Robo QB doesn’t want 15 minutes to end.






Aubrey Solomon got a thoughtful thank you note.  The note thanked him for being part of the University of Michigan’s recruiting BBQ.  One problem.  he wasn’t there.  He will open up his commitment status now (although he will still enjoy the recruiting visit there to give them a chance) given the oversight.  Michigan has had multiple decommitments in the last couple days, but this was obviously the funniest.  When he does his visit, I would say Harbaugh better pull one of his better stunts to keep the kid.  Slightly embarrassing.




Todd Marinovich was once a Heisman trophy contender at USC.  Robo QB still managed to get drafted in the first round after an inconsistent college career.  He actually got drafted a QB ahead of some guy named Brett Favre.  After a brief pro career, he is consistently on every biggest flop list…ever.  Well, apparently he is not done with his 15 minutes yet.  In the last day, he decided to walk naked in an Irvine backyard with a bag of marijuana and something possibly that was meth.  Just carrying it naked in a plastic bag.  Can we just pair up Ryan Leaf and him for one single night?  Please.  And let’s keep Todd out of prison.  I bet you he has more up his sleeve…IF he wears clothes next time.




This has to stop.  Or get it over quickly, and THEN let’s end it.  Twenty teams will show up to watch excited Tim Tebow take some swings and throw the ball.  This story has to die swiftly, or have some odd ending that is highly entertaining.



-Dez Bryant apparently has a concussion.  I just assumed he walked around with one all the time judging him from interviews.

-It is too soon for the media to tell me about Kobe Bryant investments.  Too soon.  At least those Ghostbuster commercials stopped with him in them.  I need a break after the retirement tour, and I am sure I am not alone.

-Not sure if you care, but I finally received my Jason Bourne (AND David Webb mind you) dog tags from that damn Matt Damon contest I answered/ lost.  Kind of like going to an amusement park and bringing home a $10 stuffed animal for your girl for a $50 pricetag on the games.

-Shame if the Strasburg season ends with another injury.  Dude is on his way in becoming the baseball version of Tracy McGrady.  And he has SOOOO much talent.

-The Rangers waived Josh Hamilton today, and that dude has had one of the most oddest career journeys since Brooke Shields.

-Not proud to know what is going on from background noise, but I do, and glad Orange is the Next Black only can be so many seasons ahead of my wife’s watching.  I still think I would rather watch that over and over than one Tim Tebow tryout.

-Love how we haven’t even confirmed that the Browns suck yet again but people already want Josh Gordon.  Just as my guest blogger might say this weekend, give them the mandatory four weeks and THEN we know they can unload.

-RGIII at least makes them fun though.

-Gary Sanchez is on his OWN Yankees list.  No one in history has hit 8 HR’s in the first 19 games to start out their rookie season.  Impressive.  Tell your friends.  Not Ruth.  Not Gehrig.  Not Mantle.  But, SANCHEZ.

-Roberto Aguayo is now freezing up in PRACTICE…and getting booed.  That dude needs to go by himself in a high school football field with NO one around…and get things right.  Even Rick Ankiel had a few good years on the mound before losing the toss.

-In my daily look at college football schedules, I checked out FSU, OU, and Michigan.  I forgot that FSU got Clemson at home, and plays in the ACC, so they could run the table with Bama playing Tennessee and LSU at their crib.  I can’t believe how weak the first 7 games are for Michigan.  And I can’t believe how front loaded OU’s schedule is.  UM gets no one and then suddenly at MSU, at Iowa, and at OSU in alternate games.  OU plays AT Houston, gets OSU at home, goes TO TCU, and then has the Red River Shootout…and then coasts for the rest of the season.

-In our daily financial report, I still owe Vince a beer and Bryan S. still owes me $40 from NM.

-In our daily prize report, no prizes, Rudy.

-In our daily Spanish report, Vince is now 2% fluent in Spanish.

-In our new stakeholder financial report, Rudy has made $5.

-And in our daily timeline report, Greg, 21 minutes in and out.

– And welcome again, new readers.  Don’t like or dislike this thing based on this blog or even a week worth of blogs.  Jim Rome used to say you needed about 2-3 weeks before you started getting some of the jokes.  Give me that amount of time, but also be aware I am on vacation this weekend in Virginia.  Therefore, my daily release of a cast might be a little more slim.

That’s it for today.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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