The Rant Squad

(This my list of athletes who we just sit around and wait for them to do another dumb thing off the field, court, arena, etc.  I have admittedly not updated this in a while…more to come.  Named after what I used to call The Cast…The Rant.)

Johnny Manziel

Aldon Smith

Greg Hardy

Vince Young

Dez Bryant

Marshall Henderson

Brittney Griner

Robert Allenby

Joseph Randle

Jarret Stoll

Ty Lawson

DeMarcus Cousins

Lance Stephenson

Allen Iverson (grandfathered)

Chad Johnson (grandfathered)

Sebastian Janikowski (grandfathered and always the first interviewer)

Marcus Vick (grandfathered and the driver to and from the first interview)

Jahlil Okafor

Yasiel Puig

J.R. Smith

Hope Solo

Ndomukong Suh

Mike Tyson

Floyd Mayweather

Justin Blackmon

Ray Rice

Josh Gordon

Maurice Clarett