22. All old Jeeps, even Eleanor, leak transmission fluid or have that “gasket” having problems.
  23. Yes, still jealous of you beach people though (I travel enough though).
  24. We are in process of finalizing date and location for our wedding, and THAT will be on a beach.
  25. Leaning toward here, but my say is like 25%.  
  26. Actually I just am down with any cool beach in the general 1000 mile area of where she is looking at.
  27. I like Russell Wilson saying he will play for $25 million or $1.5 million, I don’t mind Seattle rolling the dice a bit, and Wilson is the only athlete prime time right now that can not only leverage other teams but other sports.  
  28. Have a feeling some NBA stuff is coming.
  29. Hiding beneath the women’s WC and NBA free agency is Chris Sale doing some sick shit that Pedro even stopped doing (more than 10k’s per game consecutively).
  30. Oh, and the Angels GM leaving, which I don’t really care about.
  31. I just realized I led OFF with NASCAR-wow, I must be in a crazy mood.
  32. Before NBA, hiding under the headlines is that the Pens just got Kessel, meaning they just think they need more stars instead of plugging holes like the Blackhawks do.
  33. Which they did by trading Saad, a painful loss, but got like four players back in the seven player trade…always rebuilding
  34. No huge upsets at Winbledon…moving on.
  35. I am tired of the Confederate flag thing-just end it.
  36. Phil Knight will retire as Chairman of Nike-not a bad life for a guy who shook an Oregon friend’s hand outside the back of his car full of sneakers…
  37. Good interview, Tiger, and glad your swing is FIXED.
  38. SARCASM, people.
  39. I would like to thank Direct TV for using Ratt “Round and Round” in their latest commercial.  
  40. Have you ever WATCHED the mid 80’s Ratt videos?
  41. Just girls, girls, girls.
  42. I Want a Woman video.  
  43. Lay it Down.  
  44. Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job.  
  45. That might be the theme…
  46. Ok-NBA time-machine gun one sentence round.
  47. DeAndre Jordan wants a bigger part in the offense, wasn’t impressed with the Lakers presentation, and I think he will be what Brendan Haywood PLANNED on being in his career.
  48. LaMarcus Aldridge is stopping at visiting seven teams, and with that amount of visits, there is a better than average chance he passes by Luke Ridnour.
  49. Holy smokes-I took a funny hook the other day and made it SOLID.
  50. The Spurs are getting old, rebuilding, reloading, and spending all at the same time.
  51. Scary.
  52. The Pelicans know LeBron is the best player, but they know theirs is younger, LeBron isn’t theirs, and Davis is a freak, and I support overpaying that Davis lad.  
  53. Kevin Love said to himself “Should I go somewhere and reprove myself, or should I just sign with a dude who has been in the last 17 NBA Finals?”
  54. I love that the Cavs are proving they want to win NOW, but I never thought I would see the day when Iman Shumpert would get 4 years at $10 million per.  
  55. I would LOVE to hear the first argument between Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and Paul Pierce.  
  56. Can I RENT out flies on the wall?
  57. Millsap back to Hawks-why NOT continue to just be pretty good individually and team wise or believing you are the Eastern Conference Spurs?
  58. Dunleavy back to Bulls-weird that LeBron was targeting him anyway.
  59. DeMarre Carroll to RAAAAPPPPTTOOOORSS-just kidding…not that exciting-CANADA ain’t winning the NBA championship.
  60. Tyson Chandler goes to the Suns, and I LOVE that pickup for the Suns.
  61. Not sarcastic.
  62. Finally, Floyd Mayweather made more money in May than Tim Duncan did in his career and I hoped to make my entire life when I was 8. $220 million.  
  63. That’s it.   62 hooks in 30 minutes as I told Linds I would be off in 45 and I am early.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  My weekend blogs will be sporadic.  I need time off too, and there is island time, but there is also mountain time.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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