Receiver? Yes. SAFETY? I beg to differ…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant, but more work to do.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)     Ryan Braun lives in a bubble.  Moors.  Moop.  Moors.  Moops.  I don’t think he gets it.  We are mad that you lied before.  We are mad that you disgraced baseball.  We are mad that you swore innocence on everything in your life the last time when allegations were present.  We are even mad that you haven’t apologized to the urine processing guy who allowed you to get off with a technicality.  We are mad that your contract doesn’t even stop payment of your $130 million or so because of this.  Don’t just do a general apology.  Be REAL.  Be SAD.  Good point made on ESPN Radio today.  Everyone who has NOT apologized genuinely regarding PED’s is still not respected in the game.  Yet, Jason Giambi came clean, and folks have kind of forgiven him AND cheered him when he came back to the game.

2)    Of course, at the same time, know your time in the spotlight is brief.  Word is that the charges against A-Rod will be more severe.  Instead of paper trails, word is that Tony Bosch literally made house calls and injected A-Rod personally.

3)    And yes, Mr. Kemp.  I concur.  Let’s pull Braun’s 2011 MVP while we are at it.

4)    I am watching ESPN News.  Lots of Baltimore reporting today.  Joe Flacco STILL seems like an a-hole.  The only thing he said funny is this.  When asked about his child’s due date being the day of the Texans game, he said “my wife is going to have her hands full.”  That was kind of funny…surrounded by cocky, irritating remarks.  LOVE John Harbaugh though.

5)    Dustin Pedroia is now a $100 million man.  I guess this is a good move by the Red Sox.  If we factor in the ridiculous salaries in baseball (thanks, A-Rod), then I guess this is about just above par.

6)    The Texas Rangers obtained Matt Garza.  So, combine him with Yu Darvish, and you just got 3 wins in most playoff series.  That will just about do.  I also want to see Josh Hamilton get sad if they win.

7)    The state has dropped charges against Florida LB Antonio Morrison.  Not sure if they called in the canine to actually decipher what Morrison said to the dog, but evidently it wasn’t mean enough to sustain charges.  NICE DOGGIE.  NICE DOGGIE.  RUH RUH RUHF!

8)    The Nuggets picked up Nate Robinson this week.  I like this move a lot, but not sure what you do with the amount of point guards the Nuggets have.  Maybe they plan on playing a 4 guard lineup.  Hey, Randy Foye must have started this idea, as Villanova did that all the time when he was there.  At least the Nuggets will have someone in that damn dunk contest getting 25 tries on each dunk.

9)    I am NOT saying I like it.  I am NOT saying I will make time for it.  I am NOT saying it is bad though either.  Let’s just say my computer work and blogging put me in the same room as Lindsey as her eyes are glued to this series True Blood.  I am not sure of the characters’ names, and my only interruption is “is THAT a vampire?” but let’s just say I don’t HATE it.  It is a great show to blog during.  Undisturbed (she ignores me) and I am supposed to not be watching because I don’t care.  Allegedly still.

10)                       Dammit.  Word just super indented my words again.  How does this HAPPEN?

11)                       Von Miller’s favorite person in life today is Ryan Braun.  Dude is stealing almost ALL of the media focus.

12)                         I work on Thursdays.  Lindsey doesn’t.  She is going to my favorite place, Water World, this week.  I am very, very sad.

13)                       This was just about my favorite tweet of the week.  Classic, and written right before they DID score against the Rockies.


14)                       If you think you know your partner, you don’t.  THESE people know each other.  Why?  Because they USED to be the other one’s gender.

15)                       Just in case you were looking for another one of those videos that make you feel like you have accomplished nothing in life, I am here for you.  Here is a dude born with no arms with a very important job who also drives to work every day with his feet.

16)                       Lindsey is taking advantage these days of me not “needing” to watch sports.  This is the lull until football that exists in my life.  As you can tell, I am firmly taking advantage of it myself while blogging about sports on a work night evening.

17)                       LOVE you Deadspin.  The original article by Peter King…is funny.  He writes about what dog would be at which position in football.  Ok.  Funny.  What is FUNNIER are the responses to his article.  The roster of all boxers.  The roster of gods.  AND the roster of SUPERHEROES.  This is hilarious.  Here is the link and the superhero roster.


18)                       Seriously, have a couple drinks and watch Drunk History.  It is hilarious.

19)                       Very quietly, the Orioles picked up Francisco Rodriguez from the Brewers.  No Brewers fans care with the whole Ryan Braun thing, and Rodriguez USED to be special.  You never know, and it is sure worth a draft pick.

20)                       How cool is Blake Griffin?  I follow him on Twitter.  He just tweeted about finding a good pickup bball game in LA tonight.  Nice.

21)                       Fun stuff.  It was an idea from Jack Nicklaus, so it is impossible to say anything negative about it.  The fans will pick the flag position on the pivotal 15th hole at Oak Hill for the PGA Championship by a vote.  Sounds fun.  Can’t see myself getting motivated enough to throw in my two cents, but have fun, people.

22)                       King Sooper’s has tiny pepperoni.  Did this JUST get invented, or is Sooper’s late to the party?  It cuts out that whole slicing pepperoni time from me making my gangster pasta salad (it is very basic-I had one person years ago call it gangsta, so I am keeping the name).

23)                       My CEO is going to follow my RSS feed for my blog.  I suppose that tonight’s plans now include figuring out how to get my blog to do that.

24)                       NASCAR is ending its run with ESPN and moving to NBC.  Now I have an even BETTER chance at missing coverage of the sport.

25)                       VERY cool.  Brady Hoke, Michigan coach, invited the 12 year old cancer survivor who named his cancer “Michigan” to the big game this year.  Nice gesture.

26)                       I just read that the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals wants to change their image.  I THOUGHT the story was going to be about actually WINNING.  I found out it is actually about them wanting to be on Hard Knocks again to show the classy players on their present roster.  Good luck with that.  AND that.

27)                       That is it.  I have to go figure out how to have this thing emit an RSS feed AND work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

28)                       Busy day at work tomorrow, and I have retired from doing consecutive night rants for this blog.  Therefore, you might not see another rant until Thursday daytime.

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