Right idea, wrong solution for A Concourse.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock as there is too much to say and I was busy traveling (that means I have to work into the night).  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Too short of flight to really get into it (plus, I had work to do on plane too), Lindsey is out of town tonight, I will need a break from the work when I get home, etc.  Speed version with a full back and front for my blog list.  I will do my best to skip the boring ones, but it is tough as they are all exciting to me.  I have the feeling that I will be subconsciously moving to one sentence hooks half way through.  I have to unpack and then PACK again for Nashville.  Wedding.  Lindsey’s friends.  Maybe THEY know how to stop my work emails.  Ok.  Let’s shoot for one hour and 15 minutes of typing tops on this.  Let’s dig in.

2)      By the way, these are not complaints when I talk about time.  I simply state my case so you know in a perfect world, I would be writing PARAGRAPHS on all of this stuff.  It is what it is.

3)      I got my hair cut today.  Kind of nice I had a woman old enough to know what the “ER Clooney Caesar” was.

4)      Turn up Huey Lewis, Europe, and let’s watch some Back to the Future.  The Royals are in first place (at least at writing time).

5)      Who needs Tiger?  Ratings were up 36% from last year and the highest since 2009.  I won my pool.  Now I can use the $300 to pay for a flight from a work onsite next week to the middle of South Dakota.  Yay.

6)      Marshawn Lynch is being investigated for sexual assault.  That is one large man.  I hope this isn’t true just because the thought of the beast throwing around a woman against her will is downright scary.

7)      So, I wasn’t there, but my buddy sent this along because my identical twin was in CA this week apparently.  I don’t do the sunglasses, and I think I am being overrated on looks, but it is damn close.


8)      I went to Oklahoma City for work and random thoughts will pepper this rant.  Thought #1.  Can you all get more sidewalks?  I was in the northwest area and I had to INVENT places to walk.

9)      Paul George is pretty active for just breaking his leg.  New car?  Check.  New jersey # and nickname?  Check.  PG-13?  No.  You need to be like rated X or something.  Too many jokes to name when you have a bad game with THAT nickname, T-Bone.

10)   That was a Seinfeld reference.  I don’t have time to explain.

11)   I am working from home into the evening, and Seinfeld is really rocking some classic scenes.  Lip reading?  Check.  Sniffing accountant bar scene?  Check.

12)   Six is GOOD.

13)   Tony Stewart pulled out of the weekend dirt race.  I think you mend EVERYTHING if you just say you are taking the rest of the year off.  Sure, there are sponsors to deal with, but come on.  Someone is freaking dead.

14)   Melo has informed us the Knicks won’t win it all this season.  In related news, he has reminded us the grass is green and the sky is blue.

15)   Speaking of the sky and grass, the Heat and Cavs are playing on Xmas Day?  That is just CRAZY.

16)   How did those photos MISPRESENT you, Jerry Jones?  Seemed pretty accurate and easy to figure out to ME.

17)   Is everyone else appreciating the DAILY updates on Johnny Manziel when you don’t even live in Cleveland?  Geez.  I feel for tired people IN Cleveland.  That would be like me during the Tim Tebow era in Denver.

18)   In case you care, the Browns game the other night was the highest rated preseason game on the NFL Network…ever.  Ugghhh.

19)   Mo’Ne Davis is everyone’s favorite person.  Female that just pitched her little league team to the LLWS.  Bad.  Ass.

20)   Miroslav Klose retired from international soccer for Germany.  Not quite an Elway, but pretty damn close.  He did get the goal record before he did it too.  Nice work, Miro.

21)   May I call you Miro?

22)   Kershaw.  11 straight.  14-2.  1.78 ERA.  AND he got a slacking SIX hitter.  Come on, Clayton.  Lock up.

23)   Tom Watson says the Ryder Cup is Tiger’s call.  Ummmm.  No.  YOUR call, Tom.  He has looked like crap for the most part.  I say no, especially with the injury.  He pulled out of one tourney, and played in pain on the second day of the other.

24)   Someone through a brick threw our window at 1:38am Sunday night.  You suck.  What I am most confused about this is that when I went to investigate, I forgot to take my samarai sword from under the bed.  That IS what it is there for.  Won’t happen again.  Hope the brick thing doesn’t happen again though.

25)   On an optimistic note, I had on my list to clean the couch, which ended up with glass EVERYWHERE.  Task completed.

26)   I have no new information on The Leftovers and my confusion.  I am not caught up on ANY show right now.  I just have enough time in my day for a workout here and there and SportsCenter.  And tonight…this blog.

27)   Hey, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.  I have been picking you for five years to win a Grand Slam event…not the “Rogers Cup.”  Lock and load.

28)   Arsenal beat Man U in SOME title match.  I can’t keep track.  Just pinch me when we are getting closer to 2018.  I am going to Russia with or without problems over there.

29)   And Ronaldo lead Real to a Super Cup something.  Congrats, good looking man.

30)   Not sure how excited I am if I am Trent Richardson and Edgerrin James wants to mentor me.  Damn.  Guess I could have skipped that hook too.

31)   I am on a weird run of Family Guy’s I am not sure I have seen.  That must have been a dark period in my life.  Maybe that was “The Debacle” months when I was at happy hour for like three straight months.  Moving on.  Thanks for coming into my life, Lindsey.  You are an angel.

32)   I have to watch it when watching MLB games.  IF, by chance, I get invested in a game, I HAVE to know who wins.  Therefore, I am glad I stayed away from the Blue Jays this week.  19 innings?

33)   That is also why I have on Family Guy right now.  Actually, I have it on because it is after Seinfeld and I am typing a million miles an hour focused on ranting.

34)   Hey, Bill Self, I am not believing there is more than 5 people in the world who would “want” to diss playing with LeBron and go to…Minnesota.  Not buying that Wiggins WANTED this.

35)   Did you all keep watching the ceremony at the PGA or did you turn it off?  Did you “catch” Rory catching the trophy?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6osp0Vi5SzE

36)   The WNBA (yes, I had some time on the plane ride) has a bigger West vs. East problem than the NBA.  The SECOND place team has a 15-16 record.  That is just scary.  Maybe try that bi-conference idea on them before doing it on the NBA.

37)   I just laughed out loud because of my accidental improv hook.  I can’t cross the line and explain why.  That is gray area.  YOU figure it out.

38)   Just read Deadspin.  I have time to do it in between things, but not always time to share links with you after ranking the stories daily.

39)   The only thing that makes me better about working like 12 hours a day is that my boss answers instantly 99% of the time.  I just traveled with him.  You have to take your phone in the BATHROOM when with him.  And don’t try and do your own navigation with him driving.  He doesn’t know my engineer ALWAYS knows I don’t know where I am going and that I will just figure it out.

40)   He is writing me emails as I write this.  Neverending.

41)   During our travels, he was surprised to know that I got into every school I applied to, could have gotten in Duke and Stanford most likely, was President of Honor Society, the best piano player in NJ for most of my teen years (I hate the word “pianist”), was best student in my class (scheduling robbed me of Valedictorian since I was a year ahead in math), took Calc II before college, VP of Student Council (I didn’t want all the work to fall on me), was most likely to succeed, and was basically a poster child.  I am not building myself up.  I am saying I was the least productive successful student ever.  Sorry, rents.  My bad.  I laid on the lawn between classes and got into a fraternity.  Whoops.

42)   Hi, Debbie (Lindsey’s mom and regular reader)!!!!

43)   FSU tried a “askJameisWinston” thing and somehow is confused how it went haywire??????

44)   Robin Williams.  Everyone else has written much better stuff than I could write.  I will keep it short.  One of the funniest people to walk the planet, Good Morning Vietnam was incredible, I am old enough to enjoy the Mork days, Fisher King and Dead Poets were awesome performances, and Good Will Hunting was incredible, powerful, and glad he got an Oscar.  The combination of serious and funny performances might have given us more of a clue that he was sad and happy.  He will be missed, and shitty ending to an awesome individual.

45)   On that last hook, I am pretty sure that Adam Sandler is NOT sad internally.

46)   Read the Grantland Robin Williams thing.  Solid.

47)   Manny Machado is only on the 15 day DL.  Great news for Baltimore.  They need him not to make the playoffs, but to win it all?  Yes.

48)   Greg Oden was charged.  I haven’t looked on the web for his police photos, but I bet they are epic.

49)   The Raptors were fined $25k for Drake pitching KD on stage at a concert, and even offered to rescind the fine if they stripped him of his ambassador title.  First of all, glad they said no way.  Second, are you KIDDING me?  Are we going to start fining rappers if they sing a song with written lyrics that recruit an athlete?  This is just dumb.  Jay-Z.  Get on it.  Write a song including all of the 2015 free agents.

50)   Another day goes by, and Eric Bledsoe is still sitting on a 4/48 mil offer from the Suns.  Him and Greg Monroe I hear are going to be CRAZY and settle for the going rate, and then be unrestricted next year.  Talk about gambling…

51)   No pics today outside of my clone.  I am just rifling through this thing.

52)   I am not an OU expert, but upholding that Frank Shannon suspension seems like a pretty big hit to me.  Big time player.

53)   Speaking of a big hit, the Broncos losing Trevathan doesn’t KILL their chances, but it does raise the question who will receive the sideline mic calls and WHO will play all three downs as a linebacker.  I guess no one really cares as long as you have Peyton Manning.  “We can just outscore them for three weeks.”  They probably can.

54)   When you go the the Drunken Fry in OKC, and you haven’t tasted their fries, you get a free batch.  Nice.  They were delicious and the options were MANY for a dipping sauce (I saw the word “chipotle” and the decision making process was over).  Love dive bars.

54a)  Only better name of that place would be “Drunken Fly.”  I love adverbs and adjectives by animal bars and always seek them out when traveling.  You never get overcharged at those places.  Love dive bars.

54a)  I am presently trying to NOT eat an entire Chipotle cream cheese container with Wheat Thins.

55)   Stopped by HiLo also for a drink.  They had GTee.  I haven’t played in 5 years, and once considered myself the best to ever play the game, and with rust and all, I got a 17 under.  Boom goes the dynamite.  I remember hustling people at that game.

56)   By the way, I missed it by 15 minutes, but HiLo has $.75 drafts during happy hour.  That is incredible.  Maybe I will just start working remotely from OKC.

57)   A happy meal there though is ALL the time.  High Life and Peppermint Schnapps for $3.50.  I didn’t get one, but just noting it.  Shout out to Brian and Vu for the fun GTee game.

58)   Our work lunch was at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.  Go there.  The house dressing is some delicious cream sauce, the bread came with butter for EACH person, the mashed potatoes were awesome, and it doesn’t happen often you get a steak and don’t even think about steak sauce or anything.

59)   Just saying.  The Phils are 72-87 since Charlie exited stage left.

60)   Just saying.  Feels weird to say that Jared Allen is on the Bears.

61)   Just saying.  Feels weird to say that Steve Smith is on the Ravens.

62)   Just saying.  The Red Sox might suck, but they are the only team in entire league that hasn’t dropped a game when they are ahead going into the 9th inning.  Check it out.  I deliver facts and sarcasm only.

63)   Just saying.  I follow golf and Jimmy Walker being FOURTH in Ryder Cup standings is just weird.

64)   Just saying.  I know a little less about European golf, but Victor Dubuisson is #3 in the European Ryder Cup standings?

65)   Just saying.  Damn you ’94 MLB strike.  Tony Gwynn would have hit .400.  I know it.

66)   Just saying.  There is a music category called “Urban Adult Contemporary.”  That means me.  People who are older but who grew up at the beginning of the rap era.

67)   Just saying.  The Angels have gone 22-13 and have not made up ANY ground on the A’s.

68)   Just saying.  This is weird, I have followed the band for years, they are badass, but you have to admit this is still fun.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQidNoE1epc

69)   What is WRONG with the Detroit Tigers?  Enigma wrapped in a puzzle.

70)   Jon Lester stops the Royals streak at 8.  Jon Lester tells us that a return to Boston is not out of the question.  Is he telling us this AGAIN because he is liking the area a little?  Come on.  You already told us that you wanted to be in Boston.  Are you externalizing your feelings?  Give me a call.  I can talk you through it.

71)   Frontier Airlines needs to stop charging for bags, stop charging for non alcoholic drinks, and DEFINITELY stop that irritating pitch for a credit card or something 20 minutes before each flight’s end.

72)   Living at altitude and then going to drink at some place AT sea level is kind of fun.  Expensive, but confusing to the bartenders.

73)   I would say something about the Clippers suing thing, but I need a flowchart for that.  Something about a countersue.  I was sleeping on the UVA lawn when Scott was getting grades to be a lawyer.  Wrong choices.

74)   Sometimes you do Jerry Rice workouts in the offseason.  Sometimes you bust out the Molly on a vacation, Orlando Scandrick.

75)   Peyton Manning doesn’t like the training camp fights.  I have nothing to add on this.  I had a joke…and then lost it.  Moving on.

76)   Ok.  One hour and 35 minutes.  I am at an hour right NOW.

77)   Super DUI…funny.

78)   Jon Jones is out of UFC 178.  Without cracking on the fact we are at #178, I guess that takes the gusto out of that promotional appearance they had.

79)   The Family Guy where Peter says he is gay is on.  I am smirking while writing this.

80)   ALMOST to football.  Everyone take a breath.

81)   DIA.  This is SERIOUS.  I have a system when I travel, and I need my McDonald’s breakfast before a flight at the only McDonald’s who STILL sells a bagel sandwich as opposed to a muffin.  ANYWAY, I would be fine with you taking it out in the A terminal and replacing it with a DUNKIN DONUTS.  Actually, I would be pumped.  BUT, you did an EXPRESS DD?  They don’t sell serious breakfast.  I can’t live on coffee and a Danish.  Rethink this entire concept.  And why is the new KFC open at freaking 7am with NO breakfast?

82)   I don’t care what the Cubs bylaws say.  I think the old man throwing the OTHER ball back on the field after a catch was dirty.

83)   Somehow I think that LeBron losing a bunch of weight before the season is cool and that Melo losing a bunch of weight is dumb.

84)   Somehow I think that a Rex Grossman sighting in Cleveland is perfect and funny.

85)   Somehow I FINALLY found Sports Nation decent when they had Ronda Rousey on.

86)   Somehow I ate McDonald’s last night and STILL had to buy a $10 hotel sandwich before I went to bed.  My metabolism is the speed of a skinny 17 year old.

87)   Somehow I stayed at ANOTHER hotel whose business center still had those loud, big button keyboards on their computer from 1995.

88)   When Jayson Werth got busted for 105 MPH in a 55MPH, was he escaping to Baltimore?

89)   Tiger and Rory will appear on Fallon together.  I hope Jimmy is RUTHLESS.  I might even stay up for that one.

90)   We live in a society where Michael Vick is sending out media coaching to Ray Rice.

91)   We live in a society where a Raiders fan is still holding up the stereotype by hitting a player at training camp FOUR times.

92)   We live in a society where Luis Suarez is actually appealing biting someone and the penalty involved.

93)   We live in a life where Stephen Curry says that he is better than LeBron at O.  If he would have said “shooter,” I would have entertained it in a positive way.

94)   That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro.  Peace.

95)   That is actually possible since I invented the short “Catch of the Day.”  Peace.

96)  If you made it all the way through the blog, let me know and I will send you a custom Fillerbuster SOLAR POWERED alarm clock.  Colors?  Black and gold, or black and gold.  For $20, I will get you an orange and blue one.

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