Pay him. Pay that man the photo of me in Raiders gear.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant,  but there is simply too much basketball on to blog for a long time.  Priorities.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  Even though my hockey/ football/ oddly disc golf loving colleague, Ponto, says these games don’t matter at all, I hope you ignore this train of thought and still are enjoying the best night of basketball since March.

2)      18-12 VCU against Virginia.  Oddly, UVA is actually trying to run, and not oddly I am still trying to figure out who can be counted on for scoring outside of Joe Harris.

3)      Don’t know Joe Harris?  You will.  Whether it is this year in college or over the years in the NBA, you will have heard of him.

4)      Fully paying off bet to my VP of Sales, Todd, for the Steelers losing to the Raiders a couple weeks ago (it is late because I just got the gear).  $5 and photos of me wearing Raiders gear for a day.  Here you go.  He even brought in a Hawaiian shirt, as one of our big wigs (Randal) turned 60 today…and wears a Hawaiian shirt like every other day.  Killed me to wear these today.  Don’t tell my hat.  It is sacred and will think I cheated on it.  Kind of like I think someone is leaking to Eleanor that I drive other cars while traveling for work.  Must be why she is in the shop AGAIN.  Stalling at stoplights just seems so simple to me.  Anyway, the bet payoff to Todd.



5)      Someone tell me how that “football” game went last night.  I looked at the teams, saw my fantasy teams decimated, and decided there was no reason to watch it.  Maybe someday I will be paid to watch sports, but for now I am not watching Tampa-Miami when I have other things to do and don’t get paid.

6)      I spent last night working on my digital sign for our condo.  It will end up being dope when I am done with it.  Good education on the software too.  I think Ponto almost had a heart attack that a SALES PERSON had made a template BY HIMSELF in the software we sell.  Yeah, man.  We SOMETIMES actually pay attention to what you do during demo’s and trial training AND are pretty smart sometimes.

7)      Very possible between KU, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, and VCU that we are watching at least three Final Four teams in one night.  And about 3 of the first 5 picks in the NBA draft next year.

8)      I am not sure I like this new hand check rule and I am one week into the season.

9)      The Phillies signed Marlon Byrd to a two year contract today.  Not sure this was what I was thinking of a “key” component in getting them back to prominence, but I don’t have much say in their moves.  Very frustrating.

10)   After getting decimated by the Saints, Jerry Jones says he won’t shake up his staff.  I hope that statement was to Dallas media and then just got distributed, because I don’t know too many people who care what goes on in that mediocre organization right now.  Go down with the ship.  We don’t care.

11)   When Chicago WR Brandon Marshall gets bored of talking smack to his family (or beating them up) or other players, he attacks cities.  He is right, and Detroit is a hole, but you don’t have to proactively come out and say it to microphones.  I went there for the Final Four with Scott a couple years ago.  Cool train over the city, accessible casinos, cool river by the hotels…and that was about it except for basketball.

12)   There are a lot of freshmen on the Wooden watch list.  I HATE the Wooden watch list.  Geez.  Why do we have to restrict our view to just players on the list?  Just wait a couple months and do it…OR just make one at the END of the season.  Let’s not mold opinions already.  Dumb.

13)   OK.  I am back.  Slight, very needed home distraction from my blog.  We will now ramp this up to “speed version” method.  Let’s get to it.

14)   I am going a day without mentioning Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

15)   Dammit.  That means I mentioned them.  I fall for my own joke every damn time.

16)   Fernandez beat Puig for NL MVP.  Puig, you didn’t play enough games, bro, and the fact that Fernandez got 12 wins on the worst team and carried a 2.19 ERA kind of overrides anything you DID accomplish.  MVP?  Playoffs.  Rookie of the year?  Doesn’t matter who you play for.

17)   Manning will play vs. Kansas City this weekend.  Peyton is fine to play, but an immobile QB with a nagging ankle sprain…well, makes him even LESS mobile.  It should be interesting watching the edge rushers from KC and whether they get any low hits on Peyton’s while blockers are trying to jettison even wider.

18)   First big injury of the NHL season.  Stamkos.  Yeah, it is early, and yeah…everyone and their mother makes the NHL playoffs, and yeah…lower seeds seem to win in that sport…but still no bueno.

19)   UVA ended up losing to VCU.  I expected the loss, and it wasn’t bad…last second three pointer.  BUT, the missed free throws down stretch AND the fact that VCU played like shit makes me think UVA could be JUST above the past years for frustration in watching them.

20)   Ohio State has a WR saying that his team would wipe the field with FSU or Bama.  Break out the sleeping dog reference/ any Snowball references you feel right about.

21)   Snowball got involved in that last hook because he is an idiot…just like that OSU receiver.

22)   If Oklahoma State and Ohio State ever are good in the same year, shorthand won’t work.

23)   Saving the list of Deadspin links for the weekend.  I am in speed version mode.  Kansas and Duke upcoming.

24)   I think it is the final NASCAR race this weekend.  That is exciting to The Fillerbuster…and Rickey Henderson.

25)   Rickey Henderson made the last hook because he talks funny.

26)   Joe Mauer will move to first base next year for the Twins, guaranteeing that he will have a longer career with his bad team.

27)   Derrick Rose is hurt.  It is his hamstring.  Besides busting out a million Tracy McGrady parallels, I guess that is good news.

28)   The Texans have cut Ed Reed.  Lost step of not, if THAT is not a sign the apocalypse is not upon that team, I don’t know what is.

29)   Congratulations to Dwayne Bowe, who after a win and before the game of the year, decided to throw a bunch of pot in your car and SPEED.  It shows potential for my Rant Squad.  I am deploying two scouts.  One for your house, and one for a strip club you BETTER head to if you plan on getting #2 of the required 3 bad things to be on the team.  We are watching.

30)   Ok.  ONE Deadspin link.  This is for you, Logan.  Watch this soccer team deploy its goalkeeper to the other end of the field late in the game.  Not only does it work, not only does HE score, but he busts out a freaking BICYCLE kick to score.  Bad.  Ass.

30a)  I just chuckled.  I have used the word “deployed” in two jobs.  The Navy, and my software job.  Too funny.

31)   Michigan State held on to beat Kentucky, which was pretty much what I expected.  A talented group of youngsters playing an experienced squad, making a run when Michigan State fell asleep and showing their monster potential, and then losing close.  Kentucky will grow.  Michigan State will evolve.  And I think that will end up being your title game when it is all said and done.  Randle is a beast by the way.  Wow.

32)   That is it.  Priorities.  And I need to build my digital sign for my home.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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