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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Daytime rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       You know you played a LONG time when you are trying to become a head coach IMMEDIATELY after your playing days and STILL can’t be the league’s youngest coach.  Hey, Jason, Kidd, Indiana’s Frank Vogel will still have you by a few months.  Jacque Vaughn has you by a couple years if he sticks to that job in Orlando.  Anyway, anyone who basically was an all-seeing coach on the floor should make a pretty decent head coach on the sidelines.  Kidd is presently looking at the Nets job.

2)      Wes Welker says he can be himself now that he is Denver.  That means he can talk into mic’s without coach scrutiny we assume.  He can also be himself as he leaves the #3 rated passer in NFL history to go to the #4 rated one.  Tough life.

3)      In the story that Kenny Smith might be looking at being the Sacramento Kings GM, it makes me wonder two things.  What level headed soul will replace him to sit between the likes of Shaq and Charles? And Kenny must know something about Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins that I don’t.

4)      I know it is based on points over a period of time.  I know that Nadal was hurt for 7 months.  But isn’t it kind of funny that David Ferrer is ranked one spot ahead of Nadal after getting clay court thrashed?

5)      When Chauncey Billups said that Blake Griffin might be too nice, I wonder if Blake replied “Billups might be too injury prone.”

6)      Sergio and Tiger exchanged handshakes.  Great.  Story is done.  Sergio is a loud mouthed idiot.  Tiger, win a Major to shut everyone up.  Moving on.

7)      This is AWESOME.  Not sure WHERE to go with this one though.  Just sharing.


8)      I think I have about this much stuff total also.


9)      Who is LB Matthew Thomas?  He is the #6 ranked recruit in the land for this year, with parents that won’t let him make up his own mind.  His mom initially refused to sign parental support papers, and now his dad is telling us he has signed with the wrong team as far as what he wants.  He is going to FSU.  Dad says he wants USC.  Story to be continued.  Poor kid.

10)   Lindsey and I have another show with middle ground (with Tosh and Family Guy leading that pack).  Inside Amy Schumer is kind of funny.  I will say it like this.  It is the Mad TV version of Saturday Night Live.  About 1 out of 3 skits are SO funny and witty, and these are unfortunately balanced by definitive subpar ones.  But, you wait through the subpar ones afraid to miss that next brilliant one.  And she is about as REAL as you will hear a chick talk on TV.

10a)  When I bartended full time, I had a lot of day time free.  I watched a good amount of Mad TV.  It was seriously like I said.  You sat there and waited for that one skit out of 5 that was better than all of Saturday Night Live’s that week.  Once you got that skit, you had a break.

11)   So, the Griz are a young team.  The Griz overachieve and make the Western Conference Finals.  The Griz are not resigning Lionel Hollins.  What a year.  The Nugs fire the Coach of the Year, and the Griz fire one that got even farther.

12)   The Pistons hired Maurice Cheeks as their new head coach.  Good hire.  He has had his “practice” coaching job, learned some lessons, went back to being an assistant, and now will get another shot.  I remember watch Cheeks coach the floor from his PG spot, passing to those other badass Philly players back in the day: Dr. J, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones, and Moses Malone.  Should be a good hire.

12a)  Yes, I missed my hyped up Dr. J documentary.  I had other stuff going on and will catch the replay.

13)   Thanks to Pacman Jones.  Sorry for not including you accidentally on my last Rant Squad list and making you feel lonely.  Slapping chicks and tweeting about it reminded me you are in the club.  I think this is a reminder that I should be following ALL of my Rant Squad on Twitter.  I mean why shouldn’t I know about Metta’s escapades at clubs or Money’s post fight celebrations.  Note to self.

14)   Maurice Clarett spoke at the NFL Rookie Symposium.  His speech simply was “don’t be THIS guy.”

15)   I hope they were able to pull Ryan Leaf out of wherever he is to do the follow up speech.

16)   Funny tweet.


17)   The Cleveland Indians are doing their usual drop in the standings after starting out strong.  They have lost 8 straight and look to be a mess.  They are ranked 28th out of 30th in ERA in the league, and Detroit is going to cruise away with this division.

18)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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