Ready for round two…and pretty darn satisfied from round one.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I ate 10 red peppers with hot sauce and watched Eight Below last night, but still couldn’t match the amount of tears Knowshon dealt out on national TV.

2)      USC picks Steve Sarkisian as their new head coach.  Orgeron resigns out of anger of not being considered.  Sarkisian was an assistant there for almost a decade so it makes sense, and Orgeron can look for jobs in a state north.  Somewhere, Tim Lincecum is smiling.

3)      (because Lincecum got overpaid for a mediocre record and Sarkisian’s record at Washington was 34-29)

4)      I think that was my first total hook in parentheses.

5)      New Orleans looks like a different team away from their crib.  They got creamed last night on both sides of the ball by Seattle.  Amazing how bipolar they are.  Seattle was built to win on the defensive side of the ball before Russell Wilson became a phenom.  NOW, they are just plain old stacked.

6)      That ending to the Florida-UCONN game was an emotional swing times 10.  Seconds left from stealing a resume builder,  Napier stole the thunder.  Kevin Ollie has a different type of personality than Calhoun, but he has had those kids PLAYING both years of his tenure (one where they COULDN’T win anything and one when they CAN).

7)      The NFL admitted to referee error the other night.  Kind of hard to argue the number of the downs not being wrong.

8)      I am a Steelers fan.  I am a realist.  After checking out videos from every which way, I think Tomlin jumped out at Jones and should be fined.

9)      I have successfully fought off the urge to hit the pizza food truck outside today.  So, therefore, I have tightened up my diet a little over the last week.  I am on the “as long as Ponto or Vince aren’t going to McDonald’s or Gomez Burritos” diet.

10)   I have promised more pics in this thing, but kind of hard to do all the time on a speed post.

11)   Blacklist ended last night.  It ended the same way it existed all season.  Spader carries the show, the plots are a little over the top occasionally, but I keep watching and am excited for it to continue in January.

11a)  And even if I DIDN’T like it, I still need to know about the freaking school teacher…

12)   The Nationals picked up Doug Fister from the Tigers yesterday.  Solid pickup.  The Tigers have plenty of pitchers presently that they can spare, and although it is not a glamorous pickup, it is still helpful to get another winning pitcher on that squad.  I am kind of bugged by the 3.67 ERA, but that is being picky.

13)   If anyone is going up to Fort Collins this weekend, please bring me back the home made hot sauce from Café Mexicali.  I am officially hooked on that place and its sauce.

14)   Davis and his groin tackle are getting more exposure, and mainstream, more politically correct sports sites are trying it hard to get the right semantics on it.

15)   Hey, Bama fan.  Shooting another Bama fan who wasn’t sad enough for you after the loss does NOT brag about your fan base’s passion.  Have fun in prison.

16)   INCREDIBLE.  UCLA LB Myles Jack was named the Offensive AND Defensive Player of the Year.  Bad.  Ass.

17)   In between clever tweets from Prague and other locations, I hope Landon Donovan is finding time to practice.

18)   Tonight begins the ACC- Big Ten Challenge.  Considering both conferences are vying for best conference this year, this will be AWESOME.

19)   World Peace and Kenyon Martin got into a heated exchange the other night.  That sounds about right.  Too hot headed, over the hill, idiots playing on both a young team and an experienced team that is losing.

20)   The Mets and Curtis Granderson met yesterday. THIS would be the team needing a “glamorous” pickup.

21)   Arizona basketball is now #2 in the polls.  Catch a game.  These guys are legit.  My Final Four preseason is still pretty much locked on from what I have seen so far.  Kansas, Arizona, Michigan State, and Wichita State…with Wichita State subbing in for Creighton.

22)   After Ponto asked me how my Cyber Monday was going, and after I had to Google it, I saw the term about 15 random other times during the day.  Odd, I live in a Cyber Monday bubble I guess.

23)   The Jets are sticking with Geno Smith.  Whatever the record is for the worst season from a stats perspective, he will give it a run.

24)   I am glad that Eleanor stalled a COUPLE times on the way home yesterday right before we get our first blizzard tonight.  Good times.  It is ALWAYS exciting though…even the 3 miles to my home.

24)  We are supposed to get anywhere from 4-10 inches.  Make it more.  I either want NO snow, are LOTS of snow.


25)   The Portland Blazers beat the Indiana Pacers last night.  Yup.  My dark horse Western Conference playoff team over my eventual championship runner up team.  Good stuff.

26)   Florida basketball says they had no idea they bumped a bunch of passengers into rerouted flights.  Yes, UF BBALL, by CHANCE you were the only people on a big plane.

27)   The Red Sox will sign A.J. Pierzynski.  Well, if they want another fireball in the locker room to create that magical “personality” they always seem to have, they got him.

28)   That is it for today.  Sorry.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more updated.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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