Requiem (unrelated to photo)…it is explained, trust me.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Kind of on the clock.  Not as much to say, and just relaxing at home on a Sunday night. But really not in a rush, either.  We’ll see.


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1)       One week until we find out the winner of the British Open.  Can’t wait.  Players are either practicing or playing the warmup tourney this week.  This is pretty much my favorite golf tournament of the year…since The Masters and US Open are both already done.  It is a rotating favorite list depending on timeframe.  The PGA Championship will be my favorite tournament in a month.  LOVE the links play though.  It is a different type of golf.  Early to bed this weekend, as that thing starts EARLY.

2)      Big day in NASCAR today.  Morgan Shepherd became the oldest participant ever in a Sprint Cup race.  Dude is 71 years old.  I won’t go into the whole athlete thing or not, but if someone at that age is competing with the best drivers in the world, then you have….well, you know.

3)      In the same race, Danica triggered a three car crash.  Funniest thing is that she triggered it by bumping her boyfriend.  TWO hooks at the BEGINNING on NASCAR.  You are NOW updated.

4)      Chris Davis hit his 37th HR today.  Two behind PED President Barry Bonds.  I don’t know what the rules are.  Can he just PLEASE volunteer right NOW to get drug tested?  I am on the side of trusting the system and players these days (not YOU, Ryan Braun).  Others aren’t.  You already have bested your season career high.  I know you have been upfront with the media, but 37 IS pretty ridiculous, bro.

5)      Metta World Peace is now talking with the Knicks.  Screw the Clippers or not playing in the NBA at all, Metta.  Stop looking around anymore.  The Knicks are PERFECT for you.  PERFECT.  You, Melo, JR Smith, and others???  You guys can nickname yourself the Legion of Doom.  HAPPEN.

6)      Lindsey has Ted on right now as I am in my own world of blogging.  It doesn’t matter how many times I see it.  The flick is HILARIOUS.  Stop reading and go watch it if you haven’t seen it.

7)      I hear Johnny Manziel left Peyton Manning’s QB camp where he was a counselor due to “illness.”  Pattern.  Repetition.  Twitter photos from a bunch of hot nationwide parties.  Sorry, bro.  We all know you were either drunk or hungover.  Nice job.

8)      There is someone across the ocean wearing a yellow jersey riding a bike tomorrow.  We all wish him good luck.

9)      Penn State will play Central Florida in its 2014 in Ireland.  I like this concept.  Let’s take a university that is JUST coming out of a very dark place and put a bunch of 18-22 year olds in a place that drinks from AM to PM.

10)   I am more on the fence on this one than I sound.  I can’t wait until people at bars say “you are from that child abuse school, right?”  Just saying.

11)   Weidman-Silva II WILL be in 2013.  Yay.  I will make a note to clear my schedule.  Silva will win this one, and I want to make sure I am watching.

12)   Who am I kidding?  I can’t even plan for something a couple days from now, let alone the end of the year.

13)   The Yankees won’t discipline A-Rod for going AWOL on his minor league assignment.  Maybe him and Manziel were having beers TOGETHER.  If Josh Hamilton was in that crew, it would have been a PARTY.

14)   I stay away from law, politics, religion, and other non sports issues in this blog.  That being said, that whole Zimmerman thing is truly JACKED up.  And with my educational background, seriously, HOW are their all women on a jury?  That is insane.

15)   Wait.  NOT because they are women.  Because they are all ONE gender.  Non sequitur.

16)   Tigers P Max Scherzer finally lost a game.  He is now a WOEFUL 13-1.  He has the break to right the ship.

17)   Snowball and James Harden say they want Asik and Lin on their squad.  Can we go ONE day without something from Snowball or related things?  Snowball also said he is happy for a “fresh start.”  Dude, it is not like you were in LA for a long time.  You were there for a year…right after bitching to get yourself out of Orlando.  You are acting like Brett Favre after leaving the Packers, but with only one year on your resume.

18)   I guess I am JUST as much at fault for reporting it, but I truly DO dislike the guy.

19)   Wow.  I just improv’ed putting Favre and Snowball in the same hook.  Ugghhh.

20)   Dammit.  DAMMIT.  We get ONE freaking fast track guy on the US team and he gets busted for DOPING?  Tyson Gay not only got busted, but didn’t even have an excuse ready?  He basically just said “whoops.”  Bolt might as well get ready for the next Olympics.  Actually, he should double check his OWN team, since that is his toughest competition.  Carl Lewis comparisons coming, and let’s hope he sings better than Carl.

20a)  The worst Star Spangled Banner of all time.  Classic.  Uh-ohhh.

21)   Tim Lincecum pitched his 2nd no hitter this weekend.  No one is surprised.  Guy might suddenly not have the stats, but he is the ONLY guy in the league who can post a 4.26 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, and a 5-9 record and STILL have everyone know that he is always capable for a no-no.  DIRTY stuff when he has it.

22)   Tiger is a “full go” for next weekend.  You better be, bro.  Otherwise, we have another month of wondering if you still have the edge to win ONE more, let alone FIVE more.

23)   Listening to the radio on the way home, Lindsey learned that the Fillerbuster liked the band Heart.  True story.  I am not backing down from this.  “Heart when they were hot” is my usual cliché on this.  What About Love was the song in question, and I still love it.  That song, Barracuda, Who will you Run to, and Alone are my favorites.  Why do I use that cliché?  If you don’t know, you obviously didn’t see their “comeback” on Letterman back in the day if I recall.  They are balloons playing guitars.  I actually think the guitarist was the hotter one back in the day.

24)   What is the theme (I know it is confusing with the photo)? I had a blanket my grandmother made for me (Steelers colors) when I was a kid.  Nonna has passed away, and that was a big possession of mine.  I had to let it go.  Lindsey and I went to Vail Amphitheater to see Verdi’s Requiem.  We had lawn seats and it POURED.  I didn’t exactly pack for this like I would for a Panic concert.  Rain/ water is my friend, so it doesn’t bother me, but the blanket is not exactly waterproof.  It smelled like a wet dog, has had a 30 plus year run, and I thought at that particular concert was a perfect resting place for the blanket (I have lots of other memorabilia, mom, of Nonna).



25)   I hadn’t seen the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra since I was a kid.  They were incredible.  MUCH better vocal soloists than the last time we saw the piece done.

26)   Speaking of the show, THANKS to Richard and Steve for EVERYTHING.  They picked up the tickets, the hotel room, and the insanely expensive dinner at Elway’s, which I hadn’t been to.  Steve doesn’t read the blog.  Richard does.  You will get a thank you separately of course, but I have never had a $50 steak before.  I will say that it TASTED like a $50 filet.  Sick. Ridiculous.  Melted in my mouth.

27)   Maria Sharapova hired Jimmy Connors as her new coach.  Good hire.  Any of the other 80’s tennis stars need a gig?  Lendl just coached Murray to a Wimbledon win, Connors is now hired, and Johnny Mac has his TV gig (which he is VERY good at).  What is Bjorn Borg doing these days?

28)   The Astros gave a player a new 4 year deal.  They quietly are building something over there and I respect how they are doing it, but we are STILL surprised any time the Astros spend any money.  They are presently the unsuccessful version of the Oakland A’s.

29)   If you go to the Vail area, and don’t want to pay to stay in the actual town, stay at the Sheraton in Avon.  Dive bar across the parking lot, huge outdoor chess board, patio in room, full residence set up, and THREE hot tubs.  One is by the pool.  The other TWO are on the roof, indoor and outdoor, with a magnificent view of the mountains.  Pretty badass.

30)   During our brief visit, I have noticed with her new love of cards, that if I have chips and a deck of cards with Lindsey during down time, we are all set.

31)   That is it.  Going to go watch Dexter and then watch my roommates drool over True Blood while I do work prep stuff.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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