Quick morning blog before I go enjoy the final round at Royal Birkdale.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I am up early watching the British Open, so therefore don’t want to focus on blogging anymore than the first few holes…so let’s move and let both of us get back to our morning.
  2. There are three types of people in the world.  Those like me who set their alarm to wake up and watch The Open, those who don’t care and are waiting for brunch places to open, and those who actually golf DURING The Open.
  3. When Final Four Saturday comes along in bball, the last thing on MY mind is playing pickup DURING the games.
  4. I just don’t understand you people who won’t turn it on.
  5. But, I guess once you watched Van de Velde live with feet in the water, you are officially hooked for life.
  6. Spieth has dropped some strokes to open this round, so this just got interesting very fast.  There are also two types of people.  There are those who don’t know who Matt Kuchar is, and those who like him and want him to win a big one.  There are no haters.
  7. Pretty awesome during warmups watching them oddly warm up right NEXT to each other.  Classy, and against stereotypical trends.
  8. Another reason I am blogging now is that I have a HUGE work presentation Thursday, so the rest of my Sunday is productive stuff around house…and work.  Now that I don’t have bar tabs or hangovers, I am even more of a machine.
  9. Wait.  There is a Pokemon Go “festival?”  I believe that “festival” automatically implies there is no Wifi so not sure how THAT happens.
  10. I am not big into superhero movies, but apparently people are pretty excited about THIS one.  http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-new-justice-league-trailer-is-all-kinds-of-epic-1797156998#_ga=2.20906040.1882751080.1500817747-186805758.1497275182
  11. Someone tell Tamba Hali that Twitter is not for just “opening up.”
  12. I woke up and made sure we are all caught up on Deadspin, as we all should do.  Ice Cube singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  http://screengrabber.deadspin.com/ice-cubes-take-me-out-to-the-ballgame-ensures-no-one-1797162020
  13. So, totally accidentally, Houston Nutt got revenge on his old school by just suing them.  Brilliant.
  14. There were 53 tennis matches from the French Open and Wimbledon that were analyzed and flagged for “unusual betting.”  Before you say “whoa,” know that 73 matches were flagged LAST year.  Way to improve, cheaters.
  15. We don’t care if the par for the course is 70, 71, or 72.  Shooting a 62 is simply incredible, Branden Grace.  Congrats.
  16. So, now John Wall gets to complain about no help on the roster WHILE collecting much larger checks.  Congrats.
  17. Hey, schedulers, you typically do a good job with your various sports and tourneys.  But, how is it that I just got entranced by the Big3 tourney and find out the TBT is starting?  Come on.  I know we are during a down time in sports, but cut me a break on bandwidth.
  18. I am not editing this, by the way.  Deal with grammatical errors.  I want to watch GOLF.
  19. No pics either for the most part.  You can request access to my Google Drive if you want to see my pics.
  20. Harper hits his 25th (467) and Judge hits his 32nd.  Judge has ROY wrapped up (already), but MVP voting should be interesting at the end I figure.
  21. Of course, I didn’t watch the WNBA All Star Game.  Come on.  But, I will say this.  I won’t pull video or highlights from it, but IF the girls have the same rules as the guys, then 27 total in the three point contest is HIGH.  It must be a compilation score or something.
  22. Another bogie for Spieth.  Wow.  We are not used to see him blowing up in final round.  He is the best at everything in the final round of everything since 2015.
  23. Neymar scored two goals in the ICC, and that is “club” so I don’t care.  The US men’s team advanced in the Gold Cup and I DO care about that.  Country, not club.
  24. Not only interesting there were FOUR walkoffs in MLB last night.  MORE interesting that all the teams who did it are teams just outside of the wildcard race and NEEDING it.
  25. One of my taglines for my new workout/ non drinking program as I become totally ripped is this line.  Pop Evil.  “If you want it, then I want it more….3,2,1.”
  26. The WSOP is done, and I would have paid cash to catch that almost double knockout that occurred in the final round.  It DIDN’T happen, but the fact that it COULD have for the first time was just nuts.
  27. Guy from NJ wins.  Sound about right.  You grow up in NJ and you can just simply play some cards.
  28. With me not drinking anymore, my friends will see very quickly that I am a good poker player when boozing.  I am relatively exceptional when sober.
  29. Li just posted a 63 and -6.  It probably won’t last, but if conditions change as they can at the British, you NEVER know.
  30. Stranger Things trailer is out.  Longer than I expected and tells us some stuff.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWxyRG_tckY
  31. Westworld trailer is out  Tells us nothing.
  32. Tonight is Game of Thrones night of course.  Traditionally, the first episode sets the stage for the season and all hell breaks lose in the second one.  So, tonight is going to be DOPE.
  33. I think Littlefinger is at his end tonight.  Or maybe Tormund unfortunately (as we saw the walkers cruising by his new watch spot last week).
  34. LaVar Ball pulled his AAU off the court this weekend after a “bad” call.  This is different folks.  When he speaks to the media saying ridiculous things, it is just THAT.  Pulling his players off the court and forfeiting is setting a large BAD example for the kids.  Crossing the line, Mr. Ball, and now affecting young kids.  Don’t.
  35. I remember when I would have watched UFC and told you about it firsthand.  I didn’t watch.  Congrats, Weidman.  I am sure it was stellar, but the contests have lost their luster a little for me.
  36. Someone sparred with Conor and said he “had pop.”  That’s great, man.  Listen, 49 other guys “had pop.”  No one can freaking HIT Floyd cleanly, ok?
  37. Rafted this creek Saturday after camping in Buena Vista.  Town is well named.  
  38. That is not a Google photo.  That is a Fillerbuster photo.
  39. I thought I had BEEN to Buena Vista already by driving through there.  Found out they have a main street going both ways, with a cute little mountain town row of shops and restaurants on one side (go to House Rock and make sure you get the magical COOKIE) and Cottonwood Hot Springs the other way.  Both were stellar.
  40. Kind of like I went to Louisville last night to the Melting Pot.  I thought I had been to Louisville years ago.  I had no idea there is a “cute” area off that main drag off the highway.
  41. Actually, the comparison is not even close because one is near Denver and one is in the mountains 2.5 hours away, but whatever.
  42. I might be motivated these days on a lot of fronts, but THIS still makes me feel lazy.  It will make you feel lazy too.  http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2723219-paralyzed-former-olympic-high-jumper-jamie-nieto-walks-wife-down-wedding-aisle
  43. Chris Sale is the fastest pitcher to 200k’s in a season.  That is more than impressive.  Look at this list.  The only pitchers to achieve 200 k’s in less than 20 starts are these bums.  Martinez, Johnson, Ryan.  Slackers.
  44. I read the headline “Dez Bryant late” and just stopped reading.  Glad him and Pacman are still doing their things in whatever ways they can.
  45. Jones was suspended one game too for another incident.
  46. Linkin Park’s singer died on Cornell’s birthday?  That is just weird.  Chester, happy trails, we will miss you, and your first two albums will forever be two of my favorite workout recordings of all time.
  47. Ole Miss.  We all kind of knew they were cheating when they suddenly started getting top five recruiting classes, but what a weird way to end up…
  48. If you want to depress yourself, then read the various articles about how OJ Simpson is not only free but probably tallied about $600k in prison to enjoy now that he is out  http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20105901/calculating-how-much-money-oj-simpson-made-nfl-pension-prison-nevada
  49.  Anyone else think that he still looked VERY crazy during his court talks?  Wow.
  50. The GOOD news is now that he is out of prison, we can’t wait for him to be creative and do something ELSE stupid.  Can’t wait.
  51. I was reading about Manute Bol’s kid the other day.  Dude is going to be a stud.  Get ready.  He can shoot too.  Only 7’3″ though.
  52. I was sad to hear that Kevin Durant was visiting India to drive medical clinic donations.  It is tough to hate someone when they are doing good things for society.  Dammit.  I will still just live through the T-Shirt pic at the ESPY’s, because that made me very happy.
  53. SI commented that the Red Sox had to “eat” most of Sandoval’s salary, which I found as funny as them.
  54. The Celtics signed Shane Larkin to a deal.  I like Larkin.  Liked him in college.  Not sure how many PG’s they think they need, but whatever floats their boat for depth.
  55. If you think you had a bad week, then think about Michael Oher.  Dude gets cut by the Panthers, and then gets charges with his Uber incident.  Tough to find the rainbow in THAT couple of days.
  56. Kyrie.  He is asking his owner for a trade, as he apparently is tired of playing with a guy that guarantees you make the Finals every year.  I have read articles on both sides of the coin.  I am still on the disagree side of things.  You can spin it however you want with the time of his career, the up-paced play he would be better at, and the direction of the Cavs.  If I am presently BY LeBron’s side, I am STAYING there until he goes elsewhere.  Sign a shorter deal, bro, and wait to see what LeBron does.
  57. Who did he ask for a trade from, by the way?  Gilbert doesn’t even have a GM to complain to yet.
  58. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are more informed.  I will bust out a blog by Thursday night one way or the other-no promises in the interim.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro  (.338, 25, 75, .444).  Peace.
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