Please don’t tell me she lasts as long on TV as the Chevy “Like a Rock” song. She has run her course.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Another great article in the Mag we were all expecting at some point.  Think about it.  What is one of the mainstream sports these days that didn’t exist a while back at all pretty much?  MMA.  We are getting to the 15-20 year point of its visibility, and guess what?  Kids now want to be MMA stars, and now those dreamers are approaching the age where we will most likely see a HUGE influx of fighters now.  The article in the Mag talks about how any kid over 5 years old can join tournaments and get training these days.  Crazy.

2)      I am on Twitter, and I DO tweet, but I will never be able to approach Pittsburgh’s Ryan Clark’s thoughts I think are tweetable.  I counted all of his tweets in the last 24 hours.  48.  FORTY FREAKING EIGHT.  I know he didn’t make the playoffs and all, but wow.  He even said good night and good morning.

3)      Jim Boeheim passes Bobby Knight on the all time list of basketball wins in college.  That is great, but don’t look for any more movement up the list…like EVER.  The person he is chasing now is not only still coaching, not only coaching successfully, but is younger.  Coach K.

4)      NFL predictions.  Give me all of the home teams except Washington.  Houston will eventually wake up, and is better on paper than Cincy.  Green Bay is NOT going to allow Minnesota to come into THEIR house in the playoffs and get a win.  Baltimore will also eventually wake up, and although the Indy story has been nice, this won’t happen on the Ray Lewis watch.  Seattle-Washington?  Simple.  Equal matchups in QB’s, equal matchups at RB’s, equal matchups at WR, so the better defense will prevail.

5)      Jerry Jones has said that changes are coming.  Thanks, Jerry.  Maybe you can hire a separate GM and then JUST be the overbearing owner you were meant to be.

6)      Osi wants out of New York.  Hey, Osi.  Thanks for the insight.  Perhaps you can let PLAYOFF teams finish their deal before we worry about your livelihood?  Go fishing or something.

7)      Kansas State-Oregon.  This game couldn’t have been MORE scripted.  Oregon started fast, K State contained them slightly through adjustments, Oregon then went off again, and then K State couldn’t keep up.  All as expected.  You HAVE to score to beat Oregon, you can’t allow 40 second end of half drives, you can’t have 7 penalties with 9 minutes left when you are the least penalized team in the country, and you HAVE to take advantage of ANY chances you get against that speed.  Thanks for allowing me to see my first one point safety EVER though.

8)      I do laundry once a week.  Amazing how when Lindsey buys me boxers, I go from HAVING to do laundry to just DOING laundry because I have some time.

9)      I am proud to say I have not have one slice or block of cheese in one week…for the first time EVER in my life.  I think my previous record was 18 hours.

10)   Sad.  Cowboys Jerry Brown was sober during his fatal crash.  So HE could have driven hypothetically.

11)   O’Brien turns down the Browns and says he is more than a one and done coach.  I can’t believe you were even TALKING to teams, bro, if you are so damn loyal to Penn State.

12)   Andy Reid is the new coach for the Chiefs allegedly.  Dude didn’t miss a beat, and now he can barely have THEM miss winning the Super Bowl like three times ten years from now and still keep his job.  Solid plan.

13)   The Knicks stop the Spurs seven game winning streak.  The combustion will happen.  Promise.  If I am wrong, I am blaming the overall state of the Eastern Conference.  Scapegoat.  Check.

14)   I can’t tell if I actually THINK the Knicks are bad, or if I am ROOTING for them to be bad.

15)   The NHLPA is “beginning” their vote.  Do they have a pony running around the countries delivering Post-its?

16)   Royce White still wants to play and does not blame the Rockets.  Screw THAT.  BLAME them, Royce.  Don’t be such a good guy.  You have a condition.

17)   Denver OC Mike McCoy is already being courted by teams for their head coaching gig.  I have a feeling that Mike has other things on his mind…even during a bye week.

18)   I suddenly like Jeanie Buss.  Clever girl.  After she accepted Phil Jackson’s wedding proposal, she said on Twitter that she finally got “the ring I wanted.”

19)   Still.  Scott Hastings talking during Nuggets games is BRUTAL.

20)   #3 Arizona basketball survives a scare against the Colorado Buffaloes.  Yes, there was a controversial call at the end of regulation.  Whether they got it right or wrong, the facts are these.  The Buffs should NEVER have blown that huge lead.  And.  NO ONE wants the Buffs come tourney time.  They have talent the rest of the country will soon be finding out about.

21)   I love to eat really, really hot foods.  My body doesn’t react well, but I still eat them.  I could be sitting eating wings, telling someone how good they are, DRENCHED with sweat.

22)   YES.  Rex Ryan, when spotted in the Bahamas on his mysterious vacation, was spotted having a new tattoo.  It was a woman apparently Tebowing in a Sanchez football jersey.  Someone get me that damn flow chart.  I can’t figure out who he is cracking on.

23)   Michigan basketball beat Northwestern on the road in their Big Ten opener.  Since I have penciled in Louisville and Michigan in my Final Four already, I will say “yay.”

24)   San Fran pitcher Sergio Romo was issued an airport summons the other day.  You can be all fun and games on the mound, bro, but we ALL have to be well behaved at airports.  The TSA doesn’t give a shit about your recent championship.

25)   There were two bad things about the Nuggets losing to the Timberwolves last night, and one good thing.  The first bad thing was the Nuggets were at their altitude home.  The second bad thing is that the Timberwolves star, Kevin Love, didn’t even play the last quarter and a half.  The one good thing is that the Fillerbuster is the Timberwolves #1 new fan since early last season.

26)   ANOTHER professional biker was killed riding around town.  A mountain biker was killed by a taxi yesterday.  Confused how things like this keep happening.

27)   I keep missing 2.5 Men, even though I say it is one of my favorite shows.  I guess I miss you, Charlie Sheen, whether I admit it or not.

28)   The countdown is beginning until Big Monday, Super Tuesday, and No Name Wednesday begin in college hoops.  THEN, and only then, are my weeknights filled with joy.

29)   UVA and UNC square off on Sunday night in hoops.  Talent galore vs. the slowest paced team in the country pretty much.  You will see a team that wants to run it against a team that won’t let you.  Something obviously has to give, and given the talent difference, it probably will be the runners who overcome.  That is why you play the game though, and it IS in Charlottesville.

30)   Is anyone else as confused as I am how Flo from Progressive has remained popular this long?

31)  This is awesome.  Why is it great to know the name of the person delivering your pizza?  You can WELCOME them.

32)   That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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