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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock, old format, ultra quick hitter, and let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti is out.  Good move, Rutgers, and I actually didn’t see another move.  If you keep him, you are telling the world that the lucrative money you get for entering the Big Ten is more important than the health and welfare of your student athletes.  Stop telling us you didn’t see the tape last year, Tim.  You saw it, and your 15 minutes are officially done.  As far as the $100k bonus Rice got for finishing the season, it will do him good as he will not coach again.  As far as Baby Rice resigning, maybe they can split the $100k that Rice got.  As far as the players supporting Rice after the firing, of course some kids are going to say they thought the guy was ok.  Classy kids wouldn’t kick a man when he was already down.  What a freaking mess.

2)      Chris Bosh’s house was robbed while out celebrating his birthday.  The robbery part is true.  $340k in stuff.  The birthday thing I bet is false.  He was celebrating his first week not being the ugly girl at the dance since LeBron and Wade were sitting a few games because of injuries.  I hear he even referred to the team as the Raptors a couple of times.

3)      I bet you that watching the college dunk contest was not on your things to do last night.  It normally wouldn’t be on mine either, but I happened to be around, working at home.  You NEED to see the highlights.  Doug Anderson got ALL perfect scores, and I will have to say…he deserved every single one of them.  Badass stuff.  Here you go.  Click it.  Trust me.  http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-doug-anderson-college-dunk-contest-20130405,0,5891122.story

4)      Trey Burke got AP’s POY and Jim Larranaga got AP’s COY.  Both are well deserving.  You could have picked Oladipo, McDermott, or Burke and been right on POY.  As far as the coach, Larranaga won because he was in a Big 6 conference.  I get that.  I would have lobbied for Jim Crews from St. Louis, who had his boss and their coach DIE at the beginning of the season.  Not only did St. Louis have a great season, but the bonding and leadership in that locker room must have been off the charts.

5)      So, the Auburn players, along with getting payments and changed grades ALSO got to smoke weed?  What a season THAT must have been.  Way to guide those kids, Auburn.  Your status of a athletic department just got a little closer to your dead trees.

6)      Sources say that Rick Pitino is in line for the next Hall of Fame class.  I follow sports religiously and still did a subconscious double take.  How the hell is he not ALREADY in the HOF?

7)      Everyone is 2-1 or 1-2 in the MLB standings except for two teams.  If they didn’t look and had been camping without a phone for a week, most baseball fans could predict who the two are.  Washington is 3-0 and Miami is 0-3.  Not exactly splitting the atom here.

8)      I have a source of energy in my body that can’t come out until Tuesday morning.  It has to wait until the present source of energy is done.  Basically, two of my favorite weeks of the year.  March Madness.  And then, boom goes the dynamite.  The Masters.  I truly can’t wait.

9)      NBA.  Three comments.  If present standings hold up, that New York-Boston series is going to be a dandy depending on KG’s health.  Also, if present standings hold up, we get San Antonio-L.A. Lakers first round.  THAT will be fun.  Finally, if you are a Clippers fan, you are nervous.  You KNOW you are better than any other year, but this recent drop has lined you up with Memphis.  If you are in the Western Conference, there are two second tier teams you want no part of-Denver and Memphis.  Your dream would be for them to play each other and eliminate each other.  Denver is hanging in the balance right now as we await the results of Gallinari’s MRI.  If that guy can’t go in the playoffs, they suddenly drop out of the San Antonio/ OKC conversation in my opinion.

10)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  MONSTER blog tomorrow before the games.  Peace.


Wichita State has the inside presence, but the number of times they actually get to set up their offense will nullify that.  The guards are experienced but not talented enough to handle the speed.  I think it is close early, close after halftime, and then the depth will kick in.  Louisville 75-59

Syracuse has the size in that irritating zone of theirs.  Michigan has the skill to shoot over the zone.  I think McGary is the X-factor.  If Michigan can score inside at ALL, AND hit outside shots, the Cuse don’t have the horses to score with them.  Michigan 67-64

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