Point penalty for making too much noise when you hit it…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

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1) Spain beats…no DESTROYS…Italy in the EURO 2012 final.  Odd how much Italy had possession in the first half with nothing to show for it.  The second half it was move obvious who was in control and it also didn’t help when Italy went down a man.  Watching Spain pass the ball is simply a work of art that if you aren’t a fan of soccer but have some interest, you should watch THAT team play.

2)  Tiger Woods wins, and it had that couple years ago feel, with him making key shots when needed and other people not making a move.  I will admit that outside of Adam Scott, there were no real big names on the leaderboard, but a win is a win, and look out for him at the British Open.  If there is any doubt about him trusting his swing more, notice that he had a one stroke lead on the 18th tee, and he still used a driver.

2a) One other golf note, I laughed multiple times today watching the final round.  On the leaderboard, and shown frequently, was a guy named Seung Yul No.  You don’t find that amusing?  Say it out loud.

3)  They have decided on a run off for the two women who tied in the 100m.  It would be fun to watch that, but I have that thing called work going on.

4)  So, check THIS out.  They just passed a rule that will limit the decibel level of tennis grunters and shreekers.  Their reasoning is that the sounds made are distracting and therefore give them a competitive edge.  First of all, that sounds like a VERY slippery slope as far as regulating.  Second, once that machine comes into play, I believe my interest of watching Sharapova matches will dip severely.

5)   It is official.  Kevin Garnett will be around for another few years.  I like it.  He COULD go to another situation, but it would be a risk as far as chemistry.  In Boston, he knows he at least has Rondo and Pierce, making sure they will be competitive until he hangs it up.  And the dude keeps in such good shape that his 36 isn’t as old as some others out there.  I got a feeling him and Paul Pierce might bow out together when that time comes.

6)  Andy Roddick, surprise surprise, lost in Wimbledon.  Dude just hasn’t put it together in a Grand Slam event for a couple years.  The odd thing about this match was his challenging HIS OWN serve one time.  He hit a serve, dude raked a winner down the line, and Roddick challenged his serve being in.  Crazy.  In case you care, it WAS in, meaning the winner was legit and counted.

7)  Janet Evans failed in her comeback and didn’t make the Games in the 800.  It was a valiant effort, but with some  of the youngsters out there these days, it is just too tough to make it back at that age.  Hell, I took a year off from swimming to play tennis when I was young and it still took me a year or two to make it back.  On the other side of the coin, at press time, 60 year old Dara Torres was still in the mix in the 50m free.

8)  Denny Hamlin signs with the Gibbs racing team.  I am just reporting it.  I think the only reason my eyes went to the headline was because I like football and Joe Gibbs was a pretty damn good coach in the NFL.

9)  In Sad Valley, it is now being reported that the President of the University “Ok’d” not reporting the nasty stuff going on.  Ugghhh.  Heads might start rolling if this is close to true.

10)  Are we waking up every day to find one new tiny twist on the whole Dwight Howard trade/ stay thing to report?  I almost want Favre stories to start about him coming out of retirement just to give me a break from the Howard saga.

11)  Roy Hibbert is being offered the max in free agency.  Sure, might as well.  There are not a lot of skilled seven footers floating around out there.  Shame though, that Indiana might lose an important piece of its steady uprising over there.

12)  Some NBA players get paid a lot for present success and THEN fade off once they get the deal (yes, I am talking to YOU, Rashard Lewis).  Others, I can’t figure out how they are getting paid that much in the first place.  The Nets just gave Gerald Wallace 4 years, 40 mil.  What?  Yes, he has an NBA body and yes, he can score ok.  It just makes me sad that his level of a player is getting paid 10 million a year.

12a)  Oddly enough, Rashard Lewis JUST got waived by the Hornets today.

13)  The Canes have locked up Jordan Staal for the next 10 years at 60 million.  Now he doesn’t have to worry about borrowing money from his other 3 NHL playing brothers.

14)  6:43.  Just a mini one today with no theme or non sports takes.  I have to get to the airport.  Will I write a blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro…Peace.


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